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Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
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February update - Achievements, Cutscenes and more!

Posted by COWCAT (Creator)

Hello everyone!

First of all, Lake Kubilius, one of the few early testers of the game has finished Demetrios! He really enjoyed the game and wrote a quick review of it! 

Having recently finished an alpha build of the game, I can say with confidence that this is something new and wonderful! 

Not-too-spoilerish comic cutscene
Not-too-spoilerish comic cutscene

Fans of point and click adventures will be delighted to see some fresh blood in the genre, with fantastically risky writing and art choices coming together for fun effect.

The game is driven by a ridiculous sense of humor that defies classification. Many of the best elements of the "Leisure Suit Larry" games are reborn here, excepting that most of the stuff that put off female gamers has been replaced with stuff that would feel more at home in "South Park."

Amusing mini-games are sprinkled throughout, including an optional hunt for cookies in every scene. Searching for cookies is especially fun, and finding them yields more jokes. The cookies also serve as the currency exchanged for game hints, which is a wickedly clever design choice. (If you carefully search every scene for cookies, you should need fewer hints. If you only need a few hints, and the game gives you those hints in exchange for cookies, no one gets mad and ruins the fun with a walkthrough. ) 

The story is fun, but almost incidental. The real treat is wandering around as these ridiculous characters, doing ridiculous things. This game was a good time. 

The part about it being "something new" really pleases me, because that was my intention - offering the adventure gamers something different, a game like no other that you'll definitely want to try :)

Most of you have replied my question about your name in the credits! Please know that I didn't reply to your messages, but I've taken every single one into account!

You won't get to see the left part until you finish the game!
You won't get to see the left part until you finish the game!

Last time, I've listed some of the remaining things to do until release. 

From that list, here are the COMPLETED tasks! 

  • Comic cutscenes (6 done out of 9) 
  • Some missing interactions, especially when combining items on screen 
  • Cookies and hints 
  • Options, extras, achievements 
  • Gamepad compatibility 
  • Testing and debugging (some of it) 
  • French translation

I have added specific menus for listing the cookies, game overs, achievements and extras to unlock, which can be accessed at any time during the game! 


I have coded the achievements in-game (for a total of 32 so far.) You'll be able to unlock achievements even with the DRM-Free, non-Steam version!


About the translations, let me be more precise : 

  • The French translation is pretty much complete (~90% done) 
  • The Italian translation will be finished very soon (~80% done) 
  • The German translation is having good progress (~60% done)
  • The Spanish translators are currently having personal issues, so for the moment I'm not sure if the Spanish translation will be available on release day. (~40% done) I'm currently debating whether to hire another translator or to release the game without it. 

Here's what's left to be done : 

  • Cover art 
  • 3 comic custcenes
  • Proofreading (if you're interested to help with that, for any language, let me know!)
  • Sound editing 
  • Soundtrack 
  • Add characters expressions
  • Add animations in the screens 
  • Testing and debugging 
  • Administrative/Business stuff 
  • Steam integration 
  • Marketing!

Alfredo Sirica has composed a great new music, which will be played when wandering in Paris (along with the already-existing tracks!)

I could detail a lot more things, such as the gamepad compatibility for instance - but I'll save that for another time! 

Oh, one last thing : Demetrios was added on the wish list

So if you'd like to have Demetrios available on that famous (but very restrictive) store someday, please vote for it!

I haven't announced a release date yet, but you can expect to play Demetrios on your PC in a few months :) 

See you soon! 

NB : Belgium friend Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt has started a Kickstarter yesterday for his funny adventure game, and it's already pretty popular! Check it out here!


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    1. COWCAT Creator on

      Serena => Sure :) I'll prepare a preview version! I'm just unsure when is the best time for previews (neither too early or too late) but maybe it's time...
      I'll make sure everything works relatively fine and then I'll send something :)

    2. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Is there any way that bloggers can get an advance copy for preview purposes? I'm sure we'd love to cover the game before release over at Cliqist.

    3. Saodhar

      Added my vote on GOG.

    4. Lake Kubilius

      That reviewer seems like a great guy.

    5. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt on

      Thanks so much for your support Fabrice! You are now 34,789,890 even more sexier than the 67,890,800% more sexier you have been yesterday... Wait a minute... This % sexier gag is going to be quantum calculus :)