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Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
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Interviews (4 days left!)

Posted by COWCAT (Creator)

Success! There are more than 200 backers on board now! :) 

Talking about achievements, I'll make sure to add some interesting ones to the game (both in the DRM Free and the Steam versions), such as "Collecting all the game overs" :p 

As this Kickstarter is coming to an end (4 days left!), I thought it'd be interesting to share some interviews

More precisely, here are questions that I've replied on KickstartAdventure

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. To start off, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 31-year-old French guy! I come from a software developing background, and I’ve always been a video game fan. I began to program at the age of 10, on an Amstrad CPC (an equivalent of the C64 here in France) in BASIC language, and made a ton of games on it! (unfortunately lost forever…)

You’re working on a point and click adventure called Demetrios. Is there anything about the plot that you can reveal without being too spoilery? 

Bjorn, an antique seller, is drunk and gets back to his apartment when he’s suddenly knocked out by a thief. The police isn’t helpful so he investigates on the case. He notices a statue tablet has disappeared, which is the starting point of the adventure!

So you have this “everyday man” getting involved into dangerous situations, meeting all kinds of silly characters and solving problems in many different ways. It may sound déjà-vu, but the plot fits the game – it’s silly :) 

It’s not exactly a parody of classics like Broken Sword but it’s definitely seen from a cynical point of view! So you won’t find historical facts in it, but you’ll have a lot of humor and unexpected things happening :)

I noticed while playing the demo that the game plays out in a first person viewpoint. Why go with that instead of a more traditional third person gameplay? 

I’ve started this game in 1999, after playing Broken Sword 1 & 2 and Discworld 2 on Playstation, and Gabriel Knight 1 on my computer. 

I had a copy of Visual Basic 4.0 (a programming language I was familiar with) and I got an idea for a game that would be a mix of everything I liked about them! It turns out this software was too limited to produce a third person gameplay. Especially the lack of transparency support for sprites. 

So I’ve made a first person game instead. And it worked great, actually! One big advantage of first person is there’s no idle time. You don’t have to wait for your character to move in order to get a reaction, and moving to another location is instant! Everything is smoother and faster. 

However, you’ll notice that even though it’s first person, it almost feels like a third person game instead, as the game relies so much on the characters and their expressions! The game borrows a lot from visual novels on that aspect. 

I understand that Demetrios was originally a game developed by you at the turn of the century. How does that compare to the remake you’re working on right now? 

Yes, I finished the first version in 2001 and it was a complete, varied and long game! The remake retains everything that made the original game unique, but everything has been recreated from scratch and improved – the graphics, the musics, the gameplay, the interactivity, the humor… along with tons of additions! I’ve actually written an article comparing the two versions with screenshots! (see previous updates)

One of my favorite aspects of the demo was searching around for cookies in each screen. Why use these baked goods as a hint system as opposed to just having a more traditional one where you just ask someone for help or hitting a “help me” button in the corner? 

These weren’t in the original version! I had this idea because I’m a big player of adventure games myself, and I don’t like having to rely on searching for walkthroughs on the internet. It’s not practical and this makes me feel bad (“I could have found the solution myself, stupid me!”) 

But I also don’t like gettting stuck too long on a game! Searching for hidden cookies in the screens is an optional, fun game in the game. When you eat one, you only get a hint. If that doesn’t help you, eat another and you’ll get a more precise hint. And so on! 

It doesn’t reveal the solution (unless you make Bjorn vomit by eating too much, he’ll show you where you need to click!), but it allows you to progress, and it’s totally optional! 

I’ve also added the “main objective” at the top of the screen to give you a slight indication. Ever stopped playing a game for a week and getting bored because you can’t remember what you’re supposed to do? Well, this should be extremely useful! 

I had a blast with the humor in Demetrios, particularly with the death scenes. Can you describe what kind of comedy we’d expect from the full game? 

Yes, I loved the hilarious death scenes in older Point & Click games like Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest! I’ve noticed recent games don’t do that much anymore, and that’s a shame! 

As long as it’s done well, this really adds to the interactivity and humor. (Dying in Demetrios won’t make you lose anything, you can continue immediately so it doesn’t hinder progress.) They will also be part of the achievements to unlock – “collect the deaths!” 

The full game keeps the same tone of comedy, which I’d describe as “cynical humor from a 15-year-old.” (that was my age when I started developing it!) It may sound a bit childish at times, but it’s something you don’t see everyday! And it’s in every aspect of the game – stupid writings in the setting, mixing stupid items between them, seeing the characters react to the stupid things you do… 

Expect some more refined humor here and there, though, especially later in the game! 

Why seek funding through Kickstarter? 

There are multiple positive aspects of a Kickstarter. People immediately think of the money, but it’s much more than that! 

It helps you build a gathering, spread the word and get feedbacks! It has helped me reach many people I wouldn’t have thought possible, in a short amount of time. Yesterday, both Dave Gilbert and Charles Cecil added me on Facebook! Can you believe it?! 

As you’ve noticed, the goal isn’t high at all. I just couldn’t see myself asking for a lot of money, for the simple reason that this is my first project. I think I have to prove myself in this industry, and that sounds logical!

So I’m currently focused on making the game every bit as good as possible, and that’s the most important to me! 

And speaking of Kickstarter, how do you feel about using crowdfunding as a way to get ideas out there? 

That’s a sure thing! While it has become increasingly difficult to reach the press with a Kickstarter, it remains a great way to make the public aware of our project. Pretty much all adventure gaming sites in the world have covered Demetrios, and I’m very thankful for that! 

Again, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything else that you’d like to say to our readers and fans of adventure games before I untie you and let you free? 

Yes, thank you very much for the interest! I’m a big fan of adventure games myself, so I hope I’ll deliver a good and unique game that you won’t forget! 

Link to the full interview :

Another interview on :

I have also answered interviews on French sites!

Also, I've found another cool project that would deserve to get more popular! 

Grey Night
Grey Night

Grey Night A 2D platformer inspired by Limbo, with very fluid animations!

We're 165 € away from the German translation stretch goal! Will it be reached soon? Can the PS Vita goal be reached before the end?

Such existential questions!

Fabrice (COWCAT)

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