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Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
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Behind the scenes : Creation of a screen - PART 4 : The dialogs

Posted by COWCAT (Creator)

For this last part of our "behind the scenes", let's focus on dialogs!

In Demetrios, when interacting with something, you will most often get a (funny) reaction from the character(s). And when talking to another character, there will be several speeches displayed.

How is it programmed?

Again, I've made a dialog engine specifically for the needs of Demetrios, both powerful in terms of possibilities but very easy for me to implement.

In fact, there are specific text files for the dialogs, and they contain everything!

For example, here's one dialog between Bjorn and Sandra :

TEXT=You again.

TEXT=Erm... Err, yeah. I wanted to apologise about earlier.

TEXT=Oh, that's OK.

TEXT=After all, you're still the only person willing to talk to me in this city.

TEXT=(Wow. That's sad.)

Here, there are 5 speeches. Each time, a different character speaks (Bjorn or Sandra.)

There's the text to display, the name of the character speaking, and some additional information like the "attitude" of the character (this changes the picture of the character to fit the expression needed).

Also, there's a "trigger event" instruction. This allows to call a function in the program to do something.

For example : do a fade out, play a sound, play another dialog, move to another room etc... Basically, anything I want!

Here, "PC10_SANDRA_CHOICES" means we will offer a choice of dialog to the player.

I could go on and explain more things on how Demetrios works from the inside - there would be so much to say!

But I think I've shared the most interesting, yet simple aspects used in the game that defines it.

Everything I've explained has been made "from scratch" for my needs, so I've got a total control of the game engine.

This allows a lot of freedom, which you'll notice as the story progresses - be prepared for some surprises! :)

Thank you for reading, hope you liked these "behind the scenes" articles! Make sure to comment and spread the word about Demetrios!

The Spanish tranlation stretch goal is getting nearer!

Only 93 € needed, and 593 € for the German translation :) If you know people who could be interested, let them know!

Today I've stumbled upon an interesting Kickstarter, the prequel to "Dusty Revenge", a classy beat'em all made in traditional animation which I liked pretty much!

Dusty Raging Fist
Dusty Raging Fist

Stay tuned!

Fabrice (COWCAT)

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