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Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
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Thank you, Charles! (91% funded!)

Posted by COWCAT (Creator)

Hello everyone! :) 

I'm taking a short break from my room creation articles for some other news that I couldn't wait to share! 

Today, Charles Cecil has given me his opinion on Demetrios

Yes, THE Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, the famous adventure games I fell in love 15 years ago and lead to the creation of my own game!

More precisely, he said "The game looks really fun and very impressive, particularly since you are working on it alone! Let me wish you the very best of luck!"

Thank you so much, Charles! :) The 15-year-old child in me couldn't be happier!

Another thing I must announce is an inversion between the PS4 and PS Vita stretch goals. I've been in contact with Sony recently and they've said they may send me a PS Vita devkit, but getting a PS4 devkit will be more difficult due to the high demand. 

I've made the change to reflect that! Actually, more people have shown interest in a PS Vita version of the game so this is probably a good thing. Rest assured that even if it takes time, I'll try to port Demetrios to as many platforms as possible - but to make it easier, we'll need to break those stretch goals!

Finally, here are two interesting articles about the game : 

- An interview I've given for!

- A "hands on Demetrios" from Cliqist by Serena Nelson, which would almost make me want to buy my own game!

Oh and here's another game on Kickstarter from devs who've helped mine! 

War of Rights
War of Rights

A multiplayer game set during the days of the American Civil War.

Remember to vote for Demetrios on Steam Greenlight! It needs to be higher ranked to get greenlit!

Thank you! Demetrios is almost funded now! :) 

Fabrice (COWCAT)

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    1. COWCAT Creator on

      I still have to get in touch with the Microsoft folks, but they're very open to indies nowadays so it can probably happen too. I want to do it very much!

    2. Graeme Small on

      What, no xbox one? ;)

      Charles is a legend, looks like you're going to do quite well!

    3. COWCAT Creator on

      Still coming, slowly but steadily :)

      I've come back to the actual developement of the game so less Kickstarter promoting, but I intend to do more next week :) Maybe Charles' quote will help!

    4. Sven_Q45 on

      Yeah, Charles. :)

      91%! :) I hope for more backers now. Where are they?

    5. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Hahah! I'm glad you liked my hands on look at the demo. I'll have some more Demetrios love to share tomorrow. ;)