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A narrative-driven tabletop Roleplaying game focused on telling the stories of powerful beings known as Nemissaries in a dying world.
A narrative-driven tabletop Roleplaying game focused on telling the stories of powerful beings known as Nemissaries in a dying world.
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Creator's Diary - Part 13 - Development Update

Posted by Sam Sleney (Collaborator)

Hey All!
So during the final days of our Kickstarter and in the days that followed the conclusion of the campaign, a few people praised us for our communication, transparency and interaction with fans, followers and backers. Now, as we all know, many projects tend to 'go dark' after their conclusion, only to re-engage when the product is eventually released. For us, this seems a little unfair to the scores of previously rabid supporters and investors in a project, so we see no reason for our transparency and communication to come to an end. It may well slow and comment engagement may be sparser, but expect intermittent Kickstarter updates linked through on our social media whenever we have things worth saying.

To that end, this update serves a little brief on what's going behind the scenes, giving our fans and backers some information on: 
- some rough timeframes of various deliveries
- what the team has been working on since the conclusion of the Kickstarter
- what we'll be continuing to work on until the book ships out

First and foremost, as we've already announced, BackerKit will be handling our overseas distribution, so backers outside of the U.K have a reliable delivery method. Additionally, they will also be handling our PDF distribution also, so again, we have a reliable and established service in place ensuring our product reaches all our backers.

In regards to timeframe on the PDF, as stated these will go out around November. We've only just recently (today, in fact) got back the vast majority of the backer surveys informing us of what names people want to be identified as in the Thanks To Backers section at the back of the book - it's a gargantuan mountain of brilliant supporters, and it will take us a day or two to incorporate into the final text before we go to mass distribution.
Incidentally, we're also trying to minimise the time between the PDF distribution and book distribution, as nobody wants to feel like they're missing out on something others have in a different medium. So, for all those who were asking when each would go out, expect the two launches to coincide within a week or two of one another come November/December time.

Additionally, for those who backed our Shardwalker tier, we'll be contacting those backers in the coming days to deliver an early-access pre-production PDF, and start discussing the characters they want to have implemented into the final piece. We understand they've supported us a great deal, so we're keen to reach out and begin working with them as soon as possible.

In a similar vein to PDF distribution, the first of our stretch goals, Dead City, has now reached the final stages of completion. The mechanics of the prologue have been fine-tuned to provide a quick and easy 'pick up and play' series of scenarios with which to open a campaign of SINS with, or provide a fun flashback episode for pre-existing Nemissaries that may have scant origin stories. It's currently in the hands of our main formatter Gavin to ensure it has the same aesthetic polish as the finished book, before one last check-over and rigorous play-test with a focus group.

Once that's out of the way in the coming weeks, realised groundwork will begin on our first major expanded instalment: SINS of our Fathers, and in turn, Manifest Destiny, the North American expansion that will contain preview rules and aspects for Of Our Fathers. Both are exciting pieces to work on, and the contents of which I touched upon in a previous creator diary. 

In other news, our marketing and resources man Paul has been hard at work not only ironing out the logistics with BackerKit's distribution, but also working with Q Workshop to finalise SINS dice. This is something we're all personally really excited about, as it's really cool to see the designs and aesthetics of SINS come to life outside of the book. 

When these are finished and readily available we'll be sure to post all about it on our various social media, and we'll have them available on our online storefront.

To touch upon the storefront is another update in itself - when we first launched this project, it was only an outline of a plan, and even less of a realised and ready feature - we had placeholder pages based on old designs, and as the Kickstarter went live we were remiss to bring our independent webstore up to the same level as the rest of our IP. To that end, now we've met with success and a continued demand for SINS products, we'll be looking into a fully optimised webstore with the same high quality aesthetics that the SINS IP holds itself on. 

All in all, we're proud to announce that everything is going smoothly on our end, and we're confident to have everything ready and distributed in the estimated timeframes. As we begin to finalise years of hard work ready for release into the wider world, we once again thank all of our fans, supporters and backers for making all of this possible. We hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we enjoyed developing it.

With infinite Thanks,

The SINS Team -
Sam, Miquel, Russell, Gavin, Paul & Jim


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