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I want to make an album, to honor my grandfather and let people know, you don't need drugs or alcohol in rap, or in life.

No More Goodbyes is a song, but is much more than that to me. No More Goodbyes is an idea. As far back as I have memory, the best person in my life has always been my grandfather. He has inspired me to say the least, and every person who met him. I learned from his values, but as I got older began to learn that these values were not what people held stock in. All you need to do is turn on the radio these days to find music about money, and cars, and especially in rap, artists only bragging, or trying to bring down other artists.

I want change.

However, I am an independent artist, with little time, and less resources. The goal of No More Goodbyes is a simple but powerful one. Create a self produced album, showing the power of the independent artist in a society where popular culture is manufactured. To create this album is to honor ideals my grandfather taught me, and express myself and help others do the same.

These songs will be stories. Storytelling is the oldest form of art, and I consider myself a storyteller before anything. These songs will lead you on a journey, and who knows the destination!

Also, I have additional rewards. If I reach my 1,000 dollar goal in the first 15 days, the EP goes from six songs to 10. These additional songs will become rewards for backers with large backing amounts, to discuss what kind of story needs to be told.

If I am able to surpass 5,000 dollars an additonal high tier level prize will be available, in which you can be part of a music video for one of the songs off the EP.

If I pass 10,000 dollars, all backers will receive the album, and the higher backers will gain access to never before heard material in a bonus CD.

I thank you all for taking this journey with me, and I hope we see it to the end!

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