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$14,447 pledged of $45,000 goal
By Jeremy Saxton & Jacob Hall
$14,447 pledged of $45,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ralphene Lee on January 23, 2012

      I, too, really want this product. Don't give up. Hopefully you can make it happen! It is just a GREAT idea.

    2. swich on January 20, 2012

      Same question- same wish as Ryan Lee!

    3. Ryan Lee on January 19, 2012

      Jeremy and Jacob - I'm wondering, what will you guys do if you don't get your Kickstarter goal? I love the product idea and design, and I would love to get my hands on a pair! So, if there's another way to get one, I'd LOVE to know how!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tommy Nguyen on January 12, 2012

      Everybody should share this on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts! Lets make this happen!

    5. Zsxd on December 20, 2011

      il be waiting for the oddio2, hopefully with nice (faux) leathrt cushions like those on the beats by dre. the shirt with the logo looks great though!

    6. Missing avatar

      joe skrivan on December 13, 2011

      wow....the parts in the prototype are really, really good looking. This thing must be close to being in production!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on December 10, 2011

      @Hauoli Gardner: I don't think that would work very well, wouldn't it be very difficult to hit the right button since it has a touch display?

    8. Hauoli Gardner on December 7, 2011

      Can this also be made for iPod nano? They are essentially the same size. Although the shuffle is great too.

    9. Missing avatar

      Terence Jacobson on December 7, 2011

      Monster made something like this called the iFreeplay which I loved, but they stopped making it, plus it was cheaply made. Finally, someone else is seeing the value in cordless...

    10. German Bauer on December 5, 2011

      They look great (aka non-dorky) and I love the no-cables-dangling.

    11. Soren Jensen on December 4, 2011

      You got mentioned in a Danish newspaper - hope you'll get even more backers from our part of the world: http://www.bt.dk/digital/put-din-ipod-shuffle-direkte-i-oeret

    12. Valentina Caicedo on December 2, 2011

      I love the idea and design. Backing you guys all the way for this to happen :).

    13. Missing avatar

      Non on December 2, 2011

      Hopefully this will be the headphones that will stay with the ipod shuffle until the next gen comes out, look great and very nice idea guys!!!!!

    14. Michael on December 1, 2011

      These will be great for studying, FINALLY no cords!

    15. superbang on December 1, 2011

      just pre ordered a couple of sets for my wife and I. I'm sure you guys will make it. Have you considered giving an option to get the headset and a tshirt under the $200 mark?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jill on December 1, 2011

      Like the chocolate guy said, cords can be dangerous. I usually have to feed the cord under my shirt so it won't be a safety hazard while printing. I can't wait to start using these! I also love the look.

    17. Paul Gallo on December 1, 2011

      Great idea... I'm surprised this doesn't already exist! Can't wait to own them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron on November 30, 2011

      Everyone please pledge! I want these!!

    19. Josh Stevenson on November 29, 2011

      Great concept guys! I've wondered for a while now why something like this wasn't available. Glad to help you get there.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ritual Chocolate on November 28, 2011

      These will be great for when we're working at the chocolate factory. It's always dangerous working with large grinding machines when you've got a headphone cord dangling. Had a few close calls already... Good luck!

    21. Jess Bailie on November 27, 2011

      Jeremy & Jake,

      great idea. Love it! Best of luck, can't wait to get mine.