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A colorful expedition following the life of Keira Riley

In life I believe that people view “strippers” as nothing but a sexual entertainer, and they’re usually not respected by the general public. My film will show that there is more to a stripper than just getting naked for money. The main conflict is between a family struggling to identify with their feature entertainer daughter and sister’s love of the art, and accepting her while a few family members venture on the road as she goes to win national titles in the exotic dancing industry. Ultimately, I want the audience to make a decision about the lifestyle based on true events, and real situations. I want to open people up to what my sister does by examining the struggles she faces. 

Keira Riley will be competing for the title of the Miss Nude World 2012, and the Miss Burlesque World 2012 this October in Columbus, Ohio. Andrew Levis, Tanner Sweeney, and myself, Rachel Marie will be following Keira to the pageant, and filming everything. We will also be traveling back to where Keira began her short career and interviewing the people who inspired her to become a feature entertainer. As in all careers and life choices, there are people who do not approve of the decisions that one makes. In Keira's circumstance, most of her family has not been supportive in her decisions, and I am interested to see how they feel on the matter. As a family member, I will too be included in the documentary. I have never been a part of Keira's exotic dancing lifestyle, and I haven't ever been one to enjoy any sort of strip club. This will be a complete shock to me, and as I will be personally struggling to understand how she lives this alter-lifestyle, I am hoping the audience will as well. 

We have some film equipment that we will be using for this project, but hope to raise the money to fund more. We are shooting on two seperate Canon T3I's with a variety of lenses. We are using RODE sound equipment and a Zoom H4N recorder. We need to buy the Zoom, as well as lighting equipment, a shoulder mount, tripods, and any other equipment necessary for filming. We are going to be editing the film on Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects. 

The most funding will be dedicated to the travel expenses. We will be on the road in October for 10 days. We need money for the hotel stay, food, gas, and every other small thing that is included in traveling. We also need money for Keira's costumes, set design, and entry fees. We will be paying for press badges and whatnot in the pageants as well. 

This film with the working title Naked Truck Driver, is something that my film partners and I absolutely can do. We all graduated from the film department at Penn State University and we are ready to take our knowledge and apply it to create this project. We have full access to Keira, and others within the exotic industry, and are thoroughly excited to get this started. So please, help us out!


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