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Be a part of DRRTYWULVZ's genre-breaking first EP release and score some limited-run swag while it's still available.
Be a part of DRRTYWULVZ's genre-breaking first EP release and score some limited-run swag while it's still available.
49 backers pledged $2,389 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Pup EP right around the corner!

Hey all, a quick update - We're about a week away from sending out download codes for all pre-orders, and two weeks out from shipping physical discs.  The posters and stickers are in hand and look great.  We're tripling up on the stickers we're mailing out and including some bonus posters here and there, so keep an eye out.  Attached is a preview of the poster, but don't worry, a full res download will also be included with the album download next week.  Thanks again for the support, more is on the way...

Trey Turner
nurevolution studios

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Pup EP Update: Off to press!

Thanks to contributions from friends, family, and various communities in which we are involved, the Pup EP campaign completed at 217% of our goal!  We're extremely appreciative of everyone who took time to pre-order or pass the word along, and very humbled to have received such strong support on a project we care about so deeply.

The audio tracks for the EP reached final master status this week, and the CD and sleeve art has been finalized and looks superb.  We're waiting for some archival CD-R's to arrive so we can feel extra confident about the source material sent off for replication; they should be ready to ship off by Wednesday, 8/22.  The die-cut sticker design Cate developed as a bonus reward has been sent off to press; an image of them is attached to this update.  We will be shipping out one of each sticker with every CD mailed; we hope you enjoy them and thank you again for your support!

The poster has a shorter lead time than the discs, and so we're using the extra time to make some improvements to be sure the final product is something you'll want to put up somewhere.  They will be printed at 11"x17", and delivered in a poster tube to ensure safe delivery.

Thank you again for your support, stay tuned for future updates, and believe that we're already working on what's next for DRRTYWULVZ and the studio!


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Pup EP Update: We're funded!

Great news! Thanks to your involvement, we reached our Kickstarter goal in just five days! Watching the numbers rise and shared posts ripple through the community was an intensely exciting and humbling experience. We appreciate everyone's help making this project successful, as we simply couldn't have done it without you. But with 8 days left, there's no reason to call it quits either!

If we can reach a total backing of $1600, we will produce and add some slick DRRTYWULVZ stickers to all (mailed) reward tiers! Any profits on top will be banked for future releases as we continue to build on what we've started.

Stay tuned in the following days, as we'll be sending out surveys where appropriate to collect names for the personalized rewards. Thanks again to everyone who's helping to make this project a reality!