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The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes. FREAKPOCALYPSE COMING 2019!
The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes. FREAKPOCALYPSE COMING 2019!
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Posted by Roger Barr (Collaborator)

Happy Holidays from the Freakpocalypse team!

Just popping in to let you all know we're deep into wrapping up Chapter 1 of Freakpocalypse, and we're grinding away on the final touches/tickles. Here's a list of what we're currently working on:

  • Refining UI and Dialogue systems.
  • Adding maps to all areas of the game (so you'll know exactly where you are at any given time).
  • Adding an all new action packed intro, with new challenges and characters.
  • Extensive QA testing to ensure the game meets our standards before releasing it to the public.
  • Adding more costumes, secrets and easter eggs.

One of the hardest aspects for us is not spoiling all the characters, puzzles, and secrets as we pile on additional nuggets of fun and squash any bugs crawling about. With these recent additions and fixes, we will be pushing back the release to 2019, so the game will perform better and have plenty more to do, and we know you'll find the extra development time worth it. As soon as we have an exact release date set, you'll be the first to know. Just know we're working nonstop on Freakpocalypse and can't wait to get it into your hands!

Got any questions? Drop them below and we'll answer them as soon as we can.

Also! Don't forget that our multiplayer battle royale game Rapture Rejects is releasing on Steam tomorrow, November 29th, so check it out if you need something to hold you over as we tinker away. It's a totally unique game from Freakpocalypse and it's ready for you to test out (both games are about the apocalypse ((we're obsessed with the world ending for some reason)) and Rapture Rejects is open to the public) so get out there and slay some heathens - plus we'll be on the Rapture Rejects servers trying to kick your ass and win some prizes! The steam page can be found here:

More updates and excitement to come! Don't pull those pants up yet!

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    1. ripghoti on

      Could you give an update on when Medallions will be shipped?

      Personally, I wouldn't mind if they came around the same time as the release, but it would be great to have an idea.

      Also, I may be moving a few months into the year. how should I go about contacting C&H about this so it gets shipped to the correct address?

    2. TheInaneRambler on

      forgive me if this was already answered but is the December release date still the expected release?

    3. Roger Barr Collaborator on

      Archer McLeay - That question would be better answered by TinyBuild. They may eventually port Rapture Rejects to other platforms, but you'd need to ask them. But yeah, Freakpocalypse will definitely be available on Mac as well! Thanks for the support, and hope you have a nice holiday season too!

      SportFrog - We're looking into that. We'll get in touch with the publisher regarding the Rapture Rejects alpha bundle and give everyone an update next week most likely.

      Iorthanis Andoniades - That's a bit cynical. If you scroll down, you'll see our earlier response to Zazer explaining that Rapture Rejects had absolutely no impact on the release date of Freakpocalypse. It was developed by an outside studio, and began development before Freakpocalypse. And now the publisher of Rapture Rejects is giving everybody who backed Freakpocalypse free copies of the game, so you're getting two games for the price of one. As for our release date, we were hoping to release Freakpocalypse in 2018, but we're not going to rush production just to meet a date, when we can deliver a better game if we take our time. Everyone was kind enough to back it here on Kickstarter, so we want to give all of you the kind of game you deserve - one that feels like the C&H universe come to life, complete with all the crazy characters & twisted humor you'd expect.

      William Noffsinger - We'll look into the Medallions next week and let you know. They'll definitely be able to ship long before the USB drives do, since you won't need all the chapters of Freakpocalypse for it.

    4. William Noffsinger

      When will the medallions be shipped?

    5. Missing avatar

      Iorthanis Andoniades on

      seems a little weird that we were promised the november/december release and you guys have put out another game thats in the time frame instead of the one you had promised, seems a little underhanded to push forward on a game no one even knew existed nor asked for, resulting in the delay of a game a lot of people actually wanted and crowd funded for.

    6. SportFrog on

      Will we get the alpha player bundle for Rapture Rejects?

    7. Archer McLeay on

      Hi there super excited for Freakpocalypse! Just wondering what the motivation was for only offering the battle royale game on PC? I know this is coming off as another "oh god I want to play this game but I brought a mac" posts but as Freakpocalypse was so good about going cross platform I was just wondering what the motivation was for not continuing this trend? Other then that thanks for the hard work and enjoy your holidays!

    8. Roger Barr Collaborator on

      Christophe Pallarès - No need to contact us - thanks to our backers who generously unlocked the tier on our Kickstarter, we are localizing the game in German, French, and Spanish. We'll keep you posted if we add any additional languages later on down the road.

      Archampion - Freakpocalypse backers will get a free copy of Rapture Rejects - two games for the price of one. Keen! Expect details on how to get your Steam key in the next few weeks.

      Terence Tan - We're focusing on the Steam release initially, but we will keep everyone posted on plans for any other platforms, including GOG.

      Nicholas Brown - Thanks! We're excited for you to play it!

      Da_maniak15 - The physical USB drives will be sent out once all the chapters have been released. However, if you purchased the USB drive, you'll receive Steam keys for each chapter in advance, so you don't have to wait all that time to play Freakpocalypse on your USB drive.

      Zazer - We'll have a more distinct ETA after we do some more testing and bug fixes, but we're shooting for Q1 or Q2 of next year.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christophe Pallarès on

      If anybody from the team can read this, could you let me know who I should contact in order to ask questions about your plans regarding the localisation of the game? Thanks! Chris

    10. archampion on

      Regarding Rapture Rejects, in the Rapture Rejects discord, in the announcement said that we will be given steam key for it. So when will we get the steam key?

      Of course, I'm still waiting for this Freakpocalypse.

    11. Missing avatar

      Terence Tan on

      Will there be a Gog version so that I don't need to install steam?

    12. Nicholas Brown on

      So excited for when Chapter 1 releases! Can't wait to play it!

    13. Missing avatar


      Hi guys,

      Im one of the physical reward backers (the USB etc) when will those rewards be sent out? After Ch1? or after everything is completed... because at current pace I cant see when they will get sent out... Also, I will need to update my address too

    14. Zazer

      Ah, okay. I appreciate the quick repsonse, and I apologise for misunderstanding. It is still a bit disappointing that Freakpocalypse was delayed, do you have an ETA of some sort that you can give? As in, has the game only been pushed back a few months to March or so? Or has it been pushed further, to something like next November? And is there some sort of beta testing that we can participate in before the full release? Thanks :)

    15. Roger Barr Collaborator on

      Zazer - Hi there, Rapture Rejects wasn't prioritized over Freakpocalypse, it's being created by a completely different team and published by an outside company. Furthermore, Rapture Rejects began development before Freakpocalypse and wasn't Kickstarted. Freakpocalypse is made entirely in-house by our writers and animators, and wasn't impacted in any way by Rapture Rejects. Hope this clears that up for you. Thanks.

      Elton - Correcto!

    16. Elton on

      I can almost guarantee that it was a different team working on Rapture Rejects

    17. Zazer

      Sucks that you guys decided to prioritise a different game over one that we've been backing for a while now, and instead push it out to next year. I understand that you want to jump on the BR hype-train, but it's really disappointing that you decided to do it at the cost of this game. I hope that you guys plan for a Q1 release, or at least beta testing, some sort of release for us, and don't just prioritise your BR game.

    18. Zazer