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The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes. FREAKPOCALYPSE COMING 2019!
The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes. FREAKPOCALYPSE COMING 2019!
14,971 backers pledged $575,377 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Cyanide & Happiness (Creator)

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make our first video game a reality! This is amazing, we couldn't be happier.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sending everyone an invite to our pledge manager, a website where we'll collect all the information we need to get you everything you need from your pledges. We won't finalize anything until we've given you a heads up that we're starting shipping / production on rewards, so you'll be able to change your answers until we announce everything is locked.

We'll also be getting our backer forum up and running in a few weeks. This is where we'll be updating everyone on game progress all through release, so you'll be able to join us through the entire journey and/or talk trash to us.

If you have any questions on anything, you can message us through Kickstarter and we'll help you any way we can.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Timmy Petersson

      @Arron - Do you have a recent source for that? First of all I think it's odd that it'd be an across-the-board thing as I think PS4 are waay easier for smaller developers to work with than Microsoft, just judging by the amount of indie games on the system. Plus the amount of available games (I am Mayo anyone?) makes it really doubtful that it'd be that costly because if it's like you say it seems like every game on the PS Store that's not big indie would be sold at loss.

    2. Chris Lundström on

      so guys, in resolving my pledge issues. if we backed multiple tiers, such as graffiti and box release, does this get handled by your pledge site OR the internal kickstarter process?

    3. Seppo Seppälä

      Congratulations for successful campaign. I pledged in a hope of PS4 port stretch goal which was not reached. I decided to keep my pledge alive anyway as I have a faith in you guys that you will do PS4 version anyway. Guys, do a slacker backer campaing at Backerkit. You can easily get missing funds from there. Friday the 13th earned over $800.000 at Kickstarter but got over $1.2 MILLION from Backerkit! Seriously, do this and give us bigger and better game plus more ports.

    4. Missing avatar

      Arron Capone-Langan on

      @Fejér, it's not cheap to submit your game to the big three companies for release on their consoles. On top of that, it's per submission. So, if your game fails their testing, they send it back with a list of problems that need to be fixed. You fix them and resubmit, repaying the fee yet again. Then it goes through the process again where it can fail again for different reasons.

      That's more than likely why you had the console amounts futher apart from one another. A good sized chunk for that possibility. That and perhaps people would up their pledges to reach the goals.

    5. Missing avatar

      dentedwing on

      Congrats! Super excited for this game as I've been a fan of C&H for a long time!

    6. Missing avatar

      Fejér Mihály on

      Happy that the game is happening, however I am a bit disappointed. Neither the Switch version and longer story got enough pledges...Next to PC the best platform for this would have been Switch so people could have played it at home or even on the go. Those stretch goals were interesting...I mean I understand the amount for longer story but why does a Switch (or PS4) version cost $200.000-300.000 to port? I backed the project but it just made ne depressed like Larry...

    7. Peter Keogh-Lynn on

      I am YouTuber I wanted to do gameplays. Like many part series obviously I won't show everything I will cut where needed... Please let me know.. I ask because I don't feel comfortable monetizing it ...if you don't approve. I'm not sure of you veiw it as free property ..and what your rules will be.. I will upload gameplays still.. my question is directed at monetizing

    8. TehEpicPotato on

      Did you hurt my dick?

    9. TehEpicPotato on

      So excited!!!! I've been watching you guys for so long now on youtube and you deserve every single dollar you've got for this project. You've successfully tricked me in every video, I have yet to guess the ending of a single one of them. <3 u guys!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Chambers on

      I'm hyped as hell! Can't wait to play the game when it comes out!

    11. Nicholas Brown on

      Congrats! If only we got all of the console releases, but hey, I'm definitely excited for what amazing moments this game will bring!

    12. Briana Weiss

      Congrats team! Super excited to see the progress on this bad boy! Love the content you churn out, so I can only imagine the game will be awesome.

      Bummed we didn't hit a PS4 release though. D: Psst. There wouldn't happen to be any way we could swing it, could we? Since it kinda got close?

    13. Dark Chocolate Gamer on

      Yes! Let's go, can't wait till Christmas

    14. Chris Lundström on

      "Hey kids I'm older than the Internet"


      "Hey kids, this is why you got kicked out of school"

      Pleased to add this to my repertoire.

    15. Ty_Sylicus on


      PS4 PLEASE! Perhaps after you finish the game for PC, it can be ported?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jack_R on

      We did it :D

    17. Lynsie Gallant on

      Happy to help. *realization hits* Oh my god I will laugh my ass off if there's a reference to 'My dick hurts' in this game.

    18. Kyle Franklin on

      Ps4! It nearly made it...