The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

by Cyanide & Happiness

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    1. Pablo Sencianes on

      But... But... But is this really a good thing...? I hate dying in graphic adventure games... O_O
      I hope you can return to life inmediately after dying right where you were.

    2. Roger Barr Collaborator on

      @Pablo - Nope, you won't be dying around every corner. You'll have to actually seek out these special deaths for Coop. And yes, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. Just like classic adventure games such as Monkey Island, we're not going to make it easy to die, but when you find out how to do so, it's gonna be fun. :)

    3. Pablo Sencianes on

      @Roger Barr - Great! Then it's a good thing :)
      I was thinking it would be like in Sierra graphic adventure games, but Monkey Island is a great way to go.

    4. karl maly

      lol I didn't start nothing I swear�

    5. Jesse on

      Dude, dying in an adventure game is just part of the fun. Was the original plan to not ever die?