The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

by Cyanide & Happiness

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    1. Bruno V. on

      >"For example, if you wanted both the Limited Edition Game Box and a Locker, you would simply back the game box tier and then add in the extra $95 to your pledge to get the locker as well."
      How do you know how many lockers have actually been pledged for, then, since it's a limited reward?

    2. Roger Barr Collaborator on

      @Bruno V. - No worries. We're keeping track of it, and we'll make sure that enough lockers are made available for those backing the Limited Edition Game Box and Locker. Once the Kickstarter campaign concludes, we'll be sending out surveys to confirm exactly what everybody wanted for their rewards, and they'll be added into the game accordingly.

    3. James Hansen on

      I think I'm just having trouble seeing it, but how do I add 30 bucks to my pledge so I can get the medallion?