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A new print+digital magazine dedicated to the best of European motoring. Cars & motorcycles. Old & new. All European, all in one place.

A new print+digital magazine dedicated to the best of European motoring. Cars & motorcycles. Old & new. All European, all in one place. Read More
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Between blogs, news sites, discussion forums, and videos, motoring enthusiasts have an almost limitless supply of outlets from which to get their information. But once in a while, it's nice to jump off the fast track, unplug and relax a little with a great magazine. Not just any magazine, but a truly great magazine. And for those of us who love European cars and motorcycles the most, the choices are few. That's why we're creating GranTurismo magazine. 

Two questions almost always arise when presenting the GranTurismo concept: why European cars and motorcycles, and why do a print magazine? 

Why European cars and motorcycles? The easy answer should be that the automotive space is huge, and choosing a smaller niche helps define the scope of our work. But the truth is, everyone working on GranTurismo has a genuine passion for European vehicles. Some of the most storied and long-lasting brands were born in Europe and remain among the most fascinating today. Just ask any valet to list his favorites; chances are good they’ll be Italian, German or English. From Mini to Mercedes, or Vespa to MV Agusta, there’s an undeniable common spirit that binds enthusiasts of all these vehicles.

European cars and European motorcycles make for a natural pairing. Many of the great European carmakers were involved in motorcycles at some point in their history. Some, like BMW, still produce both; others, like Audi, are finding mutual interest between cars and bikes among their owners. Either way, we see it all as "motoring."

Why bother with a print magazine? After years working in the digital side of automotive media, I discovered there were just as many limitations working with pixels as with print. Web publishing demands lightning speed to create and produce work—often at the cost of quality—and the ADD-like nature of readers bouncing from one site to another makes it difficult to sustain and engage an audience.

To produce the kind of deeper, more engrossing content that my fellow contributors and I wish to focus on requires a more immersive environment, and a high-quality print magazine is still the ideal medium for this type of experience. We’ve studied the best of what’s already out there, looked for opportunities to make improvement, and started with a clean sheet to build the kind of magazine that’s worth picking up to read and hold onto.

We’re not complete luddites, though. We know people love the convenience and functionality of their digital devices as well, and that’s why we’re offering GranTurismo for both iOS and Android tablets. Either way, you’ll be getting deeper, more engaging content than any blog or website can deliver.

The Magazine 

Our goal is to produce a true 21st-century motoring magazine of the highest quality in terms of both content and production. GranTurismo will focus more on experiential stories than simply information; it will be as much about the journey as the machine that takes you there. Beyond the usual new vehicle stories, GranTurismo will feature a mix of retrospectives of iconic models from the past, insider stories, travel chronicles, personality profiles and lifestyle insights that only an independent publication could hope to capture. Regular departments will examine technical topics, the latest gear and accessories, European motorsports, second-hand and collector vehicle trends, and major events. Each issue will close with a spectacular full-page image that will also be available as a free hi-res download. 

We’ve taken the standard magazine format and literally turned it on its side. By rotating the pages to a horizontal layout, we’re able to bring you the most stunning machines in the world in their natural orientation—wider than tall. No more beauty shots broken up by the seam. GranTurismo will be printed in a larger format (11x9 inches) than most other magazines, printed on high-quality stock (80# text weight inside, 100# cover weight outside), and perfect-bound for saving and passing around. The digital version will be a fully responsive, interactive publication available for iOS and Android devices, sharing its basic content with the print magazine, but optimized for the digital experience.

Reaching the funding goal of $24,873 will allow us to cover the cost to create, produce and distribute the inaugural print edition of GranTurismo, including the digital version. Subsequent issues will be funded by advertising as well as single-copy and subscription sales of the magazine. First-year production will be bi-monthly, with the plan to move to monthly publication in the second year.

The Team 

Bryan Joslin, Editor in Chief - A lifelong European car enthusiast and motorcyclist, Bryan has owned German, Swedish, French, English and Italian vehicles and has worked with European cars and their owners since 1991. Prior to GranTurismo he was Managing Editor of and Editor in Chief of His articles have also appeared in both EuroTuner and european car magazines. A Volvo and a Land Rover currently occupy his garages.

Karl Funke, Managing Editor - Karl started his automotive career after college,  writing for several of Primedia's (now SourceInterlink) performance enthusiast magazines. He left his post last year as Managing Editor of european car magazine, on which he worked exclusively for the previous eight years. His current ride is a Jetta TDI.

Jeff Buchanan, Motorcycle Contributor - Jeff is a 30-plus-year veteran of the motorcycle industry, having served as a mechanic, test rider and journalist over the years. He co-founded and worked as Editor in Chief of Robb Report Motorcycling. He currently works as a freelance motorcycle journalist and writes a column for Sport Rider magazine.

Nancy Turner-Atkinson, European Contributor- Nancy lives in England where she runs a collector car consultancy and management service. Her day job keeps her in close contact with owners and collectors of classics and exotics. In her spare time, she's a freelance writer, contributing to HuffingtonPost (UK) and TopGearLIve. She drives a Porsche and a Mercedes at the moment.

John Dagys, Motorsport Contributor - John is one of the motorsport scene's up-and-coming young talents. From his home base in the Chicago suburbs, he travels the world covering sports car racing for and SpeedTV. In addition to writing, John is also a talented motorsport photographer.

Doug Carter, Creative Director - Doug is a Chicago-based graphic designer with a 20-year career in print and digital design. On the street he drives an M3, but he's also an experienced open-wheel racer. He is responsible for helping develop GranTurismo's unique visual style.

Ian D. Merritt, Director of Photography - Ian is a Chicago-based photographer who shoots for a wide variety of clients (most notably Bentley Motors, Chrysler Group LLC, Sharpie Pens). He previously worked as staff photographer and photo editor at, and in addition to shooting all things four-wheels, Ian also has a great eye for capturing the look and feel of a lifestyle.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk for any new magazine is longevity. Getting the first issue out the door is one thing, but making it work for six, ten, twenty issues and beyond requires a business plan. While there are no guarantees, the GranTurismo team is comprised of professionals with years of not just writing and producing content, but also managing the day-to-day operations of a publishing business, both print and digital.

The second big risk, directly related to the first, is sufficient audience growth to attract advertising support in the long term. The GranTurismo staff is well established among the communities of enthusiasts for whom we are creating the magazine. We'll put these connections to work to grow our audience from the ground up. Our marketing activities will put us at many of the same events as our target readers, where we'll have a further opportunity to connect.

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