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Help support my new EP, as all my equipment with my files got stolen while I was finishing it up :(. We can rebuild it with your help!

I wont keep you long.  But my name is Vandalyzm.  An emcee/producer from out of St. Louis, MO.  Last year after a host of really bad events, I decided to take a break from music.  I lost friends, almost lost family, and lost my ability to create music at the level which I was doing so.  Mind you I was about halfway finished with my new album.  I took the time off to take care of family, and really learn who I was as a man.  In that time I also began to love music again, and I longed to create.  

So, I gathered all the equipment I did have access to (it wasnt much) and I began to write and produce a return EP called "The End All Be All".  A throwback project, nothing but loops, breakbeats, and sample chops.  Beyond having to produce in this style out of necessity, I realized that everything on the radio and on videos sounds the same.  Same snares, same 808's, same synths.  And I wanted to make something that sounded old school yet FRESH at the same time.

So while I was close to getting done with this project, upon returning from Minnesota to be by the side of someone close to me in the hospital there. The next day my car was broken into, and my bookbag was stolen.  It contained my laptop, my external hard drive, my rhyme books, wallet etc.  This means songs I produced, wrote, and never got to record are now all gone.  I have no way to recreate any of these songs at the moment.  My return to music has now been halted.

This is why I am now coming to you.  I need your help.  Because honestly, my entire LIFE was in that bag and it was taken from me.  Im asking, if you can find it in your heart.  To please support my cause, help me recreate this wonderful project!  This ep contained my life story, where I have been since folks have last heard from me, and where I am headed now.  I have features from Black Milk, Nickelus F, and Tef Poe.  As well as production from not only myself, but Nameless (, Nez and Rio (Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul), Jansport J ( and more!  I promise with your help, this can and WILL BE one of the illest projects to drop this year, and for time to come.  

I have a ton of great rewards for pledges given by you. Honestly, if you give just a DOLLAR, you will recieve a FREE DOWNLOAD of my first single from the new project.  That in itself is an exclusive, you wont be able to get it anywhere else!  I dont want you to think this is all about me in any way.  I want us all to benefit.  And if you are still wondering why you should donate, please check my music out at, I think that it speaks for itself.  If not, or you cant donate, please pass it along to your friends.  Every little bit counts.  Thank you for supporting my dreams.  It means more to me than you could ever possibly know.  

Vandalyzm- "We Made It" ft. Theresa Payne:

Vandalyzm "The Allspark" video:

Vandalyzm "April's Fool" video:


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    My undying gratitude, plus your name added to the "thank you" section of my liner notes.

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    Digital copies of all of my work, as well as a digital copy of "The End All Be All" (upon completion) that will not be available anywhere else. This project will not just be up for download for any and everyone. Which makes you cooler than the guy/girl next to you.

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    Everything above, but instead of a digital copy of "The End All Be All" ep. You will receive a limited edition dropcard of the project ( with bonus songs! This turns the EP into an LP, but thats okay. There is no other way to get these bonus records, I will never sell them outside of this kickstarter. How cool is that??

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    The package above plus **drum roll** STICKERS AND BUTTONS!! Yes! Stickers and buttons featuring the new Vandalyzm logo to place wherever you like! As well as a single free entry to any show of mine that you like when Im in your town. I mean that! Oh yeah, Ill call you and PERSONALLY thank you for helping make this EP and all of my dreams come to life. Do you know how much I dont like being on the phone? So this means ALOT! lol

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    All of that coolness above these words, ANNNDDD my limited edition "V." logo t-shirt for The End All Be All. I know folks say "everyone so called has something limited" but seriously, these are limited. Meaning Im only pressing as many shirts as there are supporters of this and the next goals. After that, No one else will have this shirt. On top of that, your email address will be added to my mailing list for all media outlets. Meaning you get all of my new videos, and music WAAAY before the rest of the world does. So you can brag to your grandparents about how you saw my new video before they did. Dont do it too much though, they might punish you.

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    All of that amazing awesome fantasticallness above. PLUS Im taking it higher. Im starting a freestyle series called "Thank You Tuesdays" and Im dropping a freestyle named after YOUR TWITTER HANDLE. Meaning each time this is posted on any blog, ANYWHERE, its your twitter name. Which brings nothing but traffic and cool people to your site. Be aware, if you change your twitter name, Im not changing the name of the song.

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    So beyond all of the coolness of the stuff above right? Forget a "Thank You Tuesdays" freestyle, I have to cement your support in history. Im renaming a song from "The End All Be All" after you. Thats right. From blog posts, to artwork, to videos, to radio play. The name of the song, is YOUR TWITTER SCREEN NAME! Is that not cool? I really think it is. (Again if you change your twitter name, I cant change the name of the song. It will be stuck with your old name.) STEEZ!!

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    Wow, you really believe in what Im trying to do huh? That is amazing, and thank you for that. Beyond you getting the digital copies of my projects, beyond you getting the limited edition "The End All Be All" dropcard with the bonus songs. Beyond you getting the phone call, the stickers, the limited edition t-shirt, the song named after you. You are getting on the list. For life. What does that mean? Whatever show I have, whatever city, are on the list plus 1. I mean that. You truly believe in what I am doing, and I want to make sure you know that I am grateful for this donation.

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