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Lourdes MestreBy Lourdes Mestre
First created
Lourdes MestreBy Lourdes Mestre
First created
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, September 15 2017 4:33 PM UTC +00:00

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The Happy Quotient - Coaching Innovation Within AR/VR Gaming Platform Utilizing AI Technology

Will you join me on an audacious journey to make the world a better place - one user at a time?

I would like to transform the coaching industry by building a system for thought leaders to use as a tool to increase their level of emotional intelligence or EQ through innovative AR/VR assessments that are run through a gaming platform.

The passion for this project comes from the fact that there is so much negative being pushed out through social platforms, online interactions, TV & the media and the lack of a flow of positive goodness into our lives. Of course there are the more enlightened individuals that are more conscious of living a happy existence.

I would like to build an AR/VR interface that perhaps works in synergy with Oculus or others that mutes out the noises of all the other channels of communications and centers oneself inward in order to make better decisions on a daily basis.

The Happy Quotient will be a tool to be used as a personal guide in the daily journey towards reaching and maintaining our happiest levels of being, even through adversity. The platform will allow for the users to navigate through a series of assessments that through AI technology can deliver multiple outcome scenarios via the AR/VR features.

Currently, an industry that is seeing a spurt of growth is the coaching industry. I'm a member of the Institute of Coaching and the Forbes Coaches Council. More and more people are seeking coaches to improve their lives and expand their overall wellness whether it be in the home, with family, at work or in general. Most coaches are using some form of an assessment to learn more about their clients. There are some that are online webform assessments, yet many coaches are still using PDF's or paper.

When these assessments are built within an AI platform that integrates into an augmented reality, it may revolutionize the way we handle "a bad day".

Imagine a world where you can come home after a difficult & challenged day and having a reminder go off the minute you get home. Grab your AR/VR headset and choose the option: Improve Your Day. Through a series of assessments you can load the platform with all the tangible data from the day that made it a tougher day than most. After a few minutes of game-like assessments that disrupt the negative triggers in the brain and assists the user to transition back to a place of 'center' as measured by these assessments. Then the user can navigate through an AR or VR reality of the outcomes based on certain behaviors within each situation so that they can assess the situation from all angles & make the best personal decision to navigate through the obstacles without losing their Happy Quotient.

The platform will be built on a text message or notification trigger throughout the daily schedule of it's user. It will utilize the NPS system to capture data on the answer of this question throughout the user's day: "On a scale from 1-10 how happy do you feel right now".

Remember that reminder that went off when you walked in the door and reminded you to put on your VR headset? That will be based on the user's daily average of that one simple question repeated throughout the day. At least, that is how I imagined it if the technology would allow for that I think it would help humanize the AI data.

There are several monetization PLAN$ beyond the AR/VR platform design for a mobile app. We will design a mobile app that any user can log into, search for a coach that meets their needs and click to schedule a call with that coach instantly. These coaches will be Happy Quotient Certified. The first monetization is the certification for current coaches, which as a matter of fact is on the rise within my coaching peers. Many are seeking to further their certifications & strengthen their practice.

The second and more important aspect of the monetization is that these coaches are available right then and there. You need further coaching on a strategy you are learning through the AR/VR platform and you can instantly have a coaching call within a matter of minutes. This app can have a geolocation filter, level of coach, style, etc.

For the coaches, this solves a pain point. Many coaches have open slots on their calendar or impromptu cancellations on a weekly basis. This could be their 'side hustle' where they log into the app and get on the queue for a client. They can set their own rates however the AI technology should be able to provide each coach with a 'sweet spot' hourly rate. I also have a good list of coaches that I can recruit to sign up for the beta and some that would be excellent future paying users of the app.

The user can have an option to select coaching in blocks of 15 minutes or select a coaching hours plan via a recurring monthly payment. This builds the SaaS component for the mobile product platform.

The Happy Quotient will also have a 'lite' free version, however the paid monthly subscription will be it's monetization platform.

Part of the funding would be to hire a team or find a co-founder that can assist in moving this project into reality through the virtual reality world. I believe that GAMIFICATION plays a major role in the DNA of the mission of this platform. This project will lead innovation into the gaming industry by adding the next best weekend binge for your mindset & overall wellness of your life.

In a world where violent video games, tragic news & gruesome TV shows run rampant - the main vision for The Happy Quotient is to counter-balance it's user's intake of the same. To use as technology to live healthy, vibrant & hope-filled lives regardless of the environments we are living in and the world around us. This platform will help people increase their level of resilience, emotional intelligence & heighten their awareness over the health of their happiness.

Part of the R&D will include trials where the beta users HQ scores will be monitored against their physical health so there could be a 'FitBit' technology component for the platform as well.

This funding would allow me to put a Product Development action plan in place, a timing/milestones strategy together & hire the right talent. A complete business plan, mobile app development, marketing plan, overhead expenses, patent & necessary legal documents.

Risks and challenges


I'm not a tech engineer & I don't write code. I've got a solid idea, vision for the project and a lot of personal passion for the project. Where I'm deficient is understanding the technical coding aspects of this project.

Research & Development - Hoping to seek a coaching innovation grant, will be applying for one through the IoC as there needs to be a scientific approach to measurements of happiness along a period of time where we are collecting data from beta users. There will be the physical health component of the study as well.

Team: I'm a solopreneur who runs a digital marketing agency with active clients. I'd like to have more time to solely focus on this project in order to truly move it forward.

Lack of money for the seed level to kickstart this project.

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