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Affordable MDF terrain for the upcoming Star Wars miniatures game Legion
Affordable MDF terrain for the upcoming Star Wars miniatures game Legion
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A Kickstarter campaign focusing on terrain for a game that won't exist until next year?  Doesn't make much sense I suppose but let's face it, if you're reading this you at least have an interest in buying Star Wars: Legion from FFG.  And for many of you, maybe you've already placed your pre-order (we have).

MDF terrain is relatively easy to produce but it takes time.  So we wanted to get a good jump on production and use this time now at the end of the year to (hopefully) fund a successful Kickstarter campaign, produce everything, ship it all, and have it in your hands well before the arrival of the actual product. And they were built at a friendly scale to work well with other games in the meantime.

Also, you may have noticed this is "Part 1" - doing this now will also give us time to create more terrain for the upcoming "Part 2" and "Part 3," which backers will help be a major part in shaping.

Everyone that pledges for the core set gets the following plus any additional stretch goals...Update:  All stretch goals have been unlocked.  See below for details on what is currently added to the core sets

You'll get three basic buildings.  The perfect size and shape to start filling up your tabletop with.  All three have slight variations to the doors and "fins" coming off of the walls allowing you to create a variety of different designs.  Each building also includes a 3 inch clear half-sphere for the roof.

You'll get one medium sized building.  This is a much more complex building in appearance.  It has multiple rooftop levels, more "fins" to help you customize during assembly and comes with a three inch clear half-sphere for the roof.

And finally, you'll get one large building.  Multiple doors, multiple roof heights and plenty of space on top for squads to position themselves.  The fins and been replaced by a different style of decoration and will come with enough to cover all sides of the building.  Also includes both a two inch and three inch clear half-sphere.

How about a few more details for you...

  • Door height is 1.75 inches or about 45mm
  • Wall height varies but averages at about 2.6 inches - we tried to make everything a bit on the larger side to accommodate differences in model sizes
  • The basic buildings occupy about 18 sq in of table space so they are great for filling the table
  • The same approach was taken for all designs so assembly is easy after you've done it once or twice.
  • all designs are interchangeable so you can customize the buildings however you'd like mixing and matching from the extra pieces included with each building
  • A guideline has been included on the roof of each building to help make sure you've centered the half-sphere over the opening
  • The half-sphere elements of the designs are clear to allow for different approaches to painting the terrain.  They look particularly cool when you put some LEDs inside them.

What does it look like painted?

Or if you prefer a different style or location...


We've decided to unlock all planned stretch goals regardless of the funding level.  Everything you see below in this section will be added to your core set.

Note:  All stretch goals are prototypes.  Additional changes will be made for production pieces if needed.


Looking to add terrain, more options will be added in the coming weeks.


Shipping Costs

Shipping to U.S.A. - $10

Shipping to ROW - $40. 

We've been trying to find ways to cost effectively ship things around the world but it has proven challenging (Our shipping boxes will be big and heavy).  To offset this, we've planned to include as many free buildings as we can through stretch goals to make this a no-brainer for people all over the world. 

Risks and challenges

Risks for this campaign are minimal. We have the laser, the funds from this campaign will supply the necessary MDF. Really, the only risk is time. Sometimes the machinery breaks down and parts need to be ordered and delivered and that can add some time on to the delivery schedule but that's just a delay. We're not anticipating any other major risks to get you your terrain before the end of the year.

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