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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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Theme - Alliance Starship

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

This is my first update that will walk through some details on the different themes, give a little insight into the details that may not be obvious and provide some background on the inspiration around how I came up with the design elements.  I am planning on doing this for all 13 themes so there could be a lot of updates between these and the normal KS drop a comment if you like or dislike this idea.

The Alliance Starship is the first theme I'll discuss.  I draw a lot of ideas from video games.  In this case I used the Normandy from Mass Effect as my main inspiration.  Some really good examples I drew from can be found here...

While flat MDF doesn't exactly lend itself to curved walls I have decided to embrace it as much as I could using a combination of curved sections that can be found along the walls while still using some of the more traditional MDF design techniques.  it gives an interesting look that keeps with the theme of the Normandy itself.

The walls are made up of 7 pieces, three of which extend off of the back wall - this is a piece you can include when you are building or choose to leave off, it has no bearing on the piece other than to look cool.

I've mentioned this in a few places so far in response to questions but each theme is going to have their own set of "special rooms" which will further differentiate the different styles.  For this theme I am looking to build out a version of the bridge.  The link below is an example of where I'll be drawing my concepts from.

 One down, twelve to go (assuming we unlock them all).

2-1 transition

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Good morning!

The most common question I received yesterday was about the ability to connect up the two different sets (single and double).  I have included a new corridor piece that will solve this problem.  The 2-1 transition corridors come in packs of 2, one that opens left and one that opens right.  Unfortunately I couldn't do one in the middle because that would throw off all the measurements and nothing would accurately link up.