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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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The Short Update Before the Long Update

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Hello all,

I had originally planned to do a big update yesterday but I got roped in to helping someone move and 9 hours later we were done.  Never trust someone if they tell you they only need you for a couple of hours to help move.  And run like hell if you get there and they are still packing.

But enough about that.  Here is the update I originally planned to send tonight so I am at least going to stick with that.

As part of the "early bird" bonus for this project, I have been adding special additions to people who have backed by a certain date.  We've gone past one of those dates with the next just a few days away.  Our third and final one comes from comments and questions I have been getting over the last couple of weeks about different sets people would like to see.

In the next day or two I will be sending out a survey in which you will be able to provide ideas and suggestions of what you would like to see in a core set.  You'll also have a chance to provide me with some links to images that may help the process out.

Following that I will send out a survey with the ideas (some ideas may be very close together so in those cases I will be combining them together) which will be voted on by all backers.  The top two vote getters will be made into core sets available for purchase only by people that have backed the project before July 3.

These sets do not have to be purchased by the close of the campaign.  They can be purchased at a later date but will never be available to anyone but that group of backers.  Yes, I'm aware that this seems like a lot of work for a very small population but I figured it would be a fun exercise and once we have finalized the sets I would leave it up to you, the backers, if this is something that should be kept exclusive or shared with everyone.

The Long update is coming next (I know what you're thinking - this was "short?") - the next one will have less content but more pictures so it will be longer in terms of real estate.


Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

If you're reading this you most likely qualified for the first "early bird" bonus.  A free set of doors for each core set you have pledged.

The second early bird bonus is now live.  Alternate door designs.  While this doesn't seem all that super at first glance, you will be able to choose from a bunch of new door designs that include damaged doors and doors which will allow you to add your own text so it has some customization to it.

Thanks for your continued support.  I hope the next three weeks are as successful as the last one has been.

Battle Report - Empire of the Dead

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Hello everyone.  Here is a battle report using the single-wide core set and a little something else.  You'll see a large room in many of the pictures.  This is a prototype of one of the "special" rooms you may have seen me mention in some of the past updates.  For now, I'll give a little bit of info on it.  It measures 11 inches by 16 inches, comes as you see it with a two-floor set up and will come with a large amount of extras, some of which you will see in the pictures.  As this is just a prototype it does not include any acrylic but the final version will have a large amount of it (Telsa projectors, the large window in the back, etc).  But enough of this, on with the report...

The game you see being played is Empire of the Dead from Westwind.  The bobbies (police) have tracked down the headquarters of an evil gentlemen's club in the sewers of London.  They have surrounded the club but are short on manpower and can't cover every exit.  Their only choice is an assault on the headquarters itself.

The set up includes multiple entries and exits, the bobbies choose two and the gentlemen's club can choose to fight it out or escape in any of the other, uncontrolled routes.  The gentlemen's club has aligned itself with the vampire Raphael who has given them direct access to dark arts that has seen their numbers and influence swell.  They must protect Raphael at all costs or lose everything.

Our intrepid heroes led by the hero Emmeline who has a score to settle with Raphael.  At their last encounter he wounded her and caused the loss of an eye.

The gentlemen's club set up first with the president and VP in a meeting with Raphael (top) with the rest of the club dispersed around the different parts of the sewers (including several sentries further out not pictured here).

The assault comes from several different directions at once with the first sentry overwhelmed by the bobbies.  He proves tough to take down however and gets up several times to get back in the fight.  The clockwork hound is finally able to finish him off while the rest of the group focuses on pushing in.

 On the other side the smaller group of bobbies, led by an inspector detective, are held back turn after turn by some crack shooting and by a heat ray.  They are only able to finally force the room by unleashing a shot with the volley gun.

 Raphael takes the less direct route to confront Emmeline himself and deal with this vampire hunter once and for all.  Before he can get there she is taken out by a shotgun blast.  His revenge stolen from him, he turns his attention to the bobbies.  Armed with only light pistols they never have a chance.

 The bobbies have a slight edge in manpower but not much between Raphael and the exit.  They rush ahead to attempt to block him losing the inspector detective and the last of their heroes.

The bobbies intercept Raphael just before the exit and unload a volley of shotgun blasts at him putting him down but not out.  They rush forward to capture him while the remaining members of the club escape with their lives but not much else.

 The remaining bobbies limp home with their prize little realizing that another faction is watching from the shadows waiting for an opportunity to bring Raphael back home.

All in all, a fun night of gaming.  A narrow victory for the bobbies and a nice set up for the next chapter in the narrative game we're playing.

Next battle report will be Infinity.

Some good news for early backers

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Hello everyone!

I wanted to send an update out about some new things going on...

First - I have added a new "stretch" goal to the list.  For every backer that pledges on or before June 18 (Next Wednesday) they will receive a free set of doors - either exit doors or the new "transition" doors.  Transition doors will create a smooth crossover from one theme to another and will be built according to the transitions you want to make...with 13 potential themes that's a lot of different transitions so I'm making them all custom as needed, hence the reason they are KS exclusives.

Everyone reading this has qualified for the free bonus so there is nothing else you'll need to do.  I am extending this offer to the $1 pledge level as well - so anyone can come in early, pledge $1 to get in on the freebies and will just have to convert their pledge to a core set or higher to get the bonus.  Reward without the risk.

This is the first of three coming so the earlier one gets in the better it's going to be for them - so spread the word.

Second - I have added new corridor pieces to the add-on list.  4-wide corridors and 2-4 transition you can technically have corridors in your games ranging from 1-wide up to 4-wide, which would make for some interesting variations.  

I'm going to post a couple of battle reports showing all of these in action so you'll have a sense of scale for it all.  I also have the largest corridor piece yet to be revealed (no, it's not 8-wide, that's a room).

Third - big reveal coming next week at this time.  Cancel any plans you have.  Or keep them and check your email at some point during the day, your call.

Thanks everyone!

The Abandoned Mine

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

For the new supporters, I am doing the next few updates describing the different themes, giving some details that may not have come across in the images, and providing a little bit of insight on where the inspiration came from.  

The abandoned mine - Each wall comes with two support beams and six broken wall pieces - those help to give the corridor an uneven feel to it.  Most corridors - both here and what you can get elsewhere - have an implied ceiling which gives them all a flat edge to the walls.  It's nice to break away from that when you can and the broken tops along really keep with the theme.

The inspiration really came from the Temple of Doom originally.  Hey, it's better than having drawn from Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls right?  But there are plenty of different places to draw information from.  Like these maniacs right here...

That is really a good representation of what the abandoned mine looks like (in my head).  Ideally, you can see this sitting in an old west setting but I have been toying with the idea of updating this to give it a bit more of a sci-fi feel and you could choose which version was a better fit for you.  That's a pretty easy update to do so if it's something wanted I can accommodate people.

For those of you that have been sending me links and pictures for further inspiration, please continue to do so.  The next 7 themes will begin appearing at the end of next week and any new or cool ideas can be incorporated in between now and then.