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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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Survey results and a couple of pictures

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

First, thanks everyone that participated in the survey.

Sci Fi was the overwhelming favorite genre to use for corridors with fantasy and historical in a dead heat (some last minute entries brought historical up at the last minute) and no votes for the modern setting.

Based on the first survey question and the results I received on the more detailed second question here is the list you get to vote from - the top two vote-getters will become the next two themes.  I won't forward along any source material, you'll just have to Google something or go with your gut, most of these should be pretty straight forward in terms of what the theme would look like.

Voting will be about as laid back as you could imagine - just post a comment or drop me a message and if you have any additional thoughts around a particular vote please feel free to share them.  Vote for as many themes as you'd like (told you it was laid back)

- Hobbit/Moria

- Blade Runner

- Star Wars/Deathstar...a good compliment to the Blockade Runner set

- Fallout 3...think underground, subways, etc

- Judge Dredd Megablocks...not the Sylvester Stallone version

- dark citadel...gothic/industrial meets the Dark Eldar

- Event Horizon

- Japanese...I think this could also be ultra-modernized to fit an Infinity/Yu Jing setting as well

- Trenches...WWI trenches, I think it's a setting that works in a lot of places

If you didn't see one of your ideas on this list, hope is not lost.  More on that shortly.  

now on to some pictures...Below you will see the single-wide and double-wide corridor sets together.  A few things to note - there are a couple of missing pieces from the single-wide set (I'm in the middle of working on them to see about a future stretch goal), I included an exit/entry door in the double wide set (lower right of the first picture), and I included a couple of the 2-1 transition pieces (as that is the only way to connect the two sets).  

This set up occupied about 34 inches by 37 inches.


ignore the mess in the background
ignore the mess in the background



Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)


We have reached our funding goal, knocked down the first stretch goal and are right around the corner from the next one.

I'll be updating the campaign this weekend and revealing the next couple of stretch goals.

Thank you for your continued support!

Two new core sets and a survey

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Hello everyone!

I've released two new core sets, the first sets to have some options to them.  You can choose which style you want within that particular theme.  For example, Colony has two different styles for the walls to pick from - the end pieces and floor remain the same but you can customize your set by choosing one or the other, or both.

Colony - Colony comes in two flavors: Rounded Supports (pictures on the left) really make the corridors have a claustrophobic feel and you can't beat the view at eye-level. The second flavor is Geometric Shapes (pictures on the right) on the walls allow give you the chance to customize each corridor piece. You can choose from either or both options.

 Gothic - Gothic corridors are made up of a variety of different designs which incorporate arches (pictures on the right), shelves, shrines, and a variety of other elements keeping the Gothic set varied and interesting. Space Hulk corridors are where a majority of the source material comes from.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am putting out a very simple survey to get feedback, suggestions, ideas or even half formed sentences on what you'd like to see in the remaining core sets for the Kickstarter.  It's only two questions long with the second question asking for some links to any source material i can draw from.

And one last piece of news - I'm in discussions with several third parties in an effort to send one more surprise your way.  I'm hoping to make this last reveal  next week in time for the final week of the campaign but I wanted to give a little teaser...without actually giving any information it seems.

Do-It-Yourself Rooms

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Do-It-Yourself rooms have been added to the project.  As you would expect, these pieces are compatible with both the single and double wide corridor options as they maintain the 1.6" X 1.6" squares found on all themes.

The room pieces shown here are blanks but each theme will come with a couple of designs to choose from for the walls and floors.  As we hit higher stretch goals you will have more access to different designs giving you a chance to further customize your set.

And remember - the deadline for the June 25 bonus is tomorrow.  Any backer that has pledged before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) will have access to this bonus as well as be eligible to participate in the survey coming out in the next day or so.  So if you have any friends on the fence tell them to sign on and they'll be able to provide input on the two future themes.


Big Update 1 of 3

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

The first of three big updates...

Four new themes are available.  Bunker, Citadel, Dwarven Stronghold, and Con-Am 27 (let's see who gets the reference first).  These are prototypes and subject to some changes (and improvements - so if any of these interest you and you'd like an idea incorporated, send it along). 

 Bunker - Tight corridors with the end of each passage becoming a bottleneck. The walls and floor are cracked from bombing. Each corridor comes with vents, fans, electrical access panels and other items to add some flavor to the drab underground setting. Text on the walls will come in your choice of German or Arabic.

Citadel - The only terrain piece to not obviously use a "square" on the floor, the walls and floors are made of heavy carved stone. The ends of each corridor have carved dragon heads looking down on passerbys. Each corridor piece will come with oversized shields (in a variety of shapes) to display the personal heraldry of current and former occupants. 

Dwarven Stronghold - Carved from solid stone, the dwarven stronghold is an unexpected difference from the mines where the Dwarves spend their days. Complex shapes cover the floors and walls.

 Con-Am 27 - A standard mining refinery found on any planet or ship. Each corridor piece comes with scaffolds and utility boxes, enough to make each piece consistent with the others or to individualize each corridor section.

 Exit/Entry Doors - Here is an example of how the exit/entry doors will look.  They maintain the usual 3.2 inch depth but the doors are moved to the edge and an exit door (different from the interior door designs) is added along with a step.

Big update #2 will show off the last of the themes - Gothic, Colony, and Egyptian.

Big update #3 will introduce the DIY rooms