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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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One last push

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

I've changed the last stretch goals to something we can achieve at the last minute.  There are about 5 hours to go so hopefully the last fence sitters will come in when they see the next stretch goal right around the corner.

The 2-1 conversion pieces.  Even if you aren't interested in having both types of sets you can use these for either...For a single-side set it makes a small alcove room and for the double-wides it makes a nice pinch point.

This will be my last update until after the campaign ends.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to providing more info and background on the themed rooms for you.

A little more info on the themed rooms

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Due to popular request, I'll start to provide some more info on some of the themed rooms to give you a little sense of what I'm planning.  Below are a few floorplan layouts for some of the themes.  It's not a whole lot to go on but it will hopefully get your imagination running.  Not included in these layouts are all the extras and where acrylic pieces are introduced but I'll try to give a description for each.  These are scaled appropriately with the existing corridors, so each square is 1.6" X 1.6".  All designs assume a double-wide set you will be connecting to but single-wide doors will be available as well.  And of course each floorplan is subject to change.

Let's start with the M-Class set...

What you see here is Operations (top) and the Medbay (bottom).  

Operations will include a raised platform in the middle of the room surrounded by acrylic and MDF walls.  Desks, computer consoles, and a large vertical acrylic display will be included to add some cover and fill the room out.

Medbay will include an interior room/lab with acrylic viewing windows as well as desks and supply cabinets to break up line of sight.  

Other rooms set for the M-Class will be around the same size.  I opted for a series of smaller rooms rather that a large one as it fit the theme a little better.

M-Class themed rooms
M-Class themed rooms

Citadel/Dwarven Strongold is next.

This is a big, wide open throne room broken up by large pillars (I was thinking of something like the pillars from the Mines of Moria in LOTR).  There is only one way in so a special, ornate door will be included.  At the end will be a large throne on top of the raised platform.

Citadel/Dwarven themed room
Citadel/Dwarven themed room

And the Blockade Runner is last for now...

A large cargo bay with raised catwalks along the sides.  I was thinking about making the catwalks connect so it looks like a big "H" but I always have to be aware of how difficult it would be to get your hand in there.

What I like about this design is that it's a bit on the plain side but that gave me a chance to build something that you could link multiples together on both the top/bottom and the sides.  This will have an option to include containers and small boxes.

Blockade Runner themed room
Blockade Runner themed room

 I hope this gave a little insight in to how I'm looking at themed rooms.  I'll continue to share information and images as I take them from the screen to the table for testing.

Floors and Wallpapers

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

I'm starting to get some test images back from all the folks that have been happy to help out with the wallpaper and flooring options.

These are work-in-progress images.  We're still finalizing a few things on the sizing side so you may notice a little break in the image on the ends but this was due to user error (me).  Final versions will cover the walls and floors completely so the only MDF that would appear would be on the outside of the corridors and the special pieces that may hang off.

These images are from Cla over at PaperMakeiT.  This approach will make it easier to offer even more themes and for those that missed the update covering this, if you have any desire to do your own wallpapering I'll be providing the measurements for it if you're interested.

We're also talking with the good people over at Lord Zse Zse - Check out their Kickstarter if you haven't already.  They'll be going a little bit past us but they only have a handful of days left themselves.

I still have some open questions from people that I haven't gotten back to yet.  Bare with me, I haven't forgotten about you.  

And last but not least, the two mystery themes will be revealed tomorrow.  If you were an early backer and haven't weighed in on it now is your chance.

Themed Rooms

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

We're on the verge of unlocking themed rooms so I wanted to take a moment and discuss just what a themed room is.

most of the themes have special rooms designed for them that fit with the source material I drew the ideas from.  Let's look at the prototype of the themed room for Steampunk Sewers, shown here:

This is just a prototype so a lot of the detail is missing and there are some changes I have made to it so it should not be considered a final version.  However, this does illustrate what a themed room would look like.  They are extensions of the theme that allow you to add an extra layer to your gaming experience.  Final versions will include doors for either single or double wide entry, acrylic, and in many case are multi-level like the one here.

Here is what I am thinking for each theme (you will see some of the ideas repeated, I am planning on using the same overall design but applying a theme-specific enhancement):

- Steampunk sewers - large laboratory

- M-Class Starfrieghter - operations, medbay, sleeping quarters, bridge

- Blockade Runner - multi-level cargo hold

- Alien Homeworld - teleportation room

- Alliance Starship - bridge, gunnery station

- Abandoned Mine - none at this time, I'm open to ideas

- Bunker - sleeping quarters, communications room

- Citadel - throne room

- Dwarven Stronghold - throne room

- Con-Am 27 - airlock

- Colony - operations, medbay, garage

- Gothic - chapel

Available options are subject to change.

You will not see these rooms appear on the add-on list.  I won't have final versions until after the campaign ends so special plans will be made to get these together for you to review before shipping.

54 hours to go!

New Stretch Goals Up

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Hello everyone!

Thanks to some extra generosity, we've made it past the $8k mark.

So here is the update I promised.  New stretch goals have become available.  

45 degree corners - adds a whole new dimension (so to speak) to your set ups.  This one I really like.  It doesn't drastically change how you play with the corridors but does have a huge impact on how they look on the table.

M-Class Starfrieghter will be available as a single-wide option

Themed rooms will be available - too much to cover here, I'll provide all the details of the rooms in the next update but the short version is that each theme will have it's own set of extra rooms available that fit in that theme...Blockade Runner for example will have a multi-story cargo bay as one of the options.  These will be huge, centerpiece types of terrain.

Blank sets available - Blank sets.  How...innovative right?  A blank set is one that doesn't have any etching done to the floors and walls.  What is the value here?  I've been in discussions with Fat Dragon Games, PaperMakeIt, Heroic Maps, and several other individuals to provide print-and-play wallpaper and flooring as an option to you.  I hope they don't mind me bringing it up here, nothing is set in stone but everyone is very enthusiastic and we're working on some test runs right now to share with you.  I will also make the dimensions available to anyone that would like to do this on their own - so if you've got some ideas and want to give it a shot, reach out to me.  

Thanks everyone for the continued support and I'm looking forward to what promises to be an interesting last week!