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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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Clearing away some of the fog...

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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I wanted to clear up some confusion and answer any questions that have come in from the last update.  I can use the old standby of "I shouldn't post when I'm tired" but I'll blame any missing details on my over-enthusiasm to post and update and continue to show progress.  

A lot more detail in this update so i apologize for the length


When do I have to send this back in? - "Whenever you want" is the short answer.  I didn't do a good job explaining this but each of you will probably fall into one of four buckets...

I know what I want - If you know what theme you want right now and aren't interested in seeing themed rooms or increasing your pledge, choose the theme you want from the pledge sheet and you're done.

I know what I want but I may want more - If you know what theme you want but want to see the themed rooms or are considering increasing your pledge, you can choose the theme you want from the pledge sheet, check off any of the "I want to see more" items in column L, or drop a note when you send it back stating that you may want to increase your pledge.  This will allow me to produce the theme set you want and it will be waiting until you finalize your decision.

I want to see some more before deciding on a theme - Check off any three boxes from column L and I will be producing some more pieces to round out the prototypes.

I know what I want for one set but want to see more for my other set - Check off the theme(s) you want, check off the themes you'd like to see more of, and/or drop a note when you submit stating you want to see more before shipping.

In all cases, you can send the pledge sheets in whenever you'd like.  Until you "lock in" your pledge completely you are free to send it in multiple times.

Example one:  You have decided on the M-Class double as one of the themes you are sure of but want to see a little more around the Blockade Runner theme, you could send the pledge sheet in with M-Class locked in and Blockade Runner as "Want To See More" - after the more prototypes are completed and you have seen them, you decide to stick with M-Class so you submit the pledge sheet again marking "2" in the appropriate cell (I15 for example).  

Example two:  You have decided on a theme and have multiple add-ons but want to see the themed rooms before you are sure you want your package sent.  You can send in your pledge sheet with a Locked In theme and if you want you can drop a note saying not to send until you see a certain themed room.  Additionally, I will be sending out an email prior to shipping to confirm address and if you are ready to have your pledge shipped or if you want to wait for something.

I may want to increase my pledge, how do I do this? - Once all the themed rooms have been prototyped and displayed I will be re-opening the pledge manager (I'm thinking PayPal only at this time) to allow you to increase your pledge amount.  You will be resent the pledge sheet with the new amount (if you have already sent it in, I will send your sheet back to you with your previous entries but a new pledge amount).

When does the pledge period end? - For those that are interested in more goodies but aren't ready to pull the trigger just yet for one reason or another you will be able to hold off until you are ready.  However, once you Lock your pledge in and give me the okay to ship, any future additions will incur the dreaded postal fee.  And since keeping an Excel spreadsheet floating around isn't the most efficient way of doing business, I would say that by year's the KS is officially done...We'll be done well before that but I really am thankful for your support and I want to be as flexible as possible with all of this.

As more questions come in please feel free to post them on an update, in the comments section, or send them to me personally and I'll make sure you have an answer ASAP.

I don't have a firm date of arrival of the laser (shipping this week) but I'm planning on starting production and additional prototyping next week if everything falls into place.  

Pledge sheets going out this week

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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I will be sending out pledge sheets this week to everyone.  You will see an email from ( is under construction).  Attached will be an Excel spreadsheet - if you don't get an email from me by the end of the week or if you are unable to read the file, please contact me and I will make alternate arrangements.

The file will contain directions and all your pledge information.  Please review this and make sure it is accurate.  For non-US backers I have removed the $30 shipping fee so you will see this is not reflected in your available funds.

The pledge sheet includes some entries for the themed rooms at the bottom of it.  I have finished most of them and will be releasing images of them once the laser is here and we're in production.  Existing funds can be applied to these and the pledge manager will be re-opened again for a short time once I have completed and cut all the designs.

As usual, I'll drop a few images of the WIP themed rooms in here, but I understand these are pretty much just a collection of shapes.  Consider them very early teasers. I am including some silhouettes to give some size reference - the soldier is 28mm in height, and the black circle represents a 30mm base

Sleeping quarters - double bunks on the diagonal sides.  The top will be a table and seats.  All the amenities of home.  I do want to draw out the bunk beds themselves, I'm afraid you'll have to live with unmade beds for this piece.

cargo hold - Double the height of a normal corridor, it has a catwalk that snakes from one side of the hold to the other.

Alien homeworld transport room - If I did my math right, there is a raised semi-circle platform around the edge.  Lots of platforms and stairs and varying height on this one.  It should produce an interesting effect and keep with a very alien theme.

 Not pictured here but 90% done - the throne room for Dwarven Stronghold and Citadel.  One long room with large pillars and a set of stairs leading up to a huge throne - I took the inspiration from the Mines of Moria and Game of Thrones.  The piece will come in two parts and by about 2 feet long!  Far and away the biggest themed (or any) room.

Another update?

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Yes, another update.  

The laser is shipping the week of Aug 4.  I don't have confirmed date of arrival but I'm working under the assumption that it's not going to take all that long to go from Colorado to Massachusetts.  Production and shipping begins pretty much right at that time (and I haven't forgotten all the themed rooms that need prototypes).

Work continues at a feverish pace to get all the designs into a production format.  An example of this can be seen below.  This is one of eight boards needed to fill out the single-wide Alliance core set with stretch goals.  As a quick reminder:  red = cut through material, blue = sharp, thin lines, black = deep etch.

This particular board contains most of the walls and floors needed for T, L, and + corridor pieces.  i blew up a couple examples at the bottom to show them in a bit more detail.  the left image is a wall for a door and the other is one of the floating wall pieces.  If I did it right, none of the numbers on the walls should repeat.

 Next, my first take on the Fallout 3 theme.  This one will be a bit different than the others.  It will have a wall that curves in at the top so walls are two pieces rather than one.

I focused in on the underground images that I could find but there is a wide range of things to pick from so I grabbed a little from here and a little from there.  The walls are cracked with broken tiles and the floors are a combination of random grills and steel grates.  The third floor on the bottom right is another example of where we may head with this, a more consistent look broken up by splatters of blood/paint/oil/whatever.  Feedback definitely appreciated from someone that has more experience with this game than I do.

 And last but not least, the first images of one of the custom designs being worked on (the second needs much more attention so I'm focusing on that one over the weekend).  Everything here is a work in progress and should not be considered final at this time.

This is for Haqqislam/Infinity so the inspiration drawn from comes directly from the history and art of Islam.  It's a double-wide design with raised floors along the sides.  There are two different types of floors being considered now, one that has a single image in the center and one that gives a repeating image throughout (the floor examples are three "squares" long so this one will attach to the end of a 3-long or 1-long piece and the pattern will continue without interruption).

 The pledge sheets are being created right now and I should be done with them over the weekend and looking to send them out early next week.  You will see an email from, it will contain the pledge sheet and instructions on how to fill it out but it will hopefully be fairly intuitive.


It looks like I never posted my Congratulations Update

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  It turns out I never sent out a congratulations and next steps update.  I found it waiting here in the Save & Preview page.  Sorry for the oversight on this.  The good news is that I have been using the time since then to check off a lot on my to-do list.

Let's start with the most important part - where do we go from here?  In the next week or so you will be getting a pledge sheet sent to you.  This will contain all of the options available but it will also be the tool that you can communicate if you need more information on a particular theme.  if you're sure of the theme or themes you want you can fill it out and send it along and we'll "lock" that in for you.  With several new themes in the works and with special rooms being developed there will be a good number of you looking for more information before you commit to a particular theme so this document will also have the tools you need to convey those details.  Everybody's situation is unique so I want to be as flexible as I can in presenting you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Next - We've got a few of the new themes in the works.  Event Horizon and Fallout.  Event Horizon pieces can be found in the image below (Fallout will be appearing in the middle of the week).  It's always a little tough to picture a three dimensional design with only two dimensional images but this should hopefully give a little sense of the direction I'm taking.

I color code my designs...Red lines mean the laser will cut through the material, black lines mean it will etch into it and blue lines means it will cut into the material but not all the way through (this produces a very sharp but thin line in this case).

Event Horizon will have the walls seen below with the wall detail being added to the fronts of the walls.  the longer the piece the more detail pieces will be available.  The doorway arch is the support piece that can be found on every other theme, it's what holds the walls and floor in place.  And finally the floor.  I have opted with trying to cut some shapes into the floor itself - this will add an extra dimension to the floors and you should be able to see through them well enough to catch colors underneath the corridors.

I'm still testing to see if single wide or double wide works better with this...the floors are better suited for double wide but the arches and doors really come out in single wide.  There are a lot of different corridor elements to draw from in Event Horizon so hopefully I am capturing what everyone had in mind (I used some latitude in my designs so they may not be a complete match with the movie).

 Themed rooms - I've completely built out two of the themed rooms.  The two here - Operations and Medbay - are for the M-Class set but I have not included any designs on the floors or walls so they can cross over to many of the other themes.

The images may be a little light side. The lines are very thin even up close and these are very large designs.  These probably won't mean much until you see them in action.  The probably look like a random pile of shapes but it will hopefully be enough to spark your imagination.

Operations - I've increased the size from the original floorplan I shared with you.  This one is about ten inches by eight and half inches.  Included in it is:  A raised floor with steps, a large desk and walls (bottom half are MDF, top half are clear acrylic), two computer banks, and a tactical display (with acrylic insert).

 Medbay - I've added a second room to the piece and built out the room in the lower right to have acrylic viewing windows and door.  Also included:  lockers, two desks, and an examination table.

I've begun work on one of the custom designs and I'm putting together some different ideas for the other.  Once we get a little further down the road on those I'd like to share our progress there as well.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  I have been using this time to get all the designs in order for production (I'll share some screenshots of those in the next update) and have been building out all the extra pieces that need attention so the time since we last spoke has been put to good use.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions feel free to post them here and I'll get to you as soon as possible.

Wait...there is more

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Thank you Waaarghpug for reminding me that I never revealed the last two mystery themes.  You are responsible for your own drum rolls here.

The winners are...

Fallout 3

Event Horizon 

and time permitting...the Japanese or WWI trench theme.  

I received a lot of feedback both on the posted update and via personal message and Fallout 3 was the far and away winner.  I am going to use the Bunker theme and build out from there.  There is a ton of source material (I've been focusing on the fallout 3 it will be bleak) so it shouldn't take long to get some prototypes out for your thoughts.

Event Horizon was the other winner just squeaking out a victory.  Again, plenty to work with here so I'll be designing those pretty soon.  

Japanese and WWI trenches had some last minute votes that almost took one of them over the top (pardon the pun).  Not quite enough to get them there but close enough to make me give them some thought to see if I can pull them off - but I won't do it at the expense of all the other things I owe you so we'll have to wait and see.

You will have an opportunity to see what these new themes look like prior to having to commit in the pledge manager.

Thanks everyone that voted.