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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
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Update and some new themed rooms

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

We continue to finish up and send new sets - not much to update there, it's just a matter of grinding through it all as fast as we possibly can.  I am planning on taking several days off this week and next to dedicate to fulfillment which should knock a bunch of you off the list.

For those that have received their sets already, please double check that you have everything you expected and that there are no errors in any of the cut pieces.  A couple of folks have drawn my attention to some errors that were sent along.  if you find a problem with anything sent to you please notify me and I will send out replacements immediately.  This is an unfortunate side effect of trying to do too many different designs at the same time but I promise I will make good any mistakes I may send to you and send some additional items your way as an additional apology.

The good news is that I think we've figured out the errors and I have adjusted all designs so hopefully this is something more in the past than in the future.

On to more interesting news...

Below are some images for a couple of the remaining themed rooms.  These are work-in-progress prototypes so you may see an item here or there that isn't a perfect fit but generally speaking, the overall final designs won't be changing too much from what you see here.

This first is the garage.  Two separate vehicle bays with two entrances.  It's a little difficult to tell from the images but the front wall is slightly sloped and will include ramps on the outside.  Each garage opening will include doors and will probably come with both MDF and acrylic versions of the doors.

The second set of images is the "bridge" that is included with the sleeping quarters set.  it uses a lot of the same 45 degree angles that can be found in the sleeping quarters and it adds a nice departure from the 90 degree hard angles found throughout the corridors.  The bridge console found in the middle of the room will include chairs and the raised pieces will all be acrylic.  The only thing I want to take another shot at with this is the windows - I was thinking something more in line with a star destroyer, those gigantic, open windows they have.

 Thanks for reading!


Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Sorry it seems as if I've been MIA for a while.  I can assure you that I have been putting my nose to the grind stone and not a day has gone by that we haven't been burning new corridors. 

So aside from burning boards what else have we been up to?...

1.  A lot of these designs are seeing the light of day for the first time so I have been doing extra quality control to make sure they all fit correctly.  You would think that it would just be a matter of copying the same basic design from one theme to the next and with a little bit of tweaking we'd be all set.  It turns out that each theme has a personality and what works for one doesn't work for the other.  Example:  The subfloors (the floors on either side of the main corridor floor) in the dwarven stronghold set are wider than other sets and that slight difference made assembly almost impossible without bending to the point of breaking. 

2.  Finishing up the designs for the remaining themed rooms.  The airlock is looking good but the garage and gunnery station need a little more work to get to a final version which is why I have delayed on the update - that and I was planning on doing a video to show assembly instructions and it turns out I am very much someone who belongs behind the camera so i switched back to printed directions that will come with each shipment.

So where are my things already?  Here is everything in detail (very detailed detail)

Several shipments are on the way and should be arriving shortly...

Steampunk sewers - working on the second to last set right now.  The final set will be started later this week.  If you ordered the two of the single-wide set, those have been shipped.  This is the most detailed set and each one takes a while to finish up.

M-Class - All the double-wide sets will be finished up very soon.  Several will be going out the door tomorrow with the last double-wide pieces finishing up after that.  For those that ordered the single-wide sets, I have just completed the first one (this set takes even longer than the sewers...ballpark of about 500-600 pieces in total) and will be dry fitting the pieces tonight to make sure everything is good and those will follow right behind the last of the double wide sets.

Blockade Runner - Did a little rework of the window design.  The double-wide sets are done and half the single-wides (some have already shipped).  If you had a double-wide set it will be shipping tomorrow.  If you had a double-wide and a single-wide set in the same order those will be going out shortly.  The good news here is that I burned both plain walls and walls with windows so I'm going to send both out with the shipments.

Alien Homeworld - Almost all of these are done and those completed will be shipping tomorrow with the rest to follow in a little bit.  Alien Homeworld suffered from the same problem as the Blockade Runner in that I burned the sets with both windows and without so you will be receiving a shipment with both types of walls.

Dwarven stronghold and abandoned mine - finishing up my check on the mine and those will ship a little later this week.  This is another set with hundreds of pieces so it takes a little time to be sure.

Alliance Starship - The first single-wide set went through QC and the bugs have been wrung out (this set is about 700-800 pieces so it took me a while to feel comfortable with giving the designs the okay).  These sets will be rolling out in early Nov.

Colony, Gothic, Con-Am and any others I may have missed, those are hot on the heels of these sets I mentioned above.

I thank you all for your continued patience.  Each board can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to produce so it does take time to get just a single set together.  On average, each set uses about 14 sq ft of MDF material (The winner is Alliance Cruiser which uses a little over 18 sq ft of material).

The plan has always been to use this Kickstarter to kickstart the retail business (go figure) so I'm as anxious as you are to fulfill everything so we can move on to selling the sets on the open market and expanding the product line.  So I'm going to continue to keep burning boards like crazy and I promise we'll have everything wrapped up as soon as we possibly can.



Today's update - more themed rooms finalized

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

 Hello everyone!

Short update but with lots of pictures.

I have finally got my hands on a tripod and a nice camera to tape the assembly guides which I will be doing this weekend.  For the short-term I'll be posting them here and on our Facebook page so you will see those appear with the next update.  I really do believe that this is a better solution to presenting written instructions. 

So on to the rest of the update.  I have finished off the Ops themed room which you will see below.

I have updated the cargo hold and removed the posts holding up the walkway so it's a lot more open.

 Next is the themed room for the Bunker set (though like everything else, it is compatible with any set).  It has two bunk rooms with two 3-set bunk beds (very cozy), a table and a stove.  The communications room comes with five radios of various sizes, two tables, and three wall maps.

Minis supplied by Bolt Action/Warlord
Minis supplied by Bolt Action/Warlord

 And finally, I took a moment and just grabbed a bunch of pieces from the M-Class set and some themed rooms and put them together.  This is not a complete core set, just what I could quickly put my hands on.  Themed rooms included in this set of pictures:  Ops, Med Bay, and 2 cargo holds.

 Thanks for reading!

Updates - status, themed rooms & PayPal

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Hello all!

Okay, here is what has been going on...I have been cutting board after board for the last couple of weeks so progress continues to be made.  Orders will start to ship shortly.  You will see notification from me before shipping to confirm your order or make any last minute add-on purchases.  

I have been trying to do my best to put directions together for the corridors but going back and forth on it, I just don't see how I can easily describe the process.  Which is ironic considering how easy they are to put together (you do it a couple of times you really get into a rhythm) and given that each theme has it's own little nuance to it I have decided to do the set up directions via video.  So those will be coming shortly.

Paypal is now open if you would like to make additional purchases.  If you have already included additional purchases in the pledge sheet you all you will need to do is add the funds to a PayPal payment.  If you haven't updated the pledge sheet but would like to add something just note what those items are in the comments section in PayPal and I will update your pledge sheet.

The PayPal add ons will be available until the KS is completely fulfilled (a couple of months or so).  You will be able to add more items even after your core set(s) ship though there will be a shipping cost attached so just a heads up on that.

PayPal payments can be made to

Now, onto themed room updates...

Let's start with the MedLab update...what you see here is 99% the final version.  I made a couple of mistakes that need fixing but other than that this is what you'd be getting.  The windows you see here actually have a clear acrylic in them, I did the door in blue acrylic so you can see what it would look like - you can choose between clear or blue acrylic for the doors and windows.

Every themed room will come with entry walls (in this case it says "Medlab Level 1").  By putting these on I was able to make sure that you can use the themed rooms for any theme so the transition from corridors to room is seamless.  I have to give a little bit more love to Operations to round out this offering so you will see that and these rooms with corridors around them to help add some sense of scale.

 Next is the themed room for the alien homeworld.  You will see that this piece is a lot more open and doesn't really have "walls" in it.  My thought was that this was too nice a looking piece and the design is too complex to really get walls to work.  

The stairs and centerpiece circle are removable to add some additional variety to the room (underneath the circle is a big opening so you could put anything you wanted underneath this - like a starfield for example)

 Sleeping quarters is next...this includes 6 bunks (not pictured: the detail on the bunks - some people just don't like to make their beds), an eating area, and "food machines" (all in the upper right of the first picture).

I don't think the pictures do this justice.  This is a pretty cool piece with the bunks angled the way they are.  I am going to add more detail to the floor and walls and I am considering the idea of moving the table to the middle and making it round (as seen in Alien for example)

 The great hall is next on our list...This one is a beast and comes in at over 2 feet long.  Huge columns line the sides leading to a set of steps and a raised platform with a throne.  I still have to do a few fitting adjustments but those are pretty minor.  I assembled this without gluing the columns in place so you can remove those when not using this and it can act as some additional storage space.

 And finally, the bridge (a work-in-progress).  Both sides are lined with computer terminals and computer displays (the blue that you see along the top wall).  In the center is a recessed platform held up by the support beams that run across the room and in the center is a large tactical display (there will be a better image on it), on the far right is the pilot's chair.  The whole piece runs about 1.5 feet from side to side and is raised above the normal corridors accessible via the stairs shown on the left of the overview picture.  With all the computer displays this includes about 15 different acrylic displays in either blue or orange.  More on this one to come.

 So for themed rooms I am updating Operations, changing the walkway and supports for the cargo hold (you'll like it, it won't seem as cramped), working on the other themed rooms, working/re-working the custom designs and the new themes we voted on during the KS and finishing up the original corridor designs so I'm keeping myself busy but I do have some other ideas I've got in the works that I'd like to share with you if you have no objections...more on that later too.


Status Update

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

I am happy to say that we are just about ready to start production of the corridors.  The laser is in and working, the material is waiting patiently in the corner, the packing material is ready to go, and most of the production files have been created.

I begin the production process in earnest on Monday.  Until then I am going to focus on some more testing and prototyping (the files may be done for everything but I still need to do some quality assurance before I feel comfortable just packing it all up).  My expectation is that the first corridors will be out the door later next week.  However, each board and set needs to be done one at a time so it is going to take some time to completely fulfill the Kickstarter.  There are still a few people that don't have the pledge sheet in hand - I promise I'll get them to you by the end of the week.

In the meantime, you can take your time and decide whether or not to go in on any of the special themed rooms that I'm starting to display with this update.  The pledge manager will be re-opened (PayPal only at this time) in the next week or two to address any additional purchases you would like to make.  Info on that will be in the next update.  I will check in with each of you prior to shipping your order to see if you are ready for the shipment or would like to add anything else in.  

On to the first group of themed rooms.  Before you go to the images below (you already went there right?  No fancy pictures, I just put them on a counter top) a couple of things to note

1.  These are prototypes that I use to find deficiencies or errors in the designs.  Some of which may still be visible here...a wall a bit too long, something not fitting perfectly together, stuff like that.  I have found and addressed all of them so the final versions being sent out will not have any of these errors.  

2.  I have decided to remove the squares on the floor in favor of adding more detail to the walls so what you see in these images will have more things on the walls (both etched in and items you can glue on) so the final versions of these will have even more than you see below.

3.  The acrylic used in the final version will be transparent light blue, not the solid green you are seeing here.  This was just some extra acrylic I had laying around that I put to good use.

I put a lot of text in my updates don't I?  I'll let the pictures do the talking and only pull out a few key points.

Operations - Aside from the raised platform in the middle, all the other elements can be moved around.

 Medlab - The operating room (the one behind all the windows) will include a lot more detail.  The picture at the bottom shows what operations + medlab looks like together.

The cargohold:  the catwalk will have more detail and I think I'm going to change the ladders around a little.

The minis here are from Infinity.  I hope the scale of these come through, they are all really massive pieces, which was what I was setting out for.  I'll set some up next time with the corridors around them to give some additional scale.