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Choose from a variety of corridor themes and sizes to meet your gaming needs. Options also include windows and exteriors.
58 backers pledged $11,574 to help bring this project to life.

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Update on things

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Unless I've talked to you individually, it's been a long time since I reached out.  I wanted to touch base with everyone as to where we are and where we're going.

Where we are:

There are still three people I haven't heard back from.  If you are one of these people please drop me a note with what you'd like in your order or if you have any questions.  There are people who have orders that are incomplete for one reason or another...if you are missing or expecting anything please reach out.  It wasn't my intention to miss a communication from you, they just sometimes get lost in the wave of emails I constantly get.

Where we are going:

I learned a lot from this Kickstarter - the first was that if you think something is going to take a day it's going to actually take way longer than that.  The second is that shipping fees are always changing and I significantly underestimated this reality by thousands of dollars (if we could get everyone living in Australia/NZ to move to the U.S. that would really be a big help).  The third is not to overextend myself...too many themes, too many different offerings but I'm happy to say that every theme in both single and double options was ordered so I was pretty excited that I was able to have something for every one of you.

So, with what I have learned so far I have decided to throw my hat back in the ring and do another Kickstarter campaign.  I'm doing this for a couple of reasons...1.  to help subsidize the shipping for the remaining items going out (they will go out regardless, this just makes it easier to deal with my family) and 2.  to finally make that next step and get all the corridors and the next project into a web based fulfillment to ease the burden.

Within the next 24 hours you will see a note from me letting you know that the new campaign has started.  If you were satisfied with your corridors please pass the word on.  For every one getting this email, I'll be producing a special piece for this next campaign exclusive to you (more details on that to come but it will be pretty nice).  So if you're interested and want to back I'll be including the surprise with your order.  Several of you will be getting this next Kickstarter completely free and I'll be reaching out to you over the next week or so to let you know and take your order.

That is all for now.  Have a good weekend and keep an eye out for my next email.


I'm still alive

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Despite 2015's best efforts I am still alive and kicking.  It's been a while since I sent out an update to the larger audience so I am long overdue.

Here is where we are:  I have cut and packaged all but a handful of orders from those who have sent me their pledge sheets.  There are still a bunch of you who haven't so I will be reaching out to you shortly to remind you to send them in (look for an email from

I've got a bunch of orders packaged and ready to go and if I've been in touch with you recently they will be going out as soon as I can get them out.  I recently had some surgery that came with a bit of a complication in being able to lift anything at all (which was unexpected) so I'll get them all in the mail as soon as possible without popping stitches.  I had thought I'd be able to get things from the home office to the post office but it proved more challenging than I planned so for everyone waiting, it'll be along soon.  On the plus side...quality drugs!

My unexpected downtime has given me some extra time to finally finish up some of the designs that had been hanging around out there so the Alliance Starship is finished and just needs a few dry fittings to be sure it's all in place and I'll be able to get those out to everyone.  The gunnery station was worked on too but I was pretty high when I was doing it so I'm as curious as you are to see what the final results were.  Coming soon.

And finally - I mentioned a future Kickstarter that you'd get for free.  Below is a couple samples from what we have planned.  For this one we'll be producing background sounds for wargames.  No music or anything like that, just the sounds of the larger battle going on around your skirmish.  The attached file has some clips of some of the different sets we'll be creating.  We believe we have a work around for some of the more recognizable sounds, pending a discussion with legal counsel (so including  larger clips of those sounds are TBD). 

Thanks everyone,


Event Horizon prototype

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)
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Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop.  I'm trying to resolve another technical challenge that is causing the etching to be very erratic.  I've been working with the tech people all week and I think we've narrowed it down to the last couple of items.  I'm hoping to be fully operational again tomorrow.  not a major problem, just another PITA. 

In the meantime, before the technical difficulties I was able to get a prototype of the Event Horizon theme (finally).  I did not put all of it together so that I could get a better shot of it.

Behind the end piece is another, nearly identical piece so when you put the corridors together it looks like you're moving from one small section of the ship to the next rather than having end piece acting as a support structure.  It's a neat effect that can be found on the bunker theme was well.  Gives an additional claustrophobic feeling.

Not pictured here are some additional, optional, wall decorations that I am still finalizing (just wasn't happy with the first couple of iterations of it).


Bad news, good news

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

First the bad news...

For some reason I was using the wrong pieces for the rooms in the M-Class set when I redesigned the whole thing (I think I grabbed the designs from an older iteration).  If you have a room floor piece that doesn't fit you will be receiving the fix shortly.

Now the good news...

The fix for this only requires a new floor piece so I'm hoping I can stick them in a small envelope that won't need a customs review so the delay to overseas backers won't be significant.



Some stats, some news

Posted by Al Maguire (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Fulfillment continues.  I wish I had more to say about that but at this point it's really a matter of brute force application to get everything out the door.  After that hiccup in early 2015, we have been rocking.  The whole house is taking on the smell of burnt MDF and much like napalm in the morning, it smells like victory...though less so to the rest of my family.

Here are some interesting stats that I wanted to share before getting to the news:

Average pledge amount:  $237

Amount of 2 foot by 1 foot boards cut and sent:  590*  This is an estimate as we've used a lot more boards for prototyping/testing, and general trial and error

Percentage of backers with add-ons:  74%

Number of countries represented:  9

Most common backer first name:  Adam (5)

On to the news...

We have decided on our next Kickstarter project.  It will be a bit of a departure from the MDF designs this time around in order to give us some time to build up some inventory and prep for follow on Kickstarters.  It's still just a little bit too early to give details on it but we can say that it will have a digital fulfillment so it will be an instantaneous fulfillment (hooray).

but what we can say is that every backer of this Kickstarter is automatically in on the next one for free (all stretch goals included).  We don't know if our next project will be up your alley or not but we did want to continue to show our gratitude to our backers in a tangible form.

I will also say that the continued work on and fulfillment of this KS is the number one priority so nothing will go forward until we are done with this.  Prototypes for the final remaining themes will be coming in the next couple of days - I have them done but for some reason the camera is not focusing correctly.