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Sunshine Is Motor Fuel

This was an attempt to test a theory of open source product development using Kickstarter and other community as a start-up funding source. The project will continue despite our apparent defeat here in our first funding attempt. Next month is road testing and how could that not be enjoyable?

We shall return, reborn, to this forum, asking, again, the question: Does the world really want an efficient electric vehicle and will they help in it's creation?

Next time we will bring more of our team's talent to the presentation and, hopefully, attract more backers.

Thanks to the Kickstarter team for making stuff like this possible.

To find out more about the Paxterra Photon S3 project please visit


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    Become a Co-Founder of Paxterra Electromotive (listed on our website), support a transportation revolution, and obtain access to the "Backers Only" page on the Paxterra Website.

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    Receive all of the above plus a signed and bound color copy of the designer's notebook with extensive sketches showing the development of the Photon S3. International backers add $20 for this pledge.

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    Receive an official welded steel emblem to be used on the Photon S3. Handcrafted by the designer. May be used as pendant or keychain. International backers add $20 for this item. See it at

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    Order a vehicle. This would be a 25% payment on a Photon S3 BETA. This is transferable to anyone you chose should you decide not to own a Photon.

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