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A Football / Beat 'em up / RPG inspired by NFL Blitz, Tecmo Bowl and World of Warcraft. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 11, 2012.

A Football / Beat 'em up / RPG inspired by NFL Blitz, Tecmo Bowl and World of Warcraft.

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UPDATE 10: CREATE A PLAYER reward added

UPDATE 8: New Concept art by Imran Sheikh

UPDATE 5: This Week in Games podcast with Football Heroes' creators

UPDATE 4: Football Heroes in the news!!!

UPDATE 2: NEW REWARDS - Work with the team for a week!

UPDATE 1: Thank You and Game Development Video Update/Tutorial

Football Heroes is an independently-developed, hard-hitting, fast-paced arcade football game for mobile devices (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad & Android / Android Tablets), reminiscent of classic sports games like Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam.

In Football Heroes you are tasked with building the ultimate football team. Then you take them online to battle your friends and foes or play head-to-head over Wi-Fi. For single player, there’s “Division Play”, where you battle against cunning AI to conquer each division.

No matter how you play, your players will gain XP every time they do something awesome with our RPG leveling system. Run for five yards? Catch a pass? Knock a player out with an uppercut? Score the winning touchdown? Your players will gain XP and eventually level up. When your players level up, their base abilities increase and unlock powerful new moves like: Spinning Fists, Ground Pounds, Flaming Passes, Speed Boost, Lock-On Tackles, Oil Slicks and many, many more.

Football Heroes also features a robust fighting engine, with standard punch and kick attacks supplemented with powerful moves and special abilities that counter each other in interesting ways, adding tons of replayability and strategy.

One of the first things you will notice about Football Heroes is the 2-D broadcast camera view in the spirit of classic sports games.

In addition to simplifying gameplay, this perspective allows us to efficiently utilize the touchscreen of mobile devices. Selecting players and passing has never been this fast and easy.

Your opponents have more to worry about than your QB's incredible arm and your RB's ever-increasing touchdowns per game; they should fear your fists!

That's right, fighting is permitted and expected. That's why there is a dedicated punch button, so you can button mash your opponent to the ground.

There is also a robust combo system and unlockable moves that will keep you learning new skills to destroy and counter your enemies. Being a jerk never felt so good!

In Football Heroes, every time your players do something awesome, we shower you in adulation and XP!

As your players accrue enough XP, they will level up and increase their base abilities. This will allow you to run faster, jump higher, and punch for more damage. You will also unlock powerful new perks as your player progresses, allowing you to customize your players to fit your play-style.

Perks are power-ups for your player. As you level up, you will gain access to new, more powerful perks. Picking perks allows you to customize your players to your own personal play style.

Passive Perks permanently modify your player's abilities or adds a super cool new moves. Some examples of Passive Perks are:

  • Power Boost - Increases the damage your player inflicts when he punches
  • Sticky Hands - Increases receiver's ability to catch passes
  • Double Jump - Tapping “Jump” while in mid-air allows your player to defy physics and double jump
  • Shuffle Speed - Increases QB's movement speed behind the line of scrimmage

Active Perks are perks that can be used in the game like those in the skill tray in World of Warcraft.

  • Ground Pound - Knock down all opponents in a given radius
  • Stiff Arm - Knock down all opponents in a line while moving
  • Fire Bomb - Throw the ball faster and farther and increase the odds of a player being able to catch the pass. And oh yeah, the ball is on FIRE!!

Stay tuned for more information about the hundreds of perks we have planned.

We have given you all the tools you need to build the ultimate team to take on the world.

Name Your Team - You need a name that can strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Pick Your City - Represent!

Chose Team Colors - An advanced color picker ensures you can define the look of your team.

Upload Image for Logo - Use an image from your mobile phone for your logo to be displayed on banners and on your team’s helmets.

Go online and battle your friends and enemies to find out who is supreme ruler of the football universe.

You’ll earn experience points, level up your players, and increase your team’s power ranking, all while playing online. As you level up your players, your team’s Power Rating will increase. This rating is used during online matchmaking to ensure that you get the best possible online experience. All that’s left up for you is to lay the smackdown on some unsuspecting turkeys!

While creating Football Heroes, we wanted to recapture the glory of face-to-face gaming. So the game can be played in person, over Wi-Fi, with some beverages, exchanging “words”. Every yard gained and tackle earned will contribute to your virtual player's XP, even if your smack-talk game doesn't.

If you are rolling solo, don't worry, we have you covered! Football Heroes is full of divisions with unique teams that have different personalities and play styles to keep you on your toes. Can you beat all of the teams and win the coveted trophy in each division?

Football Heroes has been developed without any funding and needs your help. With your contribution to the Football Heroes' Kickstarter campaign, you will not only enable us to continue development and improve the quality of the game, but we will also be able to:

  • Hire additional Artists, Animators and Programmers
  • Implement your suggestions
  • Add powerful new moves
  • Record new music tracks
  • Add sound effects
  • Add tons of polish
  • Improve game balance through playtesting with contributors

Your support is essential to the success of Football Heroes and we really hope that you will join us.

With this kickstarter campaign, we are not only looking for contributions, but we are also looking to build a community. We hope you will join us and help make Football Heroes the best game it can possibly be.

We are looking for smart, enthusiastic people to join our forums, give us one-on-one feedback over video messaging, chat with us during live stream development sessions, and contribute in any way you see fit!

Some of the ways you can make a difference include contributing ideas for perks, balancing feedback, or writing up bug reports. None of this is required, but we want feedback from people who really care and have something to contribute.

The next best thing you can do besides pledging is to tell everyone you know about the Football Heroes Kickstarter and help us get the word out!

You can even get involved before the end of the Kickstarter. If interested, please contact us directly on our website:

I know what you are thinking, "Sure, if I contribute the game is going to be better, but I want to hear about the the sweet loot!"  We have some amazing rewards lined up for you. 

Collectors Game Cartridge - Be the envy of all your friends with this limited edition collector's cartridge. What will be inside? You may never know unless you pledge on this rare and incredible collectors item.

Heroes' Trophy - This will silence all doubters that you are the Ultimate Hero. Not only have you saved poor, starving game developers but you actually have a trophy to commemorate this incredible achievement.

Heroes Helmet - They say that this helmet should only be used for decorative purposes and people could be “seriously injured” by wearing this helmet during non-virtual football games. But I say go for it, you might not be able to remember your name, but damn will you look good.

Buttons - Having a Football Heroes button denotes to the world around you that you have your finger on the pulse of what is “happening.”

Posters - A Football Heroes poster can be used to ward away the evil spirits while you sleep.

T-Shirts - Scientifically proven to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. This should be worn at the wearer’s own risk.

Credits - Hey, what better way to be immortal then to live on in the Football Heroes credits? Here with your name etched in digital stone, for all to see, you immediately get +15 in your street cred stats.

AND MANY MORE... Check the Rewards to the right for more details.

Nathan Lazur - Technical Director
An 11-year games industry veteran mostly known for his fan project, Chrono Resurrection. He has worked for Pandemic Studios, DC Studios, and Killspace Entertainment over the years.

Michael A Marzola - Creative Director
Has worked for several major studios: EA Games, Pandemic Studios, Activision and Seismic Games. He has joined forces with Nathan to kick off a revolution in sports games. Michael is hardworking, passionate and incredibly silly.

Adam Stoddard - UI/UX Designer
A multi-disciplinary visual and interactive designer with work that has been featured in numerous design publications.

Xavier Dang - Composer
Known as the legendary videogame remixer 'mv', this versatile musician is also a popular videogame podcaster/commentator in France. 

Irfan Khan - Programmer
Classically trained hardware engineer and fan of all things Tom Waits, he travels around Los Angeles looking for the perfect coffee shop.

Imran Sheik - Concept Artist
An accomplished Illustrator and Art Director living in Los Angeles. He's worked for Pandemic Studios, EALA, Killspace Entertainment, and Zoic Entertainment.

Risks and challenges

Football Heroes will be finished and released regardless of the outcome of this Kickstarter campaign. The risks that Football Heroes' Kickstarter project faces are primarily issues of polish and game balance. Currently we are pouring all of our personal resources and time split between creating and marketing the game. With the funding from Kickstarter we can bring on additional team members to improve quality and game balance, but we will also be able to bring on people to manage press releases, marketing and corresponding with press. PR related tasks are incredibly time consuming and take away time to playtest and improve Football Heroes.

Nathan and Michael have over 10 years of experience shipping quality titles on short time frames at studios like: EA, Pandemic Studios and Activision, to name a few. Our track record shows that we have the ability to ship quality titles. Football Heroes is also nearing Alpha stage of development, meaning that almost all core features of the game are near complete and will need polish and iteration. This reduces the risks of this Kickstarter project tremendously.

Quick Bio on Michael and Nathan:

Michael Marzola spent several years at Activision in production and then went onto Pandemic Studios as a designer where he would ship "Star Wars: Battlefront II." He then joined "The Saboteur" team as Lead Level Designer and Lead Mechanics Designer. Michael next spent several years at EA as a Lead Level Designer working on an announced title.,78013/

Nathan Lazur spent his early career in Montreal, where he worked on engine technology and developed the indie project "Chrono Resurrection." He then moved onto Pandemic in Los Angeles as a graphics engineer on "The Saboteur," programming the signature visual effect of the game. He has since worked for several independent developers, all while building toward the establishment of Run Games.,67913/

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  • Yes we would love to do that, but unfortunately our tiny studio does not have the budget or the staff to port the game to all platforms. If we exceed our pledge we may be able to add more people making a PC / Mac port more likely, sooner.

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    "THANK YOU": We will keep you up to the minute on all developments as they happen. Plus a free unlock of our eternal gratitude.

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    "THE GAME": A copy of Football Heroes on release day, your name on the "Hall of Heroes" on our Website, as well as a lifetime supply of high fives!

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    "MULTI-PLAYER PACK": An additional copy of Football Heroes for you and a friend, so you will have someone to beat up on release day!

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    41 backers Limited (59 left of 100)

    "CREATE A PLAYER": Design your own player! Pick your player's name, skin tone and send us a short description of your player's personality. Your player will be included in every copy of the game for all the world to see! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "BETA TESTER": Includes immediate access to our community forums and beta access to the game when available. Plus all previous rewards.

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    "PRODUCER": Are you actually interested in game development? If so, this is for you! You'll have access to real-time streaming desktops of the entire team, as well as video chat access. You'll also receive a credit in the game! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "POSTER AND SOUNDTRACK": Show your good taste in gaming by pinning up a modest 18" by 24" autographed poster of Football Heroes on your wall. You'll also receive a DRM-free copy of the Football Heroes soundtrack, composed by famed videogame remixer, Xavier "mv" Dang! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "DESIGN YOUR TEAM": Design a team that will be seen by millions of people! You can customize team colors as well as player, team, and city names. We'll even design the team logo of your dreams! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "T-SHIRT AND BUTTON": Show the world that you are the ultimate Football Hero with this collectors "Football Heroes" t-shirt and 80's style button. You will be the envy of everyone, whether you like it or not! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "NES CARTRIDGE": A replica cartridge of Football Heroes, if it was released as an NES game. Be one of the only people in the entire world to have this one of kind rare collectors item. Plus all previous rewards.

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    "TROPHY OF GLORY": This trophy is *truly* the one to rule them all. It has secrets that are so unexpected and shocking, you'll be showing it off to your friends for years to come! Plus, each trophy has a one-of-a-kind engraving making it completely unique! Mark our words: Collectors item! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "FOOTBALL HEROES HELMET": Scare your co-workers/siblings/spouse with this authentic Run Games football helmet! Not only can you wear it, but it also doubles as a manly punch bowl! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "DESIGN A PERK": In coordination with the team, design your own powerful move and help implement it in the game! Interact directly with animators, programmers and designers. Best of all, you will receive a "Designer" credit in the game! Plus all previous rewards.

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    "GAME DEVELOPER FOR A WEEK": (Outside Continental U.S. add $1500) We will fly you out and put you up in a fabulous hotel in sunny Los Angeles, California so you can join the Run Games team for a week. You will work directly with the team and implement a feature in the game step by step from concept to final. You will also receive an "Executive Producer" credit. Plus all previous rewards.

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