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Outwit other clans in a realm recovering from a plague. This beautifully illustrated tile laying game offers plenty of different strategies to make Kanta yours!
Outwit other clans in a realm recovering from a plague. This beautifully illustrated tile laying game offers plenty of different strategies to make Kanta yours!
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Think inside/outside the box

Posted by Chinook Games (Creator)

Congratulations, we have a better box!

We've reached the premium box stretch goal - and we are very close to reaching the very next stretch goal, premium cards.

But lets talk boxes. Our box will be a sturdy 300 mm x 300 mm thing of strength and beauty that will fit perfectly on your shelf alongside your other favorite titles. Inside is a customized organizer insert to keep everything in its place.

What about the cover art?

That's where you come in!

Vote below for your choice of these three designs. We'll take your votes and ideas and use them in coming up with the final box layout!

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    1. Dave Nattriss

      3 please

    2. Gertjan Davies on

      2, I find the brownish type of color slightly warmer then the blueish option 3

    3. Blue Ring Games

      Version 3 ☺️

    4. Stephen Hay on

      #3 and yes, as Jens A Czaplo says, having the wording horizontal makes sense

    5. Jared Titus

      2 sides vertical and 2 sides horizontal would be perfect in my opinion.

    6. Missing avatar

      Micheal Fuller on

      I like moody box top 3.

      The scrolls of 1 are nice too but I like seeing the different factions represented.

    7. Chinook Games 2-time creator on

      You might see a 3D version of one of these boxes...don't panic, we haven't finalized anything! It's just for promotional purposes :-)

    8. Chinook Games 2-time creator on

      Backer Jens A Czaplo suggests two of the sides be horizontal, not vertical (so that there's always a side you can read whether the box is standing up or laying flat). Thoughts everyone?

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexandra zum Felde on

      3 - agree with whoever commented that the blue makes the characters stand out better.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dorien on

      2 or 3. Same comment as Jens A. Czaplo. I prefer to keep my games horizontal too.

    11. Jens A. Czaplo

      2, but one side not vertikal, so I can lay down the box

    12. Missing avatar


      In order of preference:
      3 (the best in my opinion), 2, 1 (the one I like the least).

    13. Missing avatar


      Version 3.

    14. Dillon on

      Number 2! Love them all though!

    15. Missing avatar

      Oldtimeplayerofgames on

      I find that the darker "blue" tones in #3 makes the characters stand out more.
      #3 is more dramatic and has my vote!

    16. Tyler Anderson on

      I feel the scrolls are a nice touch to the cover as it is the main mechanic of the game.

    17. Greg Sawchyn

      Just say, "No"... to the scrolls.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ken Layton on

      maybe use the scrolls from 1 on the box sides for 3

    19. Missing avatar

      George Hicks on

      Ooooh, Jared Titus, I like your suggestion for version #3, that would be nice!

    20. Jared Titus

      Version 3, though I would love to see a logo span most of the side of the box.

    21. Missing avatar

      Danny T

      version 2

    22. Missing avatar

      Louise Darwood

      Version 3

    23. Kim Vicos

      Version 2