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An anthology of original writing from the residents of a small Cheshire village

What Do We Want to Do?

Over the last ten years, around 460 adults and children have been involved in WGRA, reading and reviewing the novels, listening to debut novelists at our meetings, voting in the annual ballot and taking part in the other activities we put on. Between us we’ve read about 550 titles and written over 7000 reviews.

Our members are now confident reviewers, but they have much less confidence about their ability to write, even though some of them are secret scribblers. Through Waverton Writes, we want to give them a platform for their writing and by doing that, encourage others in the village to take up the pen. As well as adult contributions, we already have stories from the local secondary school and two primary schools. We’ve been spreading the word through local papers and by talking to local groups, such as WI and the local history group. We’ve even got prizes agreed with the best story/poem from an adult being rewarded with a writing course at the Gladstone Library, Hawarden and book prizes for younger writers, provided by Random House.

What we lack is the funds to layout the book when all the material is gathered together at the end of December 2012 and to print an initial run of 300 copies. The printing can be done for about £600 and getting the document print-ready is likely to cost £250. With overheads such as rewards and postage costing another £100, £950 should allow us to complete our project .

What Authors Think of Waverton Good Read Award

'Well, Testament didn’t make it to the short list of the Waverton Good Read Award but the whole experience was great fun – especially being invited up to Waverton to talk about the book. What the people of Waverton are doing with their Award is so different to any other literary prize in Britain that I feel it’s very much to be encouraged and supported.'Author of Testament – Alis Hawkins

'Most of the previous winners of the award have gone on to great success, so the readers of Waverton obviously have an eye for it, and I’m proud to have made it onto the long list.’ Author of Dry Season - Dan Smith

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Our main concern was that no one would want to contribute but the stories, poems and memories are coming in now and we're sure there'll be more before the closing date on 31st Dec 2012. We were also worried about judging our peers and choosing outstanding writing for prizes, so we've arranged for an outside creative writing group to judge the entries.


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