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Big 32mm Wargames Vehicles for those who like playing with BIG toys.
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Postage is underway!

Posted by Kore Aeronautics (Creator)

Good evening all! I've had a busy week - got a large box of resin from the caster a short while ago and have built a load of KS items and dispatched quite a few this week. 

Around 12 Pledges have gone out already - the UK ones should be receiving them in the next day or 2 if not already. So, there are a few parts to this update;

1. 12 Pledges out and on their way already with the remaining components for a further 10-12 are due this week from the Caster. I've got the majority of the components for these Pledges already but need a few parts to complete them - parts that are already cast and will be enroute to me shortly.

2. There was only 1 Epic Small Goliath Backer and that Pledge has gone with a few extras!

3. The Caster is working on the 15mm Casting right now - those will all go out in a batch. Should any of you want any extra 15mm Vehicles we will be having them all cast up so please let me know asap. 

4. The rest of the parts are being cast as we speak and I'll be putting out regular batches for the rest of December - this is a little later than planned but its looking very much like I will be 100% fulfilled by the beginning of January. 

5. I have a bunch of overseas Pledges ready to go as well - but before I do so, if you are in the US / Global and would like tracking information can you please send me a message with a preferred email address that I can add to your Courier booking? I'll keep this option open for the next 2 weeks and anyone that hasn't confirmed their email address by that point I'll send with no tracking.


- There are a fair few backers whom haven't yet paid for their addons, as I've already paid the caster for those parts and they are in with the larger order, if you are one of the backers whom hasn't yet paid for your Addons could you please do so as soon as possible? I have messaged all of you so please check your KS Messages. As I only have an overall list of what you want, its impossible to know which parts are addon and which are prime pledge so I will not be able to fulfill any pledges that haven't paid up (because I won't know what you have paid for or not). 

STL Files

- We are queued up for December to have the files tidied a little to make them friendlier for some Printers. I'm also sending out the Sci Fi cars STL files to anyone whom would like a set and have Full Licences available for reprints! Message me for details please. 

A BIG Little Goliath
A BIG Little Goliath

 Once again, thank you to all of you for your support - its looking like the KS will be 100% delivered by very early in the New Year!

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