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Big 32mm Wargames Vehicles for those who like playing with BIG toys.
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STL's and Casting update

Posted by Kore Aeronautics (Creator)

Good evening all, so - the sad news first.. i've pulled the plug on the STL Kickstarter as it wasn't going to fund. However - as we have all the files so far ready, i'm going to offer them out to any of you whom want them as an addon to your existing Pledge for only £20 for all 13 Vehicles, that is the following cars;

Cool cars!
Cool cars!

 We added the Delivery Van, Lady P and '88 Flyer to the above files;

 Thats 13 very cool designs ideal for use in 6mm - 32mm or bigger for the bargain basement price of £20! If you'd like this addon please let me know as we will be fulfilling them in the next few days!

We will still revisit these designs "in the resin" as it were early in the New Year! I'll have some of them painted and ready for the table by then as well so this next KS will have a good bit more polish on it. 

Speaking of good news.. our Caster has been a busy fella, he has been casting 32mm Goliaths' like crazy, so the updates on the casting are as follows;

Epically Scaled Goliaths & addons - 100 complete, done.

32mm Goliaths - over 40 "naked" ready to go

Moulds in place for the RP01 & HAWG so the first pulls of those should start coming out shortly.

Many of the components have moulds and are being production cast as well, such as - Minigun turrets, Flatbed, Low loader, Personnel Compartment, plough. 

The Type 404 will be heading into moulds shortly, so we are well on track to have everything ready in the next 2-3 weeks and I aim to start shipping before the end of November and have everything 100% complete well before Xmas so that none of you miss on having your toys over the Holiday Season. 

In addition, I'll be sending the caster the Container tanks in all scales, although they didn't get funded if you'd like 1 of them for +£17.50 on your Pledge ping me a quick message and I'll add them to your Pledge for you.

Container tank
Container tank

 And.. whilst we are getting a few more tidy ups from the 3d Sculptor, he is taking the opportunity of remastering the landing gear on the LARC!  

Nightingale Medi LARC
Nightingale Medi LARC

 This gorgeous model will have new reinforced struts to better withstand the weight of the model and we will have it remastered in 32mm / 15mm / Epically scaled and into production by early in the New Year - if you would like 1 of these amazing little Flyers in any scale, again - let me know as KS backers will get them at KS price and on the first production run. 

So.. whilst on the subject of Sci Fi Flyers.. as soon as we complete the Sci Fi Cars Kickstarter next year we will be working ahead of ourselves on the next wave of Kore World stuff - Aircraft, we are currently in discussion with our Sculptor about ideas and planning so you can expect 3-4 very cool sci fi aircraft. The LARC was always our workhorse, the ubiquitous Huey of the Future, but the next wave are getting a little more high tech..

And, as we've perhaps mentioned before - we are creating all of this cool stuff for a very specific purpose.. a purpose that we hope to reveal a little nearer to Xmas and the New Year. We don't think you will be disappointed..


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    1. Missing avatar

      DM576 Studios

      I'm interested in a couple of the stl still.

    2. Two ball cane on

      Sorry you didn’t fund. I’ve backed two of your other ones...waiting for my second to ship. Only reason I didn’t back this one, even though I love these I don’t have a 3d printer....I’ll back your next one with resin versions.