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Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
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New Stretch Goals Added

Posted by Apocoplay LLC (Creator)

Greetings, Kickstarter backers!

Things have been moving along here at the Alteil Horizon's Kickstarter, with the excellent addition of a PayPal page, more bugfixes to the tutorial/demo, and going through the suggestions and feedback from those of you who have been playing around with it. Good stuff, keep it coming!

Now, we're just about at the halfway point to the first stretch goal (um, counting the funding goal as the starting point) and that's a pretty good start, but I want to get things really rolling and steamroll those stretch goals! To keep the momentum up and offer even more awesome stuff to our backers, we're going to add a stretch goal at $47,500 and another at $60,000!

We're adding not one, but two new pieces of art for the $47,500 goal.  The very talented Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja fame will be doing his take on Dual-Axe Wielder possibly as a giant lumberjack fighting a dinosaur and/or ninja of some kind? And the second piece will be by Pete Abrams of the venerable Sluggy Freelance. He will be re-imagining Phoenix Chick in the vein of his character Oasis! All backers at $20 or higher will get a copy of each, upgraded to a playset (3 copies) of each at any $95 reward level or higher. So higher levels don't feel left out, we're also adding 1000 Gran onto all levels at $250 or higher.

The $60,000 goal is even bigger! Those of you who were around during the first Kickstarter may have remembered that Yuji Kaida (Transformers, Gundam, Macross) asked for some ideas for his next Alteil card. All the backers traded ideas in the Comments area, and I sent him about ten possibilities. He picked "fantasy mecha dragon", and that's going to be an all-new card for our backers, not just new art. Um, actually... there's just too much great stuff being added for the 60K goal, I don't have the space to discuss it all so here's a brief rundown:

New Card! Yuji Kaida's "Fantasy-style mech dragon"- All backers get one copy at the $20 level and another two copies at any $95 level or higher. All $250 and higher levels get another +1000 Gran. Lone Hero (and higher) gets playsets (3 copies) of any 3 non-exlusive EX cards in the game of your choice (including Specials like Catira). Emperor level and higher gets +10K Gran. Epic Hero and higher gets two more 5-Star and two more 4-Star Triple Changers and +20K Gran.

Whew! That's a serious upgrade... Now, there's plenty to look forward to. I'll know I'll be on the edge of my seat as we move forward! Until next update, everyone keep doing all the awesome things that you do!


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    1. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Amen to that.

    2. Worthing on

      Dual axe wielder is one of my favorite cards. Lumberjack, dinosaur crime fighting dual axe wielder will be my favorite card.