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Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
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Horizons Core


Hey everyone,

A quick reminder about the PayPal button, it will be going up tomorrow afternoon.  Also, I wanted to give a special thanks to all our backers. I keep hearing about how you guys have been spreading the word, giving out keys, and so much more!  

Now, I'm going to turn this update over to one of our balance / design team, Worthing. He's going to give a run down of the cards that will be key in the upcoming Horizons Core Set (the Tournament legal cards). Alteil 1 players can see what cards they recognize  while new players can read up on the important cards. Note, if you're reading this in an email and don't see the card links, you might want to head over to the Kickstarter page and read this update there. 


Hello everyone, Worthing here to give all of you a big update on the horizon basic (core) set. Each sphere will probably have 80 cards from Alteil 1 sets and most of the multisphere cards will also be included. There will be two different formats to the game when horizons is released. Think of it like Magic The Gathering and how they have Legacy (which lets you use all the cards in the game) and Type 2 (which is a certain number of cards from recent sets). If you think about it the horizon basic set is like the core set and the new packs with brand new cards will be included. We would like to have the match making system pair Horizon files with other Horizon files and "legacy files" against other legacy files.

So lets talk about the great things with limiting the card pool. Fewer cards means it will be easier to collect. All these cards will be in one set in the shop making it easy to pinpoint decks that are not premade. Treasure battles will also include from horizon only cards as well as the daily lotto. The game will be a lot easier to keep balanced. In general it will be a lot easier for new players to get into alteil and get what cards they want.  

Refess (yellow)

 Now with all that said lets take a look at what Refess will look like in the horizon format. Files such as Eternal morning and a wide variety of solar kingdom cards with a few buffing units such as Holy knight / Lapierre, Holy Commander / Lapierre, and Folrart knight captain. A large number of core cards for eternal morning will also be included such as Solar Prince Verlaat, Sun and Birth / Weissvogel, and Blessed Knight / Orfen. A handful of morning lycanthropes will compliment these cards as well. Mid Refess files also have most of their options available as well with many commonly played level 4 and 5 units such as King of Mandkind / Verlaat, Moonchild / Miffyre, 5th shrine leader / Judie, Folrart guadian, Veteran Folrart Paladin and many more. Their are a ton of grimories and other units that go great with mid refess as well that will be in the set. Big refess will also be a part of horizons with its core card star dragon.

Lawtia (violet)

 Lawtia was one of the more exciting spheres to work with since getting 80 cards in the sphere seemed difficult to do. But I think we have included something everyone will like for Lawtia. The fan favorite, Magic dolls, will be making a strong showing in Horizons with some character dolls, non character dolls, and a few support cards to go along with them such as Doll Master / Sumer and Parts recycle. Assassins will also be available in horizons with many options and great cards. Assassins are great at being tricky and manipulating your opponents sp and disturbing their field with a number of skills. A very interesting faction that has a ton of versatility and requires a lot of thinking to have your pint size units take out your opponent's tanks. EX and normal Dance Macabre / Lelein, Black Assassin / Mulna, Night assassin / Marchare, and many other common staples will be included for the assassin faction. Ruler of Crest / Eskatia and her lycanthropes will also be available to battle with in the Horizon set. Cards such as Cemetery Rats and Succubus will also be included to make your low level units an unstoppable force with their brute strength and undead durability at night time. Quite a number of core grimoires like Bitter Destiny and Death embrace will be in Horizons. Great units that work well in many files include Hell Smoke, Shade, and Chaos Lady / Annarose.

Gowen (red)

 Many different mercenary nation cards will be included in horizons allowing you to play the theme in many different ways from a tactical field that makes everyone stronger or just great stand alone units that get little bonuses from each-other. A few of the cards included are Mercenary Princess / Yuni , Price of Knowledge / Liz, Heierrat Revolver Bladesman, and Heierrat Field Commander. Orks will be making an appearance to help demolish your opponent's defensive units. Their brute strength is a great for anyone new to the game. They are simple and satisfying to play. Core orks such as Ork King / Grebados, EX: Giant Ork, and Ork Commander will be in horizons to help you run over units one by one while constantly making your orks bigger. Beltorat kingdom and Dragon kins go great together so we included both of them in Horizons. Big and exciting open skill Dragon kin units like Flame Emperor / Allind and Three Headed Dragon will bombard your opponents field with flames of fire. The Beltorat kingdom includes strong units that constantly make each-other stronger such as Dragoneye / Ainhazard, King's Right Hand / Baldern, and Elite Beltorat Knight. These files will be complimented with a number of great units and grimoires that can be splashed in, we chose some popular and effective units that can also be used in other spheres for their effective uses and counters. Salamander, dragon breath, and EX: Mercenary Girl are among those cards.

 Falkow (blue)

 Falkow is about control, and that's the kind of thing that adds a lot to a game when done well, and is frustrating when done badly. I think our list will please those who are worried about control elements taking over, while still giving it strong gameplay to those that enjoy playing it. What would Falkow be without the Wizard Kingdom? We have put a number of Wizard Kingdom units in horizons to give one of the most popular files a ton of ways to be played. Some of the high end cards in Wizard Kingdom that will be in horizons are Wizard Princess / Ariete, EX: Wizard Soldier of Regus, and Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere. Quite a few common units will also be included that will make this Kingdom fun to play. Mermaids will also be appear on the horizon with their great field control and manipulation. Mermaid Princess / Emana and other popular mermaids that include Mermaid Spear Fighter and Mermaid Shield Soldier will be on the list. Some other helpful cards worth noting are Cursed Siren / Metia and Mermaid Transformation. Mid units and big units will also be in horizons to keep your opponent's field under control. Cards like Deep Squid, Lightning Wyvern, and Goddess of Darkness / Noze will help you achieve victory. Grimoires are also great for mid and big falkow files which is why we put in ones like Black Storm, Wrath of the Sea Lord, and Cyclone. Other popular falkow cards on the horizon list are Undine, Sylph, Return, and Flying Sorcerer of Regus

 For my closing statements I would like to thank anyone who has been with Alteil for awhile and would like to welcome anyone that is new here. When Horizons is released the game of Alteil will be very satisfying and much better than it ever was. Thanks for reading. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jordan Chan on November 14, 2013

      @number, Take a look at this link from the forums if you want to see some of the many different files you can find in alteil. You definitely need a grasp on the mechanics of the game in order to use these files to their full potential, but it's a good example of all the different combinations and possibilities you can use in each sphere. (some of them are outdated though)…

    2. number473 on November 12, 2013

      Hmm, yeah I know there is info on Alteil 1 that I could go check out but I think I am rather going to wait for the new one to be playable and then spend a bunch of time just familiarizing myself with things. I did play a bit a few years ago but forgotten a lot of it, and I never really got into much depth. Anyway, I prefer to get comfortable with a game before I go into hyper-research mode.

      What I mean it just that it might be nice to have a bit more of bite-sized spotlights on a few of the more popular decks (one at a time) for the newer players that would benefit from seeing exactly how things go. Might be nice to have some of the lore along with it too.

    3. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on November 12, 2013

      @number - A good place to start is to take a look at the links above to the cards in your favorite color and read up on their skills. Ask any questions you want about how they work in practice here or in the Alteil 1 forums and that should give you a solid start.

    4. number473 on November 12, 2013

      Ah~ as someone that didn't really play the game all that much before, this was a bit overwhelming...

    5. Kudaotai on November 12, 2013

      Well making the core list is surely a daunting task. How long would u estimate for the list to finalized? Since beta is in in Jan, is it possible to have it in December?