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Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Artists from Zelda & Final Fantasy
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    1. Pharticus on

      In the end they just ran with our money.. really trash game developers on this and one of the worst examples ever of a kickstarter. If they had any decency they would give back this money.

    2. Franz Ivan Rojas on

      Is the steam download button not up yet or is their something wrong again? because it is already Oct.27th >.<

    3. Missing avatar

      Cheong Ze Wei on

      Congrats, you finally did it. You all did it....

    4. Pharticus on

      What is going on with this game? It is such a simple card game and still not even out on steam? you guys have not delivered at all man... I hope to be surprised with the steam client, it better be realllly good after this long time of getting it out and released.

      By now Ive seen so many other card games happen and with less backing even, Dec. 2013 is when I backed this, please don't give me some cheap flash version in 2016.

    5. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Gozuja - Great question. If you are just looking for an update, the client itself is functional but we are still giving it a bunch of polish and elbow grease.

      If you want the gritty details, submit a trouble ticket and mention this reply. I can set some time aside next week to give you access to the in-progress client, show you what's done, what's left, answer your questions, and take in any feedback/suggestions you may have.

      Just keep in mind it's going through multiple updates a day so. For example, two days ago the arena ran at around 20fps on a slow machine. Thanks to yesterday's updates the arena now runs at 60fps on the same box. What you see one day won't the same as what you'd see the next week.


    6. Gozuja on

      Any updates on this?

    7. Brandon Myers

      @apocoplay - How is the steam release looking? Almost ready? thanks!

    8. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Christopher! On a similar note, if you need help or have questions, is the best place to go. Requests to are monitored by multiple people!

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dikeman on

      For those backers who aren't interested in the Beta and don't go to the dashboard, know that news and updates have been being posted there, not on the kickstarter updates section. So, while it may look like there's been no progress in 4 months, there have actually been multiple updates and progress is being made (albeit slowly).

      Just throwing it out there as a sort of public service announcement.

    10. john rope on

      Both classic and open beta are down?

    11. Wei Tzu Chiang on

      Finally now I can enjoy the battle, but I can't use the deck what I build to play, the only one I can choose is the novice deck, even I already have several deck...

    12. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      @Peter, you should have gotten the free cards anyway.

      If you're a kickstarter backer you'll be able to redeem the all four starters item to get the others

      Thanks to the efforts of everyone who showed up, we found a bug that was messing with our auto-reconnect code (that takes into account internet hiccups) during multiplayer. It will be fixed by the end of the week.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Ho on

      I was there but I didn't get my free cards because of the bugged deck file maker.
      It didn't give me any starter decks. someone finally told me to click on home.
      Once I got a Holy light starter deck, I lost several times. I tried to changed it several times.
      In the end I don't like playing this holy light faction so I deleted the files.
      How do you get other faction starter decks? I am using the Chrome but some game the AI get stuck. I click on reload. Anyway, I submitted the bugs.

    14. Missing avatar

      Cuxman on

      Nice that you start events but could you consider that its a real downer that you give out free cards only at the time between 3 and 6 in the morning for us European guys?

    15. Missing avatar

      WBC on

      Look at the differences between the level, number of wins and losses, and first deck.

      July 8th

      September 5th (today)

      I also submitted a ticket. What's interesting is that last time I played (around Aug 20 2014), everything was correct and up to date. I hope this gets addressed soon :(

    16. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Special thanks to everyone who dropped by last night! We had over 400 players show up to play around with and chat!


    17. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      We implemented a lot of requests today, but there's one that's worth noting.

      As of an hour ago, all you need to do to fight an NPC is click the single player button on the top right.

    18. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Welcome to the open beta!

      Have a suggestion? Speak up! Now's the time to make your voice heard to make sure the game is molded into something truly awesome.

      See a bug? Tell us! We can't fix it if we don't know something's wrong!

      Send feedback and bugs to this URL:

      If you find a bug in the battle, please include the battle URL in your report so we can look at the actual battle logs of the instance that went wrong.


    19. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      @Shadow Lynx: Is now soon enough?:) is up. Expect an announcement very soon - for now we are just in the tail end of a couple day smoke check to make sure everything is presentable before making a big announcement.

    20. DJ "Shadow Lynx" Smith

      Any news on the Beta release date?

    21. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Looks like some of my response got garbled some how:

      "Fortunately, a the instability that goes along with the need for constant maintenance with the old game has gone away with the more durable architecture of new game." should read "Fortunately, a lot of the instability that results from the need for constant maintenance with the old game has gone away with the more durable architecture of new game."

    22. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Jeff here

      @Dark Cloud Overhead: Glad to hear it worked out, but sorry I didn't reply sooner. If you have any issues in the future, check out not only will it get into the right set of eyes quicker, in certain circumstances you'll get rewards for pointing things like this out. Fortunately, a the instability that goes along with the need for constant maintenance with the old game has gone away with the more durable architecture of new game.

      As for showing your friends around Alteil, check your private messages. It's the URL to the QA version of the game. We are prepping to push this out to live in a few days, but there's no reason you'll have to wait for that. The halo effect is pretty strong, I'm afraid - so I'm betting the reactions to the internal QA version will probably be much more positive. I've seen people sneer at the old game and get hooked on the new (using the classic gameplay mode).

    23. Missing avatar

      Dark Cloud Overhead on

      All right. It's all working again. Alteil Classic I mean anyway. My friend was impressed with the demo video for Horizons and sounds like he's still interested in playing, so hopefully I can get him to make an account and try it out now.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dark Cloud Overhead on

      Great. Now the game finally loads fine, but the shop doesn't. Seriously?

    25. Missing avatar

      Dark Cloud Overhead on

      Alteil 1 hasn't been working for me -- not since Saturday afternoon. Tried to show a friend the game and couldn't. Site works fine up until I try and start a battle, then it just keeps saying "loading" and nothing happens even after waiting several minutes. Couldn't get the Horizons tutorial to work either, and I tried it with Chrome. Sigh.

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dikeman on

      @Apocoplay - I sent the email. And thank you for the note on the Doll deck and Bonus Pack.

    27. Wei Tzu Chiang on

      It's alpha area. I noticed it may be an error occurs on the CSS or JavaScript:

      Blink is considering rejecting non spec-compliant cross-origin web font requests: Please use Access-Control-Allow-Origin to make these requests spec-compliant.

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Files' of null.

      Alteil 1 is functioning.

    28. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Christopher -- email me at The codes for the mermaid pack have arleady gone out so if you do not have one I will get you yours immediately. The Doll deck and Bonus pack will join the kickstarter redeem page soon.

      @Wei Tzu -- which page exactly are you trying to load? Is it Alteil 1 or the alpha arena link below?

    29. Wei Tzu Chiang on

      Why my webpage always loading and can't access to build deck or play? I already try IE and google Chrome but they didn't work :'(

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dikeman on

      @Elias - They had some special or another recently where you could buy a limited time only Mermaid deck for Horizons.

      Speaking of, I have not gotten my Mermaids, nor have I gotten my Black Friday Bonus Pack and the Doll's deck, all of which I've already paid for. They're also not listed on my claimable rewards in the dashboard. Are we supposed to have those by now, or are they still works in progress?

    31. Elias Glor on

      What's this about (missing) mermaids for the reward?

    32. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      For those of you who can't check out our Alpha material, here is the first official video of an entire Alteil battle, start to finish, in the Horizons engine!

    33. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Hey all, for those of you who haven't had a chance to go to
      lately, we've done a bunch of things. -- our big focus has been finishing the single player quest engine, which is almost done (since we need it for stuff like tutorials), but there is still plenty to be seen in the normal arena. Click on someone's name in the chat to generate a battle link. You'll see that pretty much all the bugs in the battle have been fixed and a bunch of UI additions and features have been added.
      If anyone not in the battle goes to the battle link, it will act as a battle replay automatically and let you spectate. Neat! And very close to being beta material.


    34. Richard Ford on

      Sorry to bother, but I sent a message through KS that I've been hoping to get a reply to for a few days now. It was as a reply to the initial alpha message that was sent out though, so maybe that has made it harder to be notified about?

    35. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      If you are getting impatient and don't mind a few bugs, here is a sneak peak (UNSTABLE ALPHA) of the the arena and battle Click on a name in a chatbox to challenge someone to a duel. If you notice it's a lot faster than the tutorial - that's because a lot of the architecture was re-written and improved.

      This is the internal QA branch of the Arena, so there are many bugs found and fixed each day (hence the "unstable" part).

      We don't plan on widely advertising link until we feel it's polished enough to be called a Beta instead of an Alpha. If things go well and people understand that this link is an alpha, we may "leak" more sections before the widely announced beta as well. If not - most sections are almost in Beta as they are, so either way you'll be getting a lot of goodies.


    36. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      I don't find what you wrote rude at all. In fact, it's that type of from the heart comment that lets us get a pule on what the community cares about.

      To answer your question: Things are going well. We are polishing up features and most sections are close to moving from Alpha to Beta.

      Right now everything is on target for the current launch date. I'll ask Sean to post an update to give more details into what is done and what is left in a week or so. There are a few surprises in the pipeline, but as of this post, they are all good surprises.

    37. Pharticus on

      Nobody even plays the old game, I login and its under 10 people every time. I can't get a game most times I try, I think you guys should shut that down and focus on the new game.

      Plus, Its not even fun to play that old browser version for me, more frustrating than anything to navigate the outdated UI and board and everything...

      I play many TCG online and really loved this one back in the day, hence I backed the new version. So yea, playing old alteil now is not fun after having played so many modern ones.

      We are pretty much the "shareholders" for horizons, so it might sound rude what I am saying, but I want this game to move forward and get a bunch of new players and be a great success. If they see that old game, its a horrible first impression of this game and I feel it will turn them away from ever coming back.

      I saw some news about the old game coming an end, just saying, the sooner the better.

    38. Pharticus on

      I haven't received an update by e-mail for this project since April... I'm disappointed in the lack of updates and progress(don't know if any happened without updates).

      I am happy about steam, but where can I get more updates about this game? After the kickstarter ended the updates are way too few and far between.

    39. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      No worries, just email and we'll get you a replacement alpha key and re-send your code right away!


    40. Henrik Mikkelsen on

      Hi all .. and yes I'm blushing and looking very guilty :) I have been out of the loop for a long while and just now starting to catch up on the great stuff.... but but but I cannot locate any of my backer codes :(
      I can login to the dasboard and that is about it. When I try to launch NPC game I get a new login prompt and when I tried the Help link I got a message it was not used anymore.
      So that resulted in this post!!!! best regards, *a very shameful backer*

    41. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Getting closer every day. Multiplayer beta will let you fight anyone who's online, and unlike the NPC you'll get to use your own decks (if you're an Alteil 1 player -- any Alteil 1 deck you like)

    42. Joshua Johnson

      gratz on getting greenlit. Will we be getting a monthly update soon? wondering how close we are to beta

    43. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Currently we are focusing putting Multiplayer arena and the Horizons deckbuilder in beta, which should be ready within a few weeks!

    44. Royce Mok on

      Can we get an update on whats happening/ going to happen?

    45. john rope on

      When are the old forums due for demolition ?

      More to the point when are we getting a new one?

      Don't worry I promise not to post on the new

    46. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      @David: I checked our logs and found the message with your dashboard key. Check your Kickstarter messages - I just resent it over KS so we don't have to worry about it hitting your spam box.


    47. Missing avatar

      David Bayless on

      I cannot find my information regarding this game in my email. I forgot about the game entirely and now I would like to try it. I remember having access to the alpha after funding. Does anyone know how to find my information.

    48. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      What happened at PAX EAST?
      Things! And also stuff! Can you believe it?

      What you CAN do is read all about presenting Alteil Horizons at one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US in my write up here:

    49. Apocoplay LLC 2-time creator on

      Great news everyone!

      Not only are we going to PAX East -- we're going as part of the INDIE MEGABOOTH!
      This is a huge honor. Heck just saying we were part of the Megabooth is instant cred for when we're trying to leverage our way onto Steam and other platforms. I'm going to do an update that will send a mail out to everyone later in the week, but I just had to tell you guys now. Here are the links:

      Twitter for RT:

      Game listing:



    50. DJ "Shadow Lynx" Smith

      Good deal, looking forward to PAX, and cant wait for the announcement

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