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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 6 2013
pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 6 2013

Alteil Horizons Kickstarter Re-Launch October 30th

Posted by Apocoplay LLC (Creator)

The Alteil Horizons Kickstarter will re-launch on October 30th at 10 AM EST – back, as they say, and better than ever.

It is a privilege to be addressing you all once again, and I can’t wait to fill you in on everything that’s happened in these past few weeks. Thanks to the press and materials we generated from the first Kickstarter campaign, we got the attention of a number of publishers and other game companies. In fact we’re in the final stages of a deal to simultaneously develop an alternate version of Alteil using our new battle engine for another country. I can’t say which country at the moment, but you all can make an educated guess.

The important part is that this will pay for a chunk of our development, allowing us to lower our goal for the Kickstarter to $40,000. That means this campaign can focus on stretch goals, which are more fun anyway -- and we are going to be changing them up a bit based on your feedback.

In fact, we’ll be making a number of improvements based on your feedback. Our rewards are getting a boost with even more awesome stuff, and we’ll take special care to make sure that the Early Birds from the first Kickstarter will have an easy time reclaiming their spots. Of course, there will be more Early Bird spots available for those who didn’t get the chance to grab one last time. The Premium Account benefits are going to be getting a revamp as well. The Premium Accounts ended up attracting some attention during the first Kickstarter, and we got all kinds of great ideas for improving them.

We’ll also be giving all of our backers access to a playable demo on Kickstarter re-launch. It’s going to be an in-engine tutorial of sorts, where you’ll fight through three mini-battles while learning the basics. 

The Horizons Kickstarter and reward levels will be undergoing fine-tuning right up until re-launch, so keep your comments and suggestions coming!

The goal has always been to get as many people on board with Alteil Horizons as possible – not only to get a lot of backers, but also to ensure a future launch with a lot of fans -- and the best way to do that is get visibility on Kickstarter itself. The faster we’re able to recoup our backers and pledges from the first Kickstarter, the more visibility we will get on the “popular,” and then “recently funded” sections.

During our first Kickstarter, those who backed early were providing momentum worth many times their contribution – we got almost a third of our backers from just three days on the high end of the “popular” list. This time, because of the lower goal, that effect will be magnified (a lot of kickstarter metrics are based on the % of your goal earned). If it’s at all possible to renew your contribution in the first few days it would be a huge help, and could really make it possible for us to blow the doors off this thing.

Thanks to your support and excellent suggestions so far, we’ve got a chance to make big improvements, not only to the Kickstarter itself, but also how we present the game to new users, our partners and the press. In the past six weeks, we’ve learned more than in the entire previous year -- all thanks to you. Now, school is out and it’s time to get serious. Join us on the new Kickstarter page (will be found at on October 30th at 10 AM EST, and let’s take the next step into the future of Alteil Horizons together! 



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    1. Zak Morris on

      This is fantastic news - I've only recently become introduced to TCGs (always thought they seemed a tad over complicated), but of everything brewing right now Alteil is by far the one that's impressed me the most. I'll gladly be contributing again.

      I mentioned it in the primary comments section as well - but I would really like to see a slight change in the pledge packages where you utilize the 'You get everything in the [insert prior pledge tier], plus ~ ". It's hard to tell what the differences are beyond $35 - and for those of us that are completely new to the game (or genre), we have no idea what the additional cards/bonuses really are.

      Glad you guys stuck it out and re-calibrated your approach. /bravo

    2. Blackkat on

      I'll back again =^.^=

      - Kat

    3. Nayamu on

      Only 40k this time, should be cake, glad to see this return so quickly.

    4. Scrumpty Hozen on

      Very excited to see the return! More information as we get closer to re-launch date for those of us that backed the first time would be appreciated!

    5. Joshua Johnson

      glad to see the progress you've made. be sure to try and get some press to coincide with the launch of your second kickstarter. I recommend rock paper shotgun, they are a well known PC gaming site and do plenty of articles on kickstarter, you can request an article here:

      you already have an in game engine and footage so it should be easy to get them do an article.

      btw, we are still good to go to have our accounts from the original alteil ported over to the new game right?