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Help Tiffany Mills Company perform at BAM's video poster

Help the Tiffany Mills Company perform in the inaugural year at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher! Read more

Brooklyn, NY Dance
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This project was successfully funded on March 2, 2013.

Help the Tiffany Mills Company perform in the inaugural year at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Fisher!

Brooklyn, NY Dance
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What do Mark Twain, Isadora Duncan, Paul Robeson, Phillip Glass, Pina Bausch, Kronos Quartet and Jimmy Kimmel have in common? 

They all graced the stages of the inimitable institution that is BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). And now with excitement and honor, we announce that the Tiffany Mills Company will perform in the inaugural year at BAM Fisher! 

The BAM Fisher is the newest addition to the phenomenal BAM campus and we are thrilled to hold our 2013 Spring Season at BAM Fisher on May 30 – June 2, 2013. This incredible opportunity culminates the Company’s participation in the inaugural BAM/DeVos Institute Professional Development Program, which has inspired us to dig deeper and expand further in all artistic and administrative realms. 

For this Season, we are creating a brand new work with original music by Jonathan Pratt. We will also launch the World Premiere of our pivotal work “Berries and Bulls”, which we’ve invigorated with new set design by Ian Trask and an extended cast of ten new dancers. (We can’t wait to fill the stage with so much energy!) 

This breakthrough Season marks a turning point for the Tiffany Mills Company, a bold step toward sharing our passion, expression, and human connection with NYC and the world. And now we are asking you to take that step with us

On the heels of our incredibly successful 2011 Kickstarter Campaign (which launched us to Russia), we invite you to come a little closer, get to know us better, and be a part of our latest adventure. Please support the efforts of our committed Company (Jeffrey Duval, Kevin Ho, Emily Pope-Blackman, Petra van Noort), collaborators (choreographer Tiffany Mills, dramaturge Peter Petralia, editing advisor Kay Cummings, composer Jonathan Pratt, visual artist Ian Trask, lighting designer Chris Hudacs), and extended cast of ten dancers, through our newest Kickstarter Campaign, which helps launch the Company to BAM by "adopting a dancer".

Get in our shoes 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a dancer in NYC? Ever wanted to know how it feels to physically and emotionally exert yourself on stage? Now is your chance. Our newest campaign gives you the opportunity to launch the Company to BAM. By supporting each artist’s journey to our Spring Season, you will gain insight into the Company's process, challenges, and triumphs through the entire art-making voyage as they prepare to perform at BAM Fisher. 

Our goal is $8,000. Select a dancer, donate any of the below gifts in their name and see how your support will help. Or, if you are interested in simply supporting the Company-at-large -- including our wonderful ensemble of ten additional new dancers -- that too is welcomed. (All donations move the Company closer to BAM.)

One week’s transportation for a dancer to and from rehearsal ($10), one dancer’s knee pads ($25), one day’s rehearsal space ($50), one dancer’s week’s rehearsal salary ($75), one dancer’s prop ($100), one dancer’s costume materials ($250), one dancer’s designed costume ($500), one dancer’s spring rehearsal fee ($1,000). Or donate to the Company to fund one dancer’s entire artistic journey – rehearsals and performances – from now until BAM ($2,000). In this last giving option, earn the rare opportunity to visit a private rehearsal followed by a lunch date with your very own Tiffany Mills Company dancer! (See “Pledge Levels” for further details.) Every dollar counts. And every dollar will be graciously applied directly towards helping bring our Company from rehearsals to performances in our Spring Season. (Our largest and most expensive Season to date!) 

Meet the Dancers 

Each member of our dynamic Company has unique motivations and methods for reaching out to audiences and bringing them inside. Our Kickstarter Campaign invites you to get closer, be deeply inspired, and connect with these talented artists who make up our versatile Company. So read their words and what they have to say about BAM and the Tiffany Mills Company (TMC), hear their voices and watch them move. (Check out our Kickstarter video). 

Then ask yourself: Which dancer(s) speaks to you? Which one(s) will you choose to support? Or, do you want to support the Company-at-large? (Please Note: All funds go directly to the Company to defray costs as they prepare for BAM.) Below are the dancers in the order they appear on the video after Tiffany’s interview. And if you still want more information on the dancers and Company, go to the Company website: 

Petra van Noort 

  • Born and raised: Waalwijk, Netherlands 
  • Began dancing: Age 8 
  • Began dancing for TMC: 2004 
  • Life interests: Energy medicine, travel, yoga, sauna visits, and nature walks
  • BAM: “I am excited to complete our expanded final version of “Berries and Bulls” and move on to a new work (with a brand new voice, work approach, and quality), as we keep BAM Fisher in mind.” 
  • TMC: “I love the true collaboration, supportive environment, and always transforming mode of working.” 

Jeffrey Duval 

  • Born and raised: Fargo, North Dakota 
  • Began dancing: Age 15 
  • Began dancing for TMC: 2003 
  • Life interests: Yoga, travel, plants, nature, animals, quantum theory, and cultures 
  • BAM: “It's an experience to take “Berries and Bulls” to a new level, with the addition of an expanded cast, composer, and set designer, plus a new site-specific work.” 
  • TMC: “I love the people, the collaborative way of working, the aesthetic that is a platform for honing my present skills, and also learning and expanding my understanding.” 

Emily Pope-Blackman

  • Born and raised: Mt. Holly, North Carolina 
  • Began dancing: Age 3 
  • Began dancing for TMC: 2010 
  • Life interests: Songwriting/singing, creative writing, video dance, yoga, archeology, and natural sciences
  • BAM: “I am looking forward to sharing the ‘human-ness’ and visceral charge of the movement in that space.” 
  • TMC: “Everyone involved is beyond generous with their support as artists and as human beings to positively contribute to the creative process. We are a “family” connecting through the physical realm.” 

Kevin Ho 

  • Born: Elmhurst Queens, NY 
  • Raised: NYC, Taipei, Taiwan, Seville, Spain, San Francisco, Shanghai, China, Seoul, South Korea, and San Diego 
  • Began dancing: Age 17 (Figure skating Age 12)
  • Began dancing for TMC: 2010 
  • Life interests: Culinary arts, choir, freestyle wrestling, figure skating, martial arts, comic books, Performance Studies research & scholarship 
  • BAM: “I am excited about the chance to work with the many other wonderfully talented dancers in NYC as we expand our cast for the premiere of “Berries and Bulls” and are welcomed onto fresh BAM soil.” 
  • TMC: “The creative freedom and trust that Tiffany has in us to help shape the work alongside her artistic vision is most rewarding for me.” 

Thank you for your gift! 

Your support and connection to our work motivates us to stretch further. We would not be us without you. So thank you for understanding the importance of art as a mirror and commentary of the times we live in and the people we are. Thank you in advance for your help in transporting us to this new level of visibility. And most importantly thank you for making available the opportunity for us to continue to live and share this amazing adventure out loud!

Top photograph by Tiffany Mills, Side photograph © Julie Lemberger 2012 (

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge we might face after our Kickstarter project is raising addition funds for unforeseen development and production costs as we head towards our performance at BAM Fisher. We will tackle this potential challenge by holding fundraising events (classes, open rehearsals, opening night gala) to help defray these costs. As a thirteen-year-old organization we are equipped to turn to loyal followers who can help raise additional funds in short periods of time.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Your name listed in our program and a personal thank you note from your adopted dancer!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    10 backers

    The above, plus an original photo of your adopted dancer rehearsing or performing.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    9 backers

    All of the above plus a reserved spot in our non-dancer partnering class followed by an open rehearsal where you can meet your adopted dancer (Spring 2013). (Or, for non-New Yorkers, replace the Spring events with a 5-minute video of “Berries and Bulls” featuring your adopted dancer.)

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    All of the above plus one free ticket to a Tiffany Mills Company closed rehearsal where you will be among the first to see work featured at our Spring Season and a chance to hear first hand anecdotes of this Season from your adopted dancer. (Or, for non-New Yorkers, replace the ticket with a 10-minute video of “Berries and Bulls” featuring your adopted dancer.)

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    Pledge $100 or more

    10 backers

    All the above plus one free ticket to our Spring Season opening night plus post-performance gala, May 30th, 2013, where you can mingle with your adopted dancer. (Or, for non-New Yorkers, replace the gala ticket with a 15-minute video of “Berries and Bulls” featuring your adopted dancer.)

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    All the above plus your name listed on our website and Spring Season program as a major contributor to this season via the “Adopt-a-Dancer Kickstarter Campaign” and a personal postcard sent to you from your dancer written during rehearsal.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    All the above plus an invitation to a private rehearsal by the Company where a 5-minute improvisation will be performed by your adopted dancer with the Company and dedicated to you.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    All the above plus a glossy magazine featuring your adopted dancer and the Company’s last decade captured in photo history by renowned dance photographer Julie Lemberger.

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    Pledge $2,000 or more

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    All of the above plus lunch with your adopted dancer and the Company!

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