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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 18 2018
Purple Meeple GamesBy Purple Meeple Games
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Purple Meeple GamesBy Purple Meeple Games
First created
pledged of $278,000pledged of $278,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 18 2018

Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will only be for the English version of Cultistorm.

Posted by Purple Meeple Games (Creator)


  • Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will only be for the English version of Cultistorm.
  • We are in touch with several board game publishers to discuss the localisation of the game. However, we will only make a final decision about publishing foreign language editions of Cultistorm after seeing through our first Kickstarter campaign.

Dear Backers!

In the past few months we have been counting a lot, we have had many meetings with manufacturers and fellow publishers, there was a constant stream of brainstorming within our small team and we have modelled a lot of scenarios of the Cultistorm project.

The biggest challenge in recent months has been resolving the difficulties of foreign language publishing. To ensure the highest professional and linguistic quality, we have decided to entrust Cultistorm to local board game publishers who regularly carry out such publications in their home countries. We currently have potential partners for German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Hungarian with whom we are negotiating, but we are also looking for partners to prepare localised versions in other languages.

The other big challenge is that having multiple pledge levels breaks up the number of copies we can produce at once. This poses an additional problem: if we divide the game into seven languages, we will get a very small number of production copies for each foreign language version of Cultistorm. This makes for very high production costs for each box. We have calculated this over and over again, but the numbers do not lie: unfortunately, we would need to produce at least 1,000 copies of each individual language to be profitable. This is the same number we came up with during our first campaign in December.

Let us look at the facts:

In our first campaign in December it became clear that our structure was not appropriate. This is why we will have the three pledge level system with purchasable add-ons. These separate pledge levels are the ‘sub-units’ for which we need to achieve a profitable minimum number of copies. (If we were to offer a multi-language campaign, it would mean 1,000 copies for each language.) 

Were we to aim for this goal straight away, the realistic Funding Goal would be even greater than in our previous campaign. This would be a risk factor, and we saw how much criticism it received during our last campaign. Although we firmly believe in the uniqueness of this project and would like to reach the backer amount for this funding goal even during this very first campaign, we simply cannot set this amount as our funding goal. This time we would like to move forward in smaller steps, but be more certain about the realisation of the project.

It is a great leap forward that over the past few months several international publishers expressed interest in the retail publishing of our game. Aside from this, we actively made contact with local partner publishers to arrange for a high quality localisation of the game. So there are several cooperation initiatives and possibilities to release foreign language versions of Cultistorm through these publishers. However, these partners will make their final decisions only after the result of our English campaign, so we really have no choice but to concentrate on its success.

We also realised in December that it is very complicated to run a campaign in several languages simultaneously for a project of this size. Moreover, the campaign structure will be much more transparent if we separate the English version from the foreign language ones.

What all this means:

Keeping all the facts in mind we decided to make the upcoming Kickstarter campaign an English-only campaign. As stated before, there will be three different pledge levels. Aside from this there are going to be add-ons, KS-exclusive and promotional elements, stretch goals, and a special retail offer.

We are continuing to negotiate the localisation of the game with several publishers, but we are only going to make a final decision after closing our English campaign.

We hope that you can accept our reasons and decisions. We are trusting in your continued support for our upcoming Campaign. 

We are counting on you!

Before you ask about the relaunch date in the comments section: We are going to get back to you with an exact launch date within the next two weeks. 

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    1. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      We are posting an Official Update about the Re-launch and the upcoming campaign Tommorow! :)

    2. Niko Heiskanen

      When is there going to be news about the re-release?

    3. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on


      As described in the Update we are going to have 3 pledge levels.

      The base game (first pledge level) is exactly one of these pledge levels where you don't get neither the script book nor the narrative book. The second pledge level is coming with all the expansions (script book included but not the narrative book). While it gives you 9 game changing elements, the script book is but a fraction of all the stuff you get in this variation.

      The Collector pledge (third pledge level) is where the narrative book is a big part of the pledge.

      So as you see we have plenty of options to choose from.

    4. Amber DuBois

      If the scenario book and the narrative book are the only two pieces that are English specific, why not have a tier that eliminates those two pieces for a lower cost? If I were forced to order game components that I could not use, I'd have to reconsider my pledge. Which is a note you got in this campaign before cancellation--don't make us buy stuff we won't be able to use.

    5. Fabien Modeste

      I'm a bit desappointed than the game will not get an french version (It's my native language). But i'll still pledge the game, not for the english books, just to let the team knows that i'm here to help them (a ''thanks you'' with 5-10$), and maybe prove they're potential french players who wait a translate form.
      I don't know how you'll do the translation : another KS, a direct publishing, but i keep my money for the real french version, and I'll just pay a "thank you" form a french.

    6. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on


      The expansions modules will be collected in one seperate box with a nice art style. We are going to share those pictures soon.

    7. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      Will the relaunch have the expansion boxes printed or just lose components? ;-) I'm hopeful!

    8. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      I expect there will be plenty English speaking people who will back this to make it a success and there will be little notice of non-English backers dropping. The previous campaign structure and goal was off-putting so the relaunch should bring even more in.

    9. Stephan Russbült on

      No German? Sorry, I am out!

    10. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      One more thing as an encouragement for non-englis backers:

      The biggest parts where language plays a major role is the Scenario book and the Narrative book.(both of these are parts of the optional expansions) If there are some people who wish to play without these (and we got many responses like that) they won't have any problem playing the game and enjoying it to the fullest.

      I know because I'm hungarian and when I bring it along to my friends ( who speak very basic english). We play it in english and we still have intense moments and it's a blast.

    11. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      Hi All,

      Thank you very much for your comments and honest thoughts!

      We are very thankful for those people who will continue supporting us and we are apologize from those whom we disappointed in some way. It was a tough decision.

      We can completely understand those for whom an english-only campaign is a major turn-down, however we still feel it much more ethical to tell everybody the truth, so they can make their own responsible decisions rather then promising something we might not be able to deliver.

      We haven't given up on foreign language versions of Cultistorm, but for now it is uncertain when or in which form it will come or in which languages. It is up for our partners to decide after seeing the upcoming campaign.

      The success of the upcoming campaign will determine, what steps to take for us.

      You can rest assured, we are doing our best to deliver the experience everybody. It is our personal mission as creators,


    12. The Baragoon

      You will find these comments will be littered with sour grapes and hurt feelings. I am sure in your meetings you would have prepared for them, so don't let them get to you or sway your decision. You'll find that a lot who said they wont back it, actually will.

      I support what Luheng Wang stated: "The major factor that impacts the selling is the quality of the game, the beautiful art, amazing miniatures, fluent game through and immersive experience. Those things are the major factor of the board game, not the language".

      As long as you do this, it will not fail.

    13. Missing avatar

      PetER on

      Hope you will hit your break even. Im out for the english version. GL!

    14. Alluidh on

      I agree with many other opinions and I will observe the campaign, but I will not go back. Alone, Waste Knight, Deep Madness, Tainted Grail or even Pulp Detective Expansion 2 - all Kickstarter with German versions that I supported in the last weeks. Too bad, but maybe later.

    15. DoomSage

      Seriously, why should someone who's native language is not English pledge for an English only campaign, when there might be a chance later for a language edition by regular publishers?
      I have no difficulty with English but some of my fellow gamers have.
      In the end this would mean, I have to buy the game two times; here on KS and the language edition by publisher.
      This means, I am out of this KS.
      Sorry guys.
      I liked your game but I will not have players with an English only version.

    16. Thomas Simmel on

      A game like Cultistorm lives from language; when I approach texts literarily, this language must be mastered if they are to be fully understood. That's why I was and am an advocate of different language versions. I pledged a game whose campaign ran simultaneously with Cultistorm in December only because there will be a German translation.

      I don't know your financial calculations and considerations, they don't play a role in themselves. In your first campaign I went "all in" because I was convinced of the game and the possibilities. I will probably not support the current upcoming campaign.

      It may be that the game is well translated in the respective countries by publishers, but the benefit from a Kickstarter campaign will probably not be there or if it is, then only at a much higher price. After all, the respective publisher will not only add the license fees to be paid to you, but also the costs for the translation to the sales price.

      Therefore, yes, I wish you more fortune for the second attempt but I am disappointed that these considerations could (and must) have been mentioned from the beginning.

      Translated with

    17. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      Don't worry about the languages. It may sound arrogant but being in English is the main thing and English is the international language. Many games don't go into multiple languages and are still very successful.

    18. Missing avatar

      Darío Tórtola Navarro on

      I just reread the campaign and remember that you already thought about language packs, so I said nothing

    19. Missing avatar

      Darío Tórtola Navarro on

      Unfortunately, then I will be interested in the Spanish KS. I guess you already considered this, but just in case, Deep Madness did the localization by using translation packs, with the translated elements, while the language-independent elements were in the main reward.

    20. Ned Tugent

      As a speaker of only English, I see this project still needs logistical work. Languages and other things should be set in stone to ensure that everyone wanting this game should get it. Seems like there are issues that will almost make game possible fail again. I’m not being negative I think this project should be a epic experience for everyone.

    21. Ross on

      I understand your reasons, but I'm out, sorry, even if an Italian version will not come out, I'm not going to pledge a game like this in a foreign language. Good luck for the campaign.

    22. Luheng Wang

      I disagree with others who leave their feedback here. Like my name, my mother language is Chinese, but I understand the decision that the Purple Meeple Games made. When the cost too high even need to sell more than 1000 copies to get back the cost, it means localization is unreasonable and unnecessary.
      The game background is the myth of the Ksulus. I don't think any board game geek have no idea what it is. And I think the publisher will post the different language of the game through in Youtube like French or Spanish. All you know, how many Chinese version in Kickstarter? Almost NONE! even all the game made in Chinese factory but none of us think the language can stop us.
      The major factor that impacts the selling is the quality of the game, the beautiful art, amazing miniature, fluent game through and immersive experience. Those things are the major factor of the board game, not the language.
      So guys, we all board game geek, and lets focus on what we really need focus on, it is really not the language, a Chinese little guys can all-in this game, how about you? My friend

    23. MC on

      FYI: I can only speak for German, but German publishers usually use low-level translators in order to save money (Pegasus uses mostly community translators, Schwerkraft isn't much above that). Of course that mostly results in mediocre, or worse, inconsistent translation. Not to speak of things like actual atmosphere (Spieleschmiede's translation of Chronicles of Crime reads like granny translated her shopping list).
      As long as German publishers are hell bent on saving money, I'm staying with English versions.

    24. Urhixidur on

      I think a multi-language rule book (or separate rule books for each language) could be produced with the main (English) edition. Depending on what needs localizing, translation kits would be possible at lower cost than separate stand-alone editions. This would allow foreign-language players to pledge for the English edition, knowing that they could get the translation kit for their language later on.

    25. Missing avatar


      I expected as much, but I'm still out. Really can't describe the whole game to my non english speaking friends.
      Good luck with your campaign and game!

    26. LeNainCapable

      I'm so sad to hear this news ...
      I understand about the challenge of the language but i was really waiting about your game ...
      Even i speak a little english, my teammates not at all...
      There is one thing that i don't understand : why you don't print all games at the same place (often in china for a lot of kickstarter projects) and use a society in each country for the sending of the game ? (If you need to do that i can give you a contact in france ^^ )
      I still hope about that ! =D

    27. Nao on

      Then I guess I will wait for the german retail version, if it ever comes..

    28. Zemeckis on

      Sans VF, ce sera sans moi. Je vous souhaite néanmoins un bon succès.