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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 18 2018
Purple Meeple GamesBy Purple Meeple Games
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Purple Meeple GamesBy Purple Meeple Games
First created
pledged of $278,000pledged of $278,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 18 2018

Cultistorm news

Posted by Purple Meeple Games (Creator)

Update summary:

  • There will be three pledge levels – in three boxes
  • There will not be any expansion Stretch Goals in the new campaign – every expansion will be available in the Deluxe and the Collector’s options
  • There will be Add-ons
  • The two-player option will be part of the base game
  • The huge plastic box will be a Stretch Goal and an Add-on 
  • We renegotiated shipping costs, making shipping significantly cheaper
  • We are working on the foreign language editions
  • We are working on lowering of the Funding Goal significantly
  • Relaunch in March?

Hello again, investigators!

We might have been quiet over the past two months, but we have not been idle. We have been working very hard behind the scenes. Cultistorm is a very complex project and the restructuring of our Kickstarter campaign brought about several changes, causing us to redesign many of our processes. For this we needed additional data and quotes. We have not finalised everything yet, but we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us see where we are on our relaunch task list: we will be brief this time, but detailed updates about each point will be posted over the upcoming weeks.

1. We have redesigned the pledge structure, distributing the content into three different boxes, which will be available in three separate levels. There will be a Deluxe version containing the base game, the 10 expansions, and the campaign mode; you will also find the original all-in pledge which will have everything you saw last time; and even more in the Collector’s Edition.

2. There will not be any expansion Stretch Goals in the new campaign! Every expansion module will be available from the beginning as part of the Deluxe or the Collector’s box.

3. The Narrative expansion containing the Script Book, the short story collection, and the Soundtrack album, as well as the plastic box will be available as separate Add-ons.

4. We added the two-player version to the base game, meaning Cultistorm will be published as a 2-5 player game. The solo mode and the Overlord expansion adding a 6th player will also be available during the campaign.

5. The huge plastic box will be a Stretch Goal for the Collector’s Edition. If we reach it, you will also be able to order the plastic box as an Add-on for the two smaller pledge levels.

6. We redesigned and renegotiated shipping costs, managing to considerably lower shipping prices.

7. We redesigned the Stretch Goals. There will be new elements and new structures. In the new campaign we will reveal the Stretch Goals bit by bit. There will be different Stretch Goals for each of the different pledge levels.

8. Our biggest challenge is creating the foreign language editions of Cultistorm. We considered several production possibilities and had to accept that there is a necessary minimum number of orders we need for each language. We cannot produce the game economically below this number, which was the 500/1000 copies we set as the “language Stretch Goals” in our previous campaign. A solution is being worked on, one that would guarantee high quality translation and production, but we would only like to share more details once we have concluded negotiations and have all the necessary information. This will take a few more weeks, so we ask for your patience.

9. The other major challenge is lowering the Funding Goal. If we aim for the real price, the amount will still be too high. We found a solution allowing us to lower the necessary minimum amount without having to play with the numbers, but we are still in intense negotiations about it and we are working on the preparations. This is the other topic we would only like to discuss in more detail once we have managed to resolve all the open questions.

That is where we are at the moment.

The most important question everybody asks is: when will the relaunch happen? We would love to start the second Kickstarter campaign in March, but we would have to finish every ongoing task for that. We are working hard, we are making good progress, and we are sure that our second campaign will be even better than the first.

See you soon!


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    1. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      I apologize, for the delayed answers. This section of comments somehow avoided my attention.

      First of all thank you for all of your suggestions. They are well noted and most of them are already implemented.

      Ephraim: Solo mode is going to be available from the moment you get the game.

      Justin: All the content is going to be in a bigger box made to house all the expansions.

      Amber , Hackareatech, Keith : Firstly thank you for your trust and thank you for voicing your concerns.

      Basically the Deluxe pledge contains every extra game element. So this is kind of what we intend to give to you for a very reasonable price. The Collector’s edition is for those who are truly invested in this theme and world, and those who are pleased by all the geeky stuff. However, even the base game is full and fun on its own. So from the backer’s point of view, they are going to get a full and fun experience even if they get the base box.
      It’s really up for the backers to decide, how much they are willing to invest in the game and into this world. This is a risk we are willing to take, but we hope that most people will find our deluxe and collector’s edition more appealing than the core-box. We simply don’t want to withhold all the content we worked so hard to create for you guys.
      The expansions which I personally prefer to call “game-modules” are for more hard core gamers to make the game more challenging and thus giving a higher re-playability value. However not all gamers are concerned for this and maybe some are new to this kind of gaming or just as you’ve said: maybe they don’t have enough trust towards us as a first creator. For them the base game might be a perfect choice. The same goes for future retailer partners who want to buy some samples of the game before committing more to this project.

      The base box is going to hit retail for sure. The collector’s edition is surely not going to be available later in retail. The question remains about the Deluxe Edition. It also greatly depends on the success of this campaign we truly don’t know the answer for this yet.

      About funding: The number we are going to present to you on our launch date is going to be 100% accurate. If we reach that we’ll be able to provide you with everything that is for sure. We are currently making arrangements with retailers so we can lower the funding goal as much as we can.

      Yes we are going to have retail pledges from the base box. They come with a discounted price and a bundle of 6 and a free “game night” add-on creating a perfect module for game-nights.

      I personally tested the 2 player variant and it is just as much enjoyable as the other versions.

      I really hope this covers all your questions. Thank you once again for your interest and support.

    2. Nao on

      So the german board game market is the second biggest in the world (after english ofc), and the relaunch news is at present only posted in english, spanish and french? Why is that?

    3. Melhilion

      +1 german translation

    4. Petr K.

      Beware of any SG ... this might be bad. Most SGs want a SG and a campaign without SG is uninteresting and uninterested.

      Consider also a "early bird" discount that will bring a lot of backers on the first day and provide funding. This is also tempting for later backers.

      It is also interesting to combine the "early bird" price for 24 hours and another "early bird" for 3 days to get a badge or other supplement ... this will ensure the arrival of backers for the first days, which is very beneficial.

    5. Ephraim Mallery

      I’m looking forward to this! Is Solo mode going to be immediately available? That’s a big factor for me.

    6. Justin Boehm

      Eliminate all boxes for expansions and put them all in one box to begin with, saves everyone all around.

    7. Justin Boehm


      So Deluxe will have the game and all expansions, Will this be in one box (not plastic)? That would be preferable as it would save us space, shipping space, you money on box production that is unnecessary, and be more environmentally friendly.

    8. Amber DuBois

      I feel VERY MUCH like you finally listened to the backers and your new tiered pledge system definitely shows that. I am less concerned about throwing my money at the project now. HOWEVER. I still share the same concerns as Hackareatech and Keith McNeil. And I keep coming back to this: If the expansions are as integral to the game as you mentioned in the first campaign and still worth including in the campaign, aren't they really just part of the core game? Why the insistence on keeping them as expansions?

      I have questions and concerns that I hope are given rest when the new campaign launches. I'll be there to back on relaunch.

    9. Hackareatech

      I have been looking forward to Cultistorm since the forest for I heard of it, but I still feel that you are going to big for a first time project. Why not a KS for just the base game, something very realistic. Then, with great success and great reviews, a second campaign to introduce the expansions and a core box reprint. This is a formula that has worked well for so many other campaigns. I fear that 10 expansions is about 9 too many to bite off for a first time creator. Too much unknown about you.

      And if you keep the plan as an all in plan like it is now and people take the cautious route and only get the core box, what are the chances of getting all the expansions later? If there is not enough interest to repetition them, then they are screwed. So, people are almost forced into the all in pledge for fear of missing potential great content. I know this is FOMO, but it's real too.

      Anyway, still super interested, just not sure how much I'm willing to put into this unknown. (Yes, I know it's KS, and it's an investment, and a gamble, etc, etc, etc. Look at my profile before you assume anything, I back more than most and understand the risks)

    10. Keith McNeil

      "If we aim for the real price, the amount will still be too high." This concerns me. I will wait for your explanation once you resolve the details, but I don't think I would risk a large pledge on a project that might be undercapitalized. The bar is also set slightly higher for a first time creator. That said, this project sounds fantastic. I truly hope you can "put all your ducks in a row".

    11. Missing avatar


      Hello! you could pack languages, the cost is paid and everyone happy

    12. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      My (investigators) hat off to you, fine sirs and madams. I think I speak for everyone when I say that your hard work and dedication will not go unrewarded. I look forward to the game, the campaign and the company of your (dark?) minds. Already I'm fully committed to this wonderfully immersive game that is...Cultistorm! *thunder crashes in the background*

    13. Laszlo TOTH on

      Can't wait for the relaunch!

    14. Chris Sanderson

      Any chance of a retail pledge option?

    15. Missing avatar

      Massari Luca on

      Beautiful update. I hope that the italian version will be possible, but even the english one will be great!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Igor Pyrko on

      This is a good update! Please make sure that the 2 player variant is as good as the other variants!

    17. Daniel Ebeck on

      Excellent! I was just thinking about you guys yesterday! It looks like you have put a lot of work in. Will there be an English language video review available at launch?

    18. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      Great update. This sounds much better, by far! the add-ons are ideal and will help boost the funding goal. No rush...take your time with the relaunch :-)

    19. Alluidh on

      Thank you for the update. This looks more realistic than last time. I keep my fingers crossed for a German version and hope the best.

    20. Jan

      thx for the update. i hope a german version will be possible.