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A Lovecraftian gaming experience, 14 expansions, miniatures, 500+ narrative stories, anthology, soundtrack, metal badge, Cthulhu mythos
916 backers pledged $143,008 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      Rumplestiltskin6 : Thank you.
      Tibor Bellovics : Yes that is exactly correct and later on after the KS you will be able to use your funds in the pledge manager to simply select the stuff you need :). (in this case the collector edition + this add-on)

    2. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      @Viktor - Don't be put off and worry about such comments. This happens all the time on KS projects. There are many backers who are loving what you're doing and are very excited about this campaign. Keep up the good work and fingers crossed this is successful.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tibor Bellovics on

      I'd like to ask a little help. I'm pledged for the collector edition. If I'd like to get this add-on too I just increase my pledge to $172 in the "Manage your pledge" menu?

    4. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      Sorry that you think this way. However I think there is a much better (and more respectful) way of leaving a constructive comment. "Lukavia" fails to see the changes made to the previous campaign and I'm sorry for that.

      Most "haters" seem to forget that we specifically made the Add-on because it was requested by many backers in the comment section and via private messages. It is a way for those who want to support us do add in something extra. As for "whoring" out the other items was simply made in respect of the Lovecraft Fans, because there are people beyond the Board Gaming community in this project and they simply don't want to invest in a board game but want to have something as a memento from this project , hence giving us an extra support.

      The Baragoon: Hope this helps to explain the reasoning behind the decision.

      Lukavia: You have plenty more better options in "seeing this train go wreck" than to leave hateful non-constructive untruthful comments :).

      Thank you for understanding.

    5. Lukavia on

      It seems like they haven't learned anything from their previous campaign and there will be a lot of disappointed people in the end.... I am going down from the supposed 'collector' pledge to $1 and see where this train is going to wreck.

    6. The Baragoon

      After all the previous talk in this KS and the last about the badge being only available to early birds and collectors, it is poor form to now whore it out to anyone with US$22. You've just lessened special-ness of it, and lost a little respect along with it. And moving from a KS model of no add-ons, to one without now with 3 (and most likely more) paid add-ons is also disappointing. This could look like, to the casual observer, that the only reason the original KS was closed was to redesign it in such a way squeeze out more money out of backers.

    7. Gurney on

      I just saw that the add-on description in the Campaign mentions more cards...

    8. Gurney on

      If there are 127 cards you should mention it in the add-on description. It just says 21+ cards (x4)...

    9. Mike Cheadle

      Well I'm on board for this addition, and have upped my pledge. I love the concept of the game and really want to see it come to fruition. $33 seems perfectly reasonable. It is an optional purchase and not required to play the base game. I have spent far more than that for optional add ons to games that won't give anywhere near as much in game diversity, replayability or added value.

    10. Purple Meeple Games 2-time creator on

      Don't Forget that this package includes 127 unique cards.

    11. Viktor Knecht Collaborator on

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      The whole point of the Add-on was to give an additional option of support for the people who wanted to that here on KS so they could do so. In reality we did not wanted to include more add-ons because we are not keen about the idea, however it is indeed a good way to give an additional support option.

      I think the 4 characters with all the cards and skills and stories are worth the 33 USD . At T***ted Grial 1 character was 10 USD (I know because I bought it) and nobody seemed to mind it .

      I'm very sorry if this Add-on has upset some of you. It wasn't meant to do that.

      Once again thank you for your thoughts and your support.

      Also please keep in mind, that this Add-on was made upon the request and comments of our backers.

      The 4 new characters are not included in the Collector Pledge as they are a purchasable Add-on.

    12. Cookie on


    13. Missing avatar

      RPGFanboy on

      $33 for 4 characters is way too much

    14. Gurney on

      Does it mean that the Collector Pledge is not an "All in" Pledge anymore??? Please, clarify!