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We are hoping fans of Fluent and Write Colour will help us advance our music with this Community-Supported Hip Hop project.
23 backers pledged $1,120 to help bring this project to life.


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"Do we realize how much power Hip Hop has? The Hip Hop generation can take a stand collectively and make a statement." - Kool Herc, godfather of Hip Hop

This project is about Community-Supported Hip Hop!

Write Colour formed organically in 2012. We are two brothers: Nick (producer) and Larry ("Fluent," rapper/producer.) Our first album, "Forward, in Harmony," can be downloaded for free on our bandcamp page: Write Colour bandcamp.

LM: Before my wife and daughter came into my life, music Was my life. It still is a major part of how I survive each day. I have been making music--hip hop music--for 14 years, or half of my life. My message has not changed since day one. I do this in the name of environmental conservation ("I rap for the green on the land, not the green in my hand.") I do this in the name of social change and ever-progressing social consciousness. I do this because I truly love this. Hip hop is how I make sense of the universe and my place in it. It is how I document my condition, because like Nina Simone said, "How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?" 

 "Larry's music is an exciting blend of strong rhythms, colorful melodic lines and sound textures, and powerful lyrics straight from the heart, all coming from a man who is deeply in touch with the pulse of the world." - Curt Stager, professor, musician, and author of "Deep Future" and "Your Atomic Self"

Hip hop is the very pulse of the times. We're trying to stay on that beat.

My brother Nick and I are trying to raise money in an attempt to give our music an opportunity to make a greater impact across the sphere. We have two projects in the works. One is a collaborative effort under our name Write Colour. The other is my new solo album which I have had written for two years now.

We have entered an intense age: the Anthropocene, or age of humans. Human-caused climate change is reshaping our world. Hip hop is going to need earth warriors--stewards of the good word and good care of our planet. Ever since I was fourteen--back when I bought a $10 microphone and skipped school to record songs in my bedroom--I have heard the calling to be this figure. Making it "big" is not important to me; I want to make an impact. I believe in our message and because of that I want the world to hear it.

If you know Nick and I, you know we don't come across as a rapper and beat-maker. But it's who we are, we know that now. For some reason, these average guys from the suburbs have identified with the condition, mission, and ambition of this art form that sprung to life through the concrete in the Bronx in the 1970s. Hip hop was created as a direct alternative to violence, which is peace. It was created to turn the bleak (specifically the decimation of neighborhoods as a result of construction of an expressway) into something positive by way of graffiti art, breakdancing, DJing and MCing. That is beauty. It was born in the melting pot that is NYC with the influence of all musical genres before it, which is a celebration of diversity and the nature of evolution.

Peace, beauty, and diversity. These are also the pillars of environmental stewardship. I truly believe the time has come when hip hop and revolution align. We want to be a part of that, and by we we mean all of us. Will you join us in this effort? "Essaywhuman?!!!??!"

Our goal is $1,000 for new recording equipment and funds for production/distribution of music materials (The extra $100 is to cover the crowdfund fees.) Specifically, this includes:

- Mbox recording interface; ProTools recording software; Condenser Mic w/ stand; Blank discs, jewel cases, artwork, poster prints, stickers, etc.; Money to support travel for shows, to promote and outreach, mail demo tapes to indie labels, etc.; Money to schedule live streams of shows via Concert Window.

We're also looking for volunteer help in the following areas:

- Mixing/mastering our albums; Artists for cover art and posters; Volunteers to help burn CDs, distribute music, etc.

Please support our music! THANK YOU!!

More free music:

Fluent bandcamp

Nick Montague bandcamp

Fluent youtube

"I first heard Larry Montague's music from some friends of mine several years back, and was immediately drawn in by the amount of passion he had for the things he was talking about. When I first heard the Write Colour songs "The Four Trips" and "Heavy Wings That Fly" I was blown away by the rhythmic delivery of his poetry, and his message about the state of the world today knocked me off my feet and made me think about things I hadn't thought about before. His awareness and perception of the world around him is channeled with an incredible energy into verses of powerful prose that are captivating, moving and inspiring. When I first heard "Smells Like Stream Spirit" I was moved by his harrowing tale of the destruction of the salmon population in the Pacific Northwest by humans, and I realized that people like Larry are essential to spread the message, through music, that we need to come together and take care of this planet we have been blessed to call home, before we destroy it one species at a time. Larry takes an art form and fuses it with a pure message of conservation, a message that is so much more important then the pursuit of selfish desires which so many other artists cloud themselves with. He is a rare breed and an true artist whose work reverberates with a potency unparalleled by most of today's hip-hop. Music is the language of the planet and Larry speaks that language fluently." - Austin Barosi, musician and friend

Risks and challenges

We used to have the equipment that we are seeking funding for. Larry sold it at a tough time in his life and he has regretted it ever since! We are very familiar with the equipment and anticipate no obstacles.

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    The music we create will not be sold. We will offer the albums for free through digital download on Bandcamp and hard copy (CDs) at shows and other events. Everyone who donates this amount or more to the campaign will get hard copies of the albums (Write Colour #2, Fluent solo, and Nick Mont's instrumental album, "Accelerating Returns," with a personal, hand-written letter plus full credit as an essential supporter of the works in the liner notes. You will also have an open invitation to be part of the recording process, be it as a spectator or a session musician.Whoever is generous enough to "Accelerating Returns"

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