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CA$ 10,677 pledged of $27,194 goal
By Ryan Czech
CA$ 10,677 pledged of $27,194 goal

Terminus Music Track #1 - Cellotrome Branches

After some awesome back and forth feedback, our composer Chris has sent me the first nearly completed song for the Terminus soundtrack.

Inspired by the "Red Alert" OST and many other classic and modern examples, Terminus is following an "Industrial-Synth" theme for the majority of tracks, emphasizing machinery, isolation and pure sci-fi awe.  We are trying to keep alive the entrancing, memorable melodies and the purity of old-school game music done up with modern techniques, tools and most importantly the inspiring talent of our composer Christopher Orgeron.

This first song has been named "Cellotrome Branches".

Please let us know what you think!

- Ryan

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    1. iToaster on September 30, 2013

      I'm quite impressed. I think this music will go perfectly in the background when playing the game, because (as someone else also said :P) it doesn't overpower you or anything like that. Nicely done!

    2. Kaiorn156 on September 28, 2013

      very enjoyable. makes the $10 donation worth it.

    3. Carlo Spinale on September 28, 2013

      Sounds amazing, nice work

    4. John Gardner on September 27, 2013

      I'll agree that this sounds incredible. I like that the music doesn't overpower you or drowns out everything. I think this is going to go along with the game very nicely.

    5. Decion on September 27, 2013

      Sounds awesome. I like especially the deep base drums (mildly shaking my chair with a "buttkicker" like amplifier attached) and the quiet, almost church like parts with the ticking rythm and the overall ambience. In general I like how the sound is not taking too much attention making a very nice companion for this kind of game.