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Turn your deck into a smart skateboard with Syrmo sensor and app. Connect your phone to record and share!

Turn your deck into a smart skateboard with Syrmo sensor and app. Connect your phone to record and share! Read More
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 26, 2014.

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                          - VIDEO EN ESPAÑOL HACER CLICK ACÁ - 

Syrmo is the first smart motion tracker for your skateboard that lets you capture your best tricks and share it with style!

Get instant slo-mo trick shots, detailed stats, and 3D replays of your best session that you can rotate, pinch and zoom from every angle. Syrmo makes it easy and takes your skateboarding to the next level!

 We've got a lot of people excited:

 Here's how Syrmo works:

Hello, Kickstarter!

We’re a passionate group of skaters with a mission: to blend skateboarding and cutting-edge technology to take our sport to the next level. 

Over the years, tools for tons of different sports have been introduced to the market —but still nothing for skateboarding. Most of these newfangled gadgets provide numbers that don't mean much to these kind of sports. Skateboarding is about expressing your personal style, learning new skills and sharing what you’ve accomplished with the skate community. 

That’s why we created Syrmo. 

Syrmo is the first skateboarding motion tracker that lets you express your style. With Syrmo, get a 3D replay of your skate session that you can rotate, pinch and zoom to get amazing footage from every angle. Simply record your session using Syrmo and your phone’s camera.

Whether you’re capturing a sick new trick you just landed or your very first kick flip, you’ll be able to relive the moment and gain a whole new level of insight you can’t get anywhere else. Analyze tricks from different angles to check out your kick timing and board flatness, both in the air and upon landing. Combine that with awesome video, perfectly timed slow motion and stats like height, air time and distance, and you’ll have all the information you need to push it harder than ever.

Syrmo’s mobile app gathers data relayed by the motion tracker’s sensors and lays it out neatly for you. Browse your session, replay it and analyze each trick to understand your movements like never before.

Watch your own awesome videos and be proud of your style. Share your videos and 3D replays on Facebook and YouTube and show the world the kind of skater you are!

The possibilities are almost endless. With Syrmo, you decide what you want to capture and how. Now your tricks can live on forever.

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Are you a developer who wants to use the data in other ways? We’ll provide an API so you can collect data from tracker’s sensors to develop your own application. We know how creative skaters are; by no means do we want to limit that creativity.

Syrmo is an innovative piece of technology designed and manufactured by skaters, for skaters. We know that you ride hard and that your board is sacred. That’s why we designed Syrmo with durability and “low profile-ness” in mind. A mounting piece slimmer than the slimmest of riser pads ensures that your board's dynamics won't be affected.

Syrmo connects with your phone using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to get you instant feedback about your ride. But don’t worry; if you don't feel like riding with your phone, Syrmo will record your session in its internal memory. Synchronize it later, whenever you feel like it.

Matias Fineschi: Hardware freak, skater, surfer and ocean lover
Nicolas Tzovanis: Biz developer, powder rider and SCUBA diving instructor
Guido Marucci Blas: Software engineer, skater and rock guitarist.

Bringing a product like Syrmo to fruition demands know-how and motivation. We’re a team of dedicated software and hardware engineers with extensive experience in design and manufacturing. In short, we’ve got skills. 

Our drive comes from our passion for action sports and, in particular, skateboarding. All the awesome feedback we received from our early adopters has spurred us on even further. They’re the ones who’ve pushed us to make this happen, and we’re totally grateful for their support.


We started developing Syrmo 8 months ago, and we’ve gone through several hardware iterations since. We started with an Arduino-based prototype, humorously nicknamed “bombskate” by one of our testers due to its flashing red light. We went past a riser-like device to further test functionalities and arrive at our current and final design.

We’ve spent the last 4 months in Shenzhen, China, participating in Haxlr8r, one of the best hardware accelerator programs out there. With their help, and that of a deep network of mentors, we were able to develop our product that much faster and get in contact with as many manufacturers as possible.

We also shipped a small batch of devices to our alpha testers. They’ve already started testing its features and giving us crucial feedback to guide our next steps.

 On the software side, we’ve already developed an app for alpha testers to use with the device. All of its features are working but graphic design is not included.

We’ve also started designing the final app’s user experience. We’ve been testing different user flows and interfaces, and we’re very satisfied with the results so far. Next steps involve creating production code for the final app’s different modules.

As a by-product of Syrmo, we’ve created an app that lets you insert awesome ramped-up slow-motion effects into videos you already have. We offer it for free at the App Store so you can get a taste of what Syrmo can deliver.

Here are some videos of Mati testing the automatic slow motion feature and doing some tricks

and here is one of testers in China also doing some tricks

As mentioned previously, we’re currently in the alpha-testing phase with several working prototypes. Then it’ll be time to go to production. But scale manufacturing requires that we pay up front for tooling, injection molds and certifications. That’s why we need your help. All of the money we receive from Kickstarter will be used to cover these costs and ensure that we deliver a product you’ll be proud of.

You can also help us by spreading the word. Tell your friends and your buddies at the skate park. Share on Facebook, Twitter or even via e-mail.

Risks and challenges

Developing hardware is never easy. Despite the fact that we’ve done this before, there are unique challenges involved with every product. We’re confident that we can adhere to the timeline while overcoming any unexpected challenges that may arise. We’ve identified the following risks, and we’re already planning strategies to mitigate them.


There’s a common saying in hardware that goes: “No hardware plan survives contact with a factory.” That’s why we’ve already visited and formed relationships with several of our possible vendors. We’ve studied their capacities, logistics and lead times.
One of the typical hurdles in manufacturing is injection molding. It requires high capital expenses and a long lead time. For that reason, we’ve manufactured 3D-printed and CNC’ed versions of all of our parts. So when we do create the molds, we’ll be sure that they’re as close to our prototypes as possible.


Manufacturing and shipping a product is no easy task. There are certifications, taxes and customs regulations. Thanks to Haxlr8r, we’ve surrounded ourselves with world-class mentors who are guiding us through that process. We’ve anticipated many of these barriers early in the design process to prepare for the road ahead.

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