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A photographic history of rare bipedal cats and related feline apocrypha from the unplumbed depths of cat science.
A photographic history of rare bipedal cats and related feline apocrypha from the unplumbed depths of cat science.
A photographic history of rare bipedal cats and related feline apocrypha from the unplumbed depths of cat science.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fraser on

      Pretty disappointed in the quality of this. No problem with the contents, but the pages needed separating, and they're wavy, as if they'd been exposed to humidity.

    2. Jurjen van Dijk

      Got my Kanye West edition today! It looks amazing!
      Thanks :-)

    3. Bonnie Furlong on

      I was thrilled to receive my beautifully bound and goldenized copy of Half-Cat: A Partial History, and surprised and amazed at the wealth of information it contains. In all honesty, I thought what you had revealed in your Kickstarter/Stopper campaign was pretty much all you had; but no! There are photographs and artists' conceptions on every other page (at least!), and very startling some of them are, too! It is wonderful to see how the half-cat has been artistically immortalized through the ages. I was also gratified to see the occasional Latin quotation. Nothing conveys authenticity like Latin. Bonum opus desiderat, homines!

    4. Jacqland on

      Sorry for two posts! This was too perfect not to share. :)

    5. Jacqland on

      My Kanye West edition arrived. It's absolutely PERFECT, the heavier stock makes so much difference. I love the personalization and I will treasure it for half of forever. Thanks so much. :)

    6. Jurjen van Dijk

      Cool! Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the book :-D

    7. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      RE: Reprints.
      All books to all backer levels are in the mail.
      Canada/USA backers should have received them by now or in the next couple days.
      International backers should receive them as early as June 23rd or as late as the July 7th (based on Canada Post's 4-6 week shipping estimate).

    8. Jurjen van Dijk

      I still haven't received my book :-(

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Antonio on

      Hi still not received my book. Do you have an email address I can send my new home address too?

    10. Graham Bruce on

      Hi, I have not received a copy myself yet, are you saying that I will now not get a 1st Edition??? But confused. As backer I expect a 1st Edition, not a re-print.
      Kindly confirm.

    11. Bonnie Furlong on

      The video is a riot! Well worth waiting for! I love being quoted out of context!
      But so sad that Dr. Hobbes is no longer with us.

    12. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      The books have arrived. They look amazing. The first shipping party is this weekend. Mind-blowing update this weekend.

    13. Rebecca Hickey on

      My reprint has not yet arrived, either... I've been waiting for an update for months...

    14. Jurjen van Dijk

      My book still has not arrived...

    15. Bonnie Furlong on

      I love unorthodox designs.

    16. Conner on

      When are the books shipping? We haven't had an update in forever!?

    17. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      @Jurjen @Graham The books are currently on a cargo ship. ETA 2 weeks. Longer than expected. We could not afford to air-mail them.

    18. Jurjen van Dijk

      I am curious when I will get my book...

    19. Graham Bruce on

      When are you shipping?

    20. martinnel on

      Is there an update on the reprints. I am looking forward to my book.

    21. Vincent B. Donadio

      When can we expect the reprints to start showing up? Really excited for this book.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Larking on

      I asked for my Kanye limited edition for christmas but it has never arrived. I sent you a message last week but no one is responding.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Barlow on

      Is there an update on when the January books will ship?

    24. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      The reduced contrast was intentional. The original plan was to have a glossy black ink on black shirt which would be practically invisible unless it reflected light at the right angle. When our shirt supplier informed us that glossy inks were outside the environmentally friendly options, we changed to soy-based inks we changed to a dark grey (heather) shirt.

      The poster is also intentionally low-contrast. This was a design decision that was meant to play into how half-cats have historically been invisible but visible when you're aware of their existence. If you give it some time: I think the unorthodox design decision will grow on you.

    25. David Alexander on

      Just received the two prints and the shirt. To be honest, it is pretty difficult to see the half-cat border on the shirt because it's black ink on dark grey fabric. Is it supposed to be like that? The Lenoir print looks fantastic, but the other print has a similar issue as the shirt (the ink doesn't really stand out against the black paper, making the image indistinct).

    26. Jacqland on

      I just want to confirm my two (non-Kanye) books appeared in my mailbox today. They are lovely, though I see what you mean about the paper stock. It's such a unique item I'm sure the recipients will love it anyways though. And I LOVE the pictures included on the envelope. Thank you!

    27. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone for the feedback and the kind messages regarding the reprint. American backers should be getting their book in two weeks or less. The collaborators are currently discussing our best option for International shipping. The exhausting, two weeks of professionally aggressive negotiation with our printers delayed our shipping schedule. For books to arrive on time: we are going to upgrade as many international surface shipments to Air as we can afford. Expect an e-book around Dec 21st.

    28. Graham Bruce on

      Please wait to send my copy. I want to wait. Thank you.

    29. Mindy Pfeiffer on

      Please wait to send my copy. I prefer the corrected version of the book, thanks!
      Mindy Pfeiffer

    30. Missing avatar

      Calum Avison on

      Please send the reprint later

    31. martinnel on

      Er, 'want,' 'want to see out your vision.' Half-typed

    32. martinnel on

      I was t to see out your vision. Please send me a reprint.

    33. Lee Walter Mothes on

      Ouch! Sorry about the printer-glitch. Please send me the reprint later, when it is ready.



    34. Celia Vega Pérez on

      I would like to have the reprint. Thanks :)

    35. Bonnie Furlong on

      I also believe in proper bookbinding, so I would like to wait for the reprint.

      I was also a Kickstopper, and I'm wondering where the video is that was to address Kickstoppers' concerns. Did I miss it?

    36. Missing avatar

      Seth Bradley

      Great example of integrity and maintenance of high standards. I am in no rush and will wait for the reprint. What is the status on the Doves books?

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Larking on

      I assume that this is the same issue for the Kanye West edition? Sad but I really require this for Christmas so I will stick with whatever has been printed. Really happy that you let us know, good ethics.

    38. Missing avatar

      Lindsay McD on

      This is what I'm thinking: if you are going to go ahead with a second printing, I'd LOVE one of those. However, I would also love to buy one of the 53lb stock ones for Christmas. Can I do both? I don't think that you should go out of pocket on this, and I've been wishing that I'd ordered two. Maybe I'm not the only one who wants another and tons of people can be extra-super happy??? lmk :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Francoise Hinca on

      I was excited to see the picture of a Half-Cat book entering a gilding machine. Looking forward to seeing the video showing the stages this book has taken to becoming a reality.

    40. Missing avatar

      Legends of Enlightenment on

      We donated to oppose this project, so we could appeal to your Kickstopper logic!
      Despite all the sneers and jokes, we believe this half-cat is a hoax.
      We've searched high and low, asking others who know.
      But, try as we might, there are no half-cats, in sight.
      We could not find them, near or far, not in a box, not in a car.
      Not in a house, nor chasing a mouse,
      not in a train, not in a tree,
      Erwin Hobbes let me be!

      Yet, if we had two paws.. and think, about half-cat as a possible link..
      to all those creatures yet to be discovered, imagined, dug-up, captured, or uncovered.
      Who's to say what is real or who sets the bar,
      based only on what we've seen or unearthed so far.
      Therefore, regarding this half-cat's dominion,
      we respectfully change our most humble opinion.

    41. Jacqland on

      Let me be the first to say congratulations! I look forward to spreading Half-cat all over this holiday season!

      Wait, that came out wrong...

    42. Bonnie Furlong on

      Gilt-edged pages! Who can resist? Not I!

    43. Missing avatar

      Francoise Hinca on

      I just investigated your website in more detail and was thrilled to find the flow-chart that defines what a half-cat is (two front legs, born without a pelvis --- I hope this chart will be in the book, along with the playing cards art (cat with four legs; cat with two legs).

    44. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      @Justin Dennis information regarding sales (and pre-sales) can be found at simply navigate to "The Book" link. We are also looking into Amazon, unfortunately their their current fee system is not friendly to self-publishers.

    45. Justin Dennis on

      Are these books going to be available to purchase anywhere after this Kickstarter campaign is over, or is this the only opportunity to order one?

    46. Missing avatar

      Derek Tabor on

      I have to admit I waited until the hardcover was announced to back the project but I am looking forward to the final product!

    47. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      @Ted Timmons RE: Shipping details. We visited the post office and updated our FAQ with details regarding US and International Shipping costs. We hope this level of transparency helps explain why Canada to US costs the same as Canada to Djibouti.

    48. Steven Charles Rosia on

      Hey there,
      Just writing to say that the credit card I pledged with has been compromised and I am now officially a victim of credit card fraud. Yay! So... the card has been deactivated and I'll have to concel my pledge. Hopefully my card will be here soon and I'll have a chance to pledge again before this campaign runs out but I wanted to let you know that I'm not abandoning you, I'm just in an unfortunate situation. Thanks for your understanding.

    49. Erwin Hobbes 2-time creator on

      @ Ted Timmons. If our shipping weight was below 200grams: yes, shipping would have been ~$4. However because we will probably be upgrading all books to hardcover we are now aiming to be below the 250 International threshold.

      Oversized/non-standard letter-mail in the 200-500g category is ~$8.

      Having things redistributed through the US is a great idea. However, it just does not make sense in the small quantities we are dealing with.

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