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Action, suspense, mystery, science, with inspirational and Biblical truth.  We are raising funds for the first production run.
Action, suspense, mystery, science, with inspirational and Biblical truth. We are raising funds for the first production run.
43 backers pledged $3,848 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Delay on Funds

Sorry for the delay on charging the funds from your accounts.  There was a little glitch with the transfers.  We just discovered this and have notified Kickstarter.  They should by charging the accounts soon.  Thanks so very much for your understandings in this matter.  As soon as the funds have been charged, Kickstarter will give us the information to send out the books and rewards.  



Last Week To The Finish Line

WOW!!!  I was busy for a week, turn around, and it went up a thousand dollars!!  Only one week left, and only $1,000.00 to go...  I know we have a God of miracles, and He has shown His glory over and over in this project over the last 6 months.  

     If you want, you can always bump up your contributions.  And please do share this with all your friends this week.  Friday, May 11th is the deadline.  

ALSO!  I talked to Thomas Nelson, the nations largest Christian publisher, yesterday.  They want to take on the book in an offer to do a advisory edit, test market the book, and make it available to 33,000 outlets, with a guarantee buy-back.  WOW...  The royalties are so-so, but they were thrilled to hear that my mission was not about the money, but to get a truly Biblical book in the hands of seekers.   Personally, I would take no money at all, just to get the inspirational truth out there, but don't tell them that... LOL... 

Anyway many thanks for all your support and keep on serving the King in every way you can.



The Interest is Growing!!

Thank you all so much for the pledges.  We only have about 20 days left.  I wanted to share with you that we have been contacted by Thomas Nelson, the largest Christian book publisher in the country, and they are interested in taking this book on!!  WOW!!  God is already opening up the doors...  Please keep this project in prayer, and help us spread the word to your friends about this great witnessing tool.  

I have also added an additional $30.00 Pledge for just an autographed book and no poster.  

Many Blessings and Thank You!!!


Special Update!! Painting Bonus!!

Many of you know about the 8-foot Jesus Paintings I do blindfolded.  We are going to send you a painting for any pledges of $200.00 or more.  We only have 30 days left, so help us get this project funded by telling all your friends.  Thanks, Mark...

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ComaTalker Update #1

Thank You so very much for the contributions.  We are just getting started and pray that God will fulfill these financial needs.  There is a lot of interest!  People have been clicking in and emailing me but not knowing what to do.  They need to click on the green 'Back This Project' button and follow the easy steps...  I am putting out some easier steps to understand.   

Thanks Again for your support. Blessings,