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Action, suspense, mystery, science, with inspirational and Biblical truth. We are raising funds for the first production run.

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     Welcome to the comaTalker project.  This is an inspired by God endeavor that doesn't stop here.  With a storyline of action, intrigue, suspense, true love and a unique perspective of Biblical truth in this 244 page book, it is one you won’t want to put down!

     Don't let the $3,700.00 goal fool you.  We are looking to raise $25,000.00 and more if possible.  The $3,700.00 will provide for the first run publication expenses along with some posters and table stands for the bookstores.  The next $25,000.00+ will get us the marketing capital we need in order to really make an impact and get this book into full distribution.    

     We really need your help to kickstart this great project, and it's real easy to contribute!  Just pick a reward and follow the few easy steps.  If you have any questions, please contact me through my website or email. 

Where We're At and Where We're Going

      So far the manuscript is complete and it has already been filed with the Library of Congress.  It has been edited and proofed and is ready for print.  We have also secured the domain names for comaTalker, and websites are going to be produced in the very near future.  

    The book has now been previewed by quite a few people and everyone absolutely loves it.  One of the editors is involved with a strong film production group that has great interests in turning this book into a full length feature film.  It's that good!  

      We have been authorized as a vender to supply this book to over 100 ABC Christian bookstores around the world.  You will also find comaTalker on Amazon, and it will soon be available in selected faith-based bookstores throughout the country.  

     Taking careful steps is critical for the success of any project and we are moving forward one stride at a time. With Christ as the CEO of this exciting development, I'm sure you too will become energized by participating with your generous contributions.  As you follow along, you will be able to recognize how your investment in this project is used to reach thousands of people with the truth of Christ and the Bible that we hold so dear.

     This is your project, not mine.  God used me to write this book and orchestrate this venture, but it is going to take all of His children to finish the work.  We have an opportunity to do something special right now that will result in one of the greatest proclamations of Biblical truth that the world has ever witnessed.  So please, help us kickstart this project for the whole world to see what an awesome God we have!

Thanks and Blessings,

Mark Anthony

About the Book

     Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Christian novel has a great story line with suspense, action, mystery and even science fiction.  The people portrayed in this book are strong characters just as they are in real life, and you will easily connect with them.  It has a quick, smooth reading flow, and will grab your attention from page one.  The book is designed as a great witnessing tool to reveal many of the Biblical truths that are ignored by the world today.  It has many of the basic inspirational topics of hope and faith along with a lot of deeper themes that will draw you ever closer to the throne of our living Savior Jesus Christ.

     There is no getting away from the truths that the Bible clearly states, and I really don't know why anybody would want to.  This is the foundation of the Christian faith and should be embraced by anybody who claims to be a Christian.  Unfortunately most Christians don't know what the Bible really says, as their belief system is based on tradition rather than knowledge.  This book is a real wake-up call to a world that is falling apart at an accelerated rate.  

     Although based on a true story, we elected to categorize it as a fiction novel in order to enhance the elements and not run into technical and questionable challenges.  I see many books that are presented as non-fiction and there is very little accuracy found in them.   ComaTalker illuminates numerous Biblical truths and provides supporting scriptural references.  We elected to paraphrase the scriptures rather than quote them, and have stressed throughout that it is of absolute importance to go to the Bible.   This book does a fantastic job of presenting Biblical truth, and encourages everyone to do their own investigative work.  If you truly desire to become closer to Christ; pray more, read more and study more!

Back Page Blurb 

“Absolutely Astonishing Truth”

Pastor Jack Baker - Christian Today

“You’ll Never Look at Religion the Same!”

Edward C. Monte - Religious Freedom 

     Las Vegas is well known as The City of Sin and it is no surprise that when a light shines, it often goes unnoticed into the array of a billion lights that collectively glow across the darkened skies.  There are however those rare occasions when a light shines that can not be drowned out by the brightness fueled with dollars dropped into a slot machine.  

      Any of you that have heard about the miracles surrounding Jake Carter, know that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  This light has been shining for years now and there is no earthly element that can deny the life changing and inspiring words. 

    Millions of people around the world have heard of the comaTalker.  But few know the true story surrounding Jake Carter’s phenomenon of a Higher Power.  His words of wisdom, miracles, and predictions were scientifically unexplainable because he spoke these words while being in a full coma.  

   Experience for yourself first hand the miraculous journey that is changing the way people think about the simple truths of God messages.  After reading this book your eyes will be opened to the reality of what a blinding coma this world is really living in. 

Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational / Fiction

About Mark Anthony 

     I am an Executive Chef from Las Vegas and for many years I have done healthy cooking programs on 3ABN Worldwide Television.  I have toured the entire country teaching healthy cooking classes; in fact over the last couple years, I have done cooking programs in every single state including Hawaii and Alaska,  where I cook a full vegetarian meal for everyone.  These events are free!  That's right!  Over 500 events, and I have never charged anybody for food, transportation or any expenses. And I never charge the people attending, it's free for anyone to come!  I also conduct regular seminars on lifestyle management in addition to the cooking shows.

     I promote healthy total vegetarian cooking.  It is a passion to show people how to live a healthy more vibrant life.  And the biggest element I stress is that when we get healthier physically, we are healthier mentally, and we have a better connection with God.  

     I currently have four books in print and two more are in publication.  God has gifted me in many ways and He is using me to reach people all around the world with the truths that are so important to teach in these last days.  

     You can go to my website at to see more.  

     Thank you so very much for your support of this project.  It is an absolute necessity to do everything we can to get these final messages out to the world, and this book is a great way for you to do your part to accomplish this work.



Note:::  GREAT BONUS!!!  Any pledges of $200.00 or more will receive one of my 8-Foot Jesus Paintings that I do blindfolded and with my hands...


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