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Taylor MorganBy Taylor Morgan
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Taylor MorganBy Taylor Morgan
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pledged of $19,500pledged of $19,500 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 28 2018 4:00 AM UTC +00:00


From the get go, the What The Eff podcast has been our labor of love. It's been our privilege to spend our time, attention, and personal funds on sharing our learning experiences and message of solidarity and empowerment. And now, not only do we want to keep creating engaging, informative weekly episodes, but we're ready to take EVERYTHING to the next level. We're talking live events, audio guides, expanded FREE content, products to keep you inspired, and more. So we wanted to find a way to fund our goals while giving YOU something that you'll love.  Enter: this Kickstarter.

"Screw it, we're doing this", right?

As an original supporter of the podcast, you’ll be helping to make the message of the podcast accessible to as many people as possible. We're all in this together, and we want people to know and FEEL that sense of solidarity and community. 

The funds from this Kickstarter will allow us to:

  • continue bringing consistent weekly episodes
  • expand the FREE content we give you
  • create audio guides
  • live events and more!

We’ve seen how this podcast has changed lives. Imagine how AMAZING it would be if we could expand that reach.

There’s a huge gap between the powerful knowledge of priming, alignment, energy, and abundance ... and the practical application of it. 

It’s great to know we’re all connected at a subatomic level but what the eff does that mean for the mom who’s ready for more in her life? Or the woman who works a corporate 9-5 and wants to feel inspired again?

We want to bridge that gap ("burning the boats" while we're at it) and allow you to connect the dots in your life in a practical, relatable way. 

So you too can finally say, “Screw it, I’m doing this.”

Aside from our undying love and gratitude…

We’re offering a limited edition What the Eff sweatshirt only to original supporters of the podcast. So you'll be one of our OG's!

It was custom designed by yours truly, so we've tailored the cut and fit to be the sweatshirt of our dreams - you better believe this baby will fit and feel great!

Details: If your favorite soft, long-sleeve shirt and your most comfortable sweatshirt had a baby, it would be this WTE Sweatshirt.This sweatshirt is made with one of our favorite fabrics, French Terry. We wanted this sweatshirt to be lighter and cooler then traditional fleece lined sweatshirts. And we also wanted it to be able to move more like a t-shirt and not be to stiff. French Terry gives it that perfect happy medium. The material allows for our intentional raw hem to roll slightly for style. It's a piece you can wear year round. The over sized pocket and drop sleeve line gives it a more elevated style. Trust us, it will be your new go to piece. 

This sweatshirt is our love note to you. A reminder that like us, you don't have to know 'what the eff' you're doing, in order to start showing up for your life in big, bold ways. Whether you dress it up or down, it'll be that 'note to self' to say, “Screw it, I’m doing this.”

We’re only producing enough for supporters of this Kickstarter, so make sure to snag one before they're gone for good. Kinda like Kylie lip kits, but better. Obviously.

Here's the breakdown...

We'll be honest. Our minimum factory requirement for producing this design is 300 units. 

300 x $65 = $19,500

So when we hit $19,500 you'll know that we've hit the minimum together and that your sweatshirt order is being placed! You won't be charged until we reach that goal. 

Pledge $1 - $64 

Our never ending, heartfelt, eternal gratitude. Thank you!

Pledge $65 or more

As an original supporter, you'll get this limited edition What the Eff sweatshirt.

Available in Adult XS, Small, Med, Large, XL, XXL.

Once we hit $50,000, we will release another style:

"I'm Doing This." T-shirt.

Reaching this tier of funding unlocks this custom-designed limited edition t-shirt (color subject to change) that will remind you of your personal power, and your ability to say "I'm doing this." Whether you know exactly what you're doing or not. I mean, welcome to the club. None of us know 'what the eff' we're doing, but we're showing up anyway. We're doing this.

We still need that 300 minimum. So help us spread the word to make this t-shirt possible!

But there's more. Once we hit $100,000 we will release Tier 3...

Once we hit $100,000, we will release another style:

"I'm Doing This." Pink Sweatshirt.

Holy crap. You're amazing. Reaching this tier of funding unlocks the production of this *very cute*, custom-designed, limited edition pink sweatshirt (color subject to change), with "I'm doing this." embroidered over your heart. It's another love note from us to you. A reminder that you, right now, are showing up for your life in big, bold ways. You ARE doing this.

This sweatshirt can only be made with that 300 minimum. So help us spread the word to make it come to life.

Now back to the main event. This Grey Sweatshirt that's kicking it all off! See how the eff we wear it...

Basically, what we're saying is .. you can wear it any way and every way. For four days in a row if you feel like it. But who's keeping track. 

If you're new to What the Eff, then welcome! Our names are Taylor Morgan and Sydney Liann.

Taylor is a designer and creator of Cove, an activewear company.

Sydney is a stylist, writer, and Creative Director of Cove.

We both co-host the What the Eff podcast which was born because, simply put, we have no idea what the eff we're doing. We're building a company. And that sounds cool. But rather than approaching it with a "rise and grind" mentality, we wanted to explore how fine-tuning our mindsets and tapping into the power of abundance can be used to more effectively achieve that dream. 

You’re probably here because you know and support the What the Eff podcast. We love you. Thank you. 

Those drawn to our podcast come from all walks of life…

You may feel depleted like you’re not currently bringing anything to the table, but want to create meaningful work even if you don’t “have to”.

Maybe you know what you want to do, but you don't know how.

Maybe you're looking for the courage to just start. 

You might be feeling like you're past the "prime age" for starting something new or figuring out what you're here in this universe to do. 

Maybe you’ve realized you’ve settled in your life and it’s time to do what you want. That there isn’t just one dream or one path you’re meant to follow, and that there’s so much more to you, and to what you have to offer.

You may be in a 9-5 corporate job and miserable. Asking yourself, “What else is there? Am I capable? Can I even do it?”

Which is why this podcast has touched so many people

At one point or another, but we've all experienced at least one of those feelings, and the community we’ve created through the What the Eff podcast is an answer to those calls within each of us. 

This community is the place where we can come to explore new topics and ways of thinking. It's a group of like-minded people, learning from and talking about our successes and failures WHILE we’re chasing our dreams in a big, new way. 

We're here to help you say “Screw it, I’m doing this”. Cause girl, we right here with you saying it too. 

“Sydney and Taylor speak to my soul. I feel this podcast is the universe providing more profound answers to questions and insecurities I have had and searched for. These ladies' values and beliefs align so closely with mine. It is beautiful because it is allowing me to grow and expand upon ideas I already have brewing. Listening to this podcast was destined to be the next step in my journey toward achieving my goals. Thank you girls for putting so much work into this and saying screw it, we're doing this! I am so impressed with you two. I feel so strongly in my spirit that hearing your knowledge and experiences is a pivotal step in my journey.”

“I felt like I should review to let you hosts know that the way you share your personal experiences is very inspiring. You are breaking through some very common stereotypes that results in empowering others. I can't wait to implement what I'm learning and see what I end up creating. Thank you!”

“Such a great (REAL) show. I can't wait for the next one to come out! It has been so inspiring to be a part of these girls growth in business and it's the show is the perfect blend of spiritual and technical. Feels like the exact kind of community I was thirsting for! Thank you!!!”

“I have loved listening to this podcasts! These ladies are so inspirational and uplifting. It's exactly what I need in my life right now.”

“I am loving your podcast!!!! I found you guys exact at the right time!! I'm trying to make some big changes mentally and spiritually in my life and Everything you girls have said makes so much sense! Im obsessed!! I'm hoping to be able to do your next workshop!! Thank u!!!”

“Love this podcast. Just started listening and can't stop. It's amazing to have the discussion of new age spirituality combined with religion. It's about dang time!!”

“This is a podcast that can benefit so many people. I am in this place where I want to do something, but I don't know how the heck to start in a world where the perception is that everyone out there doing stuff is happy and perfect and successful. I loved hearing a real & honest perspective from people who will admit that they are just making it up as they go. It gives me courage. Thank you!”

“What an amazing podcast!!! It feels like you have been doing this since you were born. Amazing questions, sense of humor, insight, honesty, and all that good stuff!!! Love it!!!”

“I love the premise for this podcast- women talking through the process of achieving their goals and dreams. And I've currently binged through 7 episodes. I literally just want to listen to one after the other. The inspiration is mood lifting!”

“So so so good. I love how different Taylor and Sydney are, they are relatable to anyone. Super honest and super raw.”

1. Share! Share! Share! Those who share our kickstarter campaign will automatically receive TWO FREE TICKETS for you + a friend to attend our first live event!!

2. FOLLOW @whattheeffpodcast ON ALL OF OUR SOCIAL CHANNELS. Be sure to follow our official accounts on Instagram and Pinterest

3. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date and a part of this movement!

We love you so much! Thank you for being here and showing your support! 

Good vibes always,

Taylor and Sydney

Risks and challenges

As a fashion designer in the industry, Taylor is very familiar with the risks and challenges that come with running and producing a clothing brand. The biggest challenge will always be production. It is the part of the process where you truly have to depend on another party to help produce your clothes in a timely manner. To help minimize potential for error, we plan to personally make each and every pattern so that it fits the way we designed it.

The manufacturer we use has a major holiday coming up towards the end of this Kickstarter which is why we're saying "Screw this, I'm doing it." and starting now.

As soon as this campaign ends we're placing the order and should have them filled within 3 months.

Of course, we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

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