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Source Material is 2 person exhibition of the paintings of Brian Dupont and Chris Rusak at the Skydive Artspace in Houston, Texas.

Brian Dupont and Chris Rusak are two emerging artists working on separate coasts, who share and interest in the aesthetic possibilities for language and text in contemporary painting. They are coming together in Houston for an exhibition of their paintings at the Skydive Art Space entitled Source Material.

Brian Dupont came to his application of language in art through an interest in systems and expanding his paintings towards the notion of a specific object developed by Donald Judd. The work he will exhibit at Skydive Art Space originates with this practice, building the surface of the painting out from the wall and forcing the viewer to mentally assemble the graphic marks and fragmented language on disparate surfaces into a single image.

Chris Rusak's practice examines psychological interactions with texture, dematerializing printed and pressed media in response to spatial and social stimulus. His collage work, which will be exhibited at Skydive Art Space, uses deconstructed texts to create compositions that question the automatic nature of thought processes, particularly spontaneous emotional responses to language.

We are not asking you to fund the creation of the works for the show. The work to be exhibited for Source Material has (mostly) been completed, but staging the exhibition comes with additional – and not inexpensive – costs to cover the shipping of the work and airfare to Houston. Chris Rusak's works on panel are being shipped from San Francisco; Brian Dupont's three-dimensional paintings on metal are being shipped from Brooklyn. Your contributions to this project will ensure these two bodies of work arrive safely for their rendezvous at Houston. Brian will also fly down from Brooklyn to help install the show and help present the work at the opening reception, with the generous help of the staff at SKYDIVE.

In the wake of the success of this campaign we have changed the amount of art being given away at the $50 and $75 reward levels to send out even more art. Please check the update page for details!

SKYDIVE is an artist run exhibition venue unique to Houston. Its mission is to broaden the spectrum of the dialogue in Houston by bringing in artists from outside of Texas. We are excited to bring our work together for this exhibition at SKYDIVE, and we would greatly appreciate your support in making it possible.


  • For the $50 pledge level, if you have a preference, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you. The postcards are still being determined, and who does them (or if we collaborate on them) will be dictated by the requirement to get them sent from the opening.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    Your name included on a thank you list at the opening in Houston as well as on a twitter list (please include your twitter handle in the notes so we know how to include you).

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    An artist altered postcard mailed from Houston at the time of the opening. You’ll also be included on the thank you list.

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    An original small drawing by Brian or a portfolio of three prints by Chris. Plus the artist altered postcard and thank you.

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    An original small drawing by Brian AND a portfolio of three prints by Chris. Plus the artist altered postcard and thank you.

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    A small (about 7” x 5.5” or so) original artwork on panel. It could be from either artist, or one of the original collaborative artworks that Brian and Chris have been working on leading up to the exhibition. The collaborations are best described as “mixed media on panel” and include materials as far ranging as oil and water based paint, paper pulp, epoxy, dibond, masonite, and various bits of collage and metal and other stuff. This also includes everything in the $75 reward level. International supporters should add $15 for extra shipping.

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    For funding our project in one fell swoop both artists will collaborate to make an artwork that uses or reacts to a text of your choosing. We'll also include everything from the $250 level. This pretty much vaults you right into the forefront of leading collectors of our work. Note that for this level we reserve the right to make all aesthetic decisions regarding the work after you inform us of the text we'll be working from. Shipping for this reward will be an extra charge to cover packing and shipping what we make for you.

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    Something really, really nice. We were going to make a collaborative work involving unicorn dust, but decided we didn’t want to have people after us for supporting the wanton and needless death of unicorns, so we’ll collaborate on a 3-D piece, and also respond to a text of your choosing as well. We’ll also throw in everything from the $250 reward level. As with the reward from the $600 level, we do reserve the right to all make all the aesthetic decisions for the artwork in question. Shipping for this reward will also be an extra charge as dictated by what we actually make for you, but it will be just really, really nice, and we promise that no unicorns will be harmed in the making of the artwork.

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