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this console has the ability to make multimedias in cyberspace incl games, movies, ebooks, and music.
this console has the ability to make multimedias in cyberspace incl games, movies, ebooks, and music.
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the cybermatrix 100 has the ability to make games, movies and music in cyberspace, and has the main console, the rom attatchment, the cyberportal, cyberbooth, cyber controller, for navigating the explorer of the cyber os, cyberstove, galaxy attachment [for making your own devices], and has 2 cyberterminals: the private cyberterminal [for games], and the public cyberterminal [for socialization]. you can make these medias using the cyber os proprietary engine. it also will come with 2 proprietary games: cybermatrix underground, and cybermatrix sports.

the console has 4 editions plus the master:

basic, super, mega and ultra. each console has prices over 250 dollars usd - 500 dollars usd.

the consoles each have their own short term project memory, ranging from 10 - 20 tb and can make games using the main engine. the nand and the eeprom has security sessions that keep network hackers out and gamers in. in case of a power outage, there won't be any effect as you can leave anytime. the console has two types of avatars:

the cybermatrix integrated avatar [CIA] and the cybermatrix authenticated lifeform [CAL]

the console does not use CGI Effects. it uses CYBER AUTHENTICATED TABLE [CAT] tools that you can use to make cat based movies and games. you can publish it to microsoft consoles, nintendo consoles, and sony consoles as well as google consoles [ouya], or to [site not built]. you can burn it to cd-r, dvd r, dvd r dl or blu-ray discs.

the console has 3 disc drives each integrated with dual laser-lens and can write up to 50 gb discs [bd-r dl]

it comes with a quantum turbine engine using 4 shooter marble-shaped motherboards that govern the cybermatrix 100.

i'm also including diagrams from the prior pre-projects. hopefully, it'll work.

Risks and challenges

nothing special.

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