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Update #2

From the Front Lines of Discover Color...


With just four more days to make Discover Color a reality we're in the home stretch for fundraising. I'll be tweeting and tumbling a storm up until we hit a goal. Fortunately we just got a bit closer...

AC Lighting Donates $500 to Discover Color

AC Lighting the US Distributor of Chroma-Q light fixtures hs come on as a sponsor! With their $500 pledge we’re that much closer to making this project a reality. Thanks to Fred Mikeska and the rest of the team at AC for this generous donation!

Meet the Team!

Over on the tumblr we've introduced the rest of the Discover Color team. Meet Becky Radway (our choreographer), Scott Radway (our composer), Erica Moshman and Lauren Henry (our dancers). These people are amazing pros, and I can't wait to get in the studio with them. 

Spread the Word

The only way we're going to get to the finish line is by spreading the word. I know you've been sharing on social networks here and there, but we really need all the help we can get. So if you could take a second every day between now and Friday and just throw out a tweet, a Facebook status or an email and make sure your friends and family know about the Discover Color project I think we'll leap ahead to the finish line and make this project a reality. 


Questions? Thoughts? Hit me at !

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    A Big Ole Thank You! Throw us a buck and you'll get a big ole thank you live on twitter just before show time from @jamesbedell 3900+ will see how cool you are for helping with Discover Color.

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    Lighting is critical to the way we see the world. For $5 you get a free copy of James Bedell's book on sustainable lighting design. It's called Losing Edison and it will teach you how to create beautiful sustainable lighting in your home.

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    Come and See... Local to Brooklyn? With a $15 dollar donation you can come on in and check out not only Discover Color but the rest of the pieces performing as part of the Collaborations Series at Triskelion. Not Local... We'll send you a DVD of the performance. So you can see the piece exactly as the audience did live.

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    Have a Beer with Us! Did we mention that the theater is across the street from the Brooklyn Brewery? A $100 pledge will have you sitting down with us for a cold one to talk about the piece, the importance of color and design and of course, the importance of beer. Not local... In addition to the DVD of the performance, we'll send over three 8x10 prints from the piece.

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    You donated $500!!! A donation of 500 smackers gets you a FREE lighting consultation from James Bedell. Bedell's lighting design has been part of projects for clients like Google, Wired Magazine, the Oxygen Network, Abercrombie and Fitch and NBC. He's also worked on many residential and entertainment projects. In exchange for a $500 pledge, Bedell will give you a lighting consultation for one room of your home or office, whether you're looking for simple tips on fixture replacement or thinking about an entire renovation. This donation gives you 5 free hours of consultation work with a professional lighting designer.

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