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The Big Picture Theater needs to upgrade its projection systems in order to survive as a movie theater and community space.
205 backers pledged $28,326 to help bring this project to life.

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50 hours to go:)

Posted by claudia becker (Creator)

50 hours to go and so full of gratitude, wonder and awe over the love and support we keep seeing from our amazing Vermont community (and beyond!). Once again Vermont is leading the way to greater sustainability and quality of life:)

Our digital projectors are in, we are excited for the upcoming holiday films - and we can't wait to have a big party here at the Big Picture to thank you all and have some serious fun: donor appreciation partay is in the works!! Stay tuned.

Just FYI - we held on to one of our 35mm projectors in case we can do retrospectives and 35mm film will still be available from some secret collector's vault:) - the other projector is going to the Madsonian: our wonderful, local museum for industrial design.

Thank you all for the love and support you have shown. We will see you at the movies!

With gratitude, Claudia

Final countdown....

Posted by claudia becker (Creator)

The new projectors came today! They will be installed on Monday and Tuesday next week and we are hoping to have a seamless transition.

We are getting WRECK IT RALPH this weekend on 35mm and will then switch to digital on Monday - so you will have a chance to check out the new system by next week:) We are planning on running 007's SKYFALL the following weekend and are scheduled to show Twilight - Breaking Dawn 2 and LIFE OF PIE and THE HOBBIT all within in the next few weeks.

I was on a panel this weekend that was meant to discuss what this new digital reality will mean for film production, distribution and exhibition. Despite the fact that this new era means greater control by the big companies over the content of what we get to see in theaters we are as always committed to providing you all with not just first and second run Blockbuster films, but also with alternative content such as independent films, documentaries, foreign and classic films.

So look forward to a more diverse and plentyful program. We can crowdsource films, we can do Throwback Thursdays, we can do games and family programming: we just have to take this challenge as an opportunity and we will make the Big Picture shine and be there for you as always - just more and better!
Thanks again for all the ongoing (!) support.

You are wonderful!

Convert or Die - Why do Small Town Theaters matter?

Posted by claudia becker (Creator)

Thanks to all of you, we have reached the 20k goal!!! Amazing. We still have 30 days to go and since the conversion we are facing is at a cost of 150k we are thrilled that contributions and donations are still coming in. The article above touches on why this is an important issue not just for us but on a larger scale. We are witnessing the evergrowing control of corporate America over small town America, our economy, our politics, our culture and we need to fight that trend wherever we can.

The loss of mom and pop operations is not just a nostalgic matter but is an attack on the very fabric of American life and values. There is a growing trend of small communities and small businesses banding together, forming cooperative models for farming, doing business and general life matters. It is David standing up to Goliath and always having loved that story, I believe it is more poignant now than ever.

So thank you again for providing the ammunition for our slingshot! Keep spreading the word, and support your local farmers, business owners, artists and activists.



Posted by claudia becker (Creator)

I drove down to New York today to see my surrogate mom who is in the hospital. I also drove down to go to the Emmy Awards Ceremony for documentaries with Eugene whose new film "The House I Live In" is opening in theaters this week and who is nominated for his last political documentary "Reagan".

We were talking about where we are in life, and why we both seem to have chosen such uphill battles for work. I was moaning and fretting about the financial burdons of not only running a small business in a downspiraling economy, but also about trying to keep a world alive that seems to be becoming more and more anachronistic: in a time of smart electronics and social networking that does not require any actual contact, we are trying to keep alive a movie theater, a community place, and a very oldfashioned approach to what is important. In talking to him I realized what I knew to be true all along:  as long as you can produce something of true value, contribute something ethical to the world around you - who cares how hard it is or what the cost is - in the end all that matters is the creation of meaning, thought, love, community, creative expression. So thank you for supporting all that. Let's see if we can make that last stretch and let's all push, push, push!


Posted by claudia becker (Creator)

What a brilliant start to the fall season and to our digital projection conversion Kickstarter campaign. We are MORE THAN HALFWAY to meeting our 20K goal! The Big Picture is beyond thrilled with the support of our tenacious community and loyal patrons and THANK ALL OF YOU for helping us get the word out. We still have just over 8K to raise, so if you haven't had the chance to check out our Kickstarter page, please do and share this with your friends to help us reach our goal! If we do not meet our goal by Nov. 10th, we will not receive any funds. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing contribution portal.

Making this transition to digital is our commitment to this community to stay in business, maintain our identity as a small town movie theater, and to provide all of you with the meaningful, high quality programming that makes this place what it is: a local gathering place with a global dimension.

The help of the community in this is absolutely crucial for our survival. So thanks again for all the ongoing support and love that we are seeing:)