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The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
The table-top gaming system you have been waiting for. Adjustable, expandable, durable and a lot of fun:
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Walnut Colored Stained Wood Samples For The Table Of Ultimate Gaming Are A Winner! But May Be Limited Initially.

Posted by Wood Robot (Creator)

Wow, wow, wow!! Beautiful results on the samples of the water based German stain used for the Table of Ultimate Gaming dark stain color choice! Computer render on the left and the new live stain samples on the right. More to come soon! All brown stained tables come with very durable black laminate tops. 

************** These tables take a little more work so get your pledge in immediately if you want to get a spot in the limited first production of the walnut colored stained wood editions! We are not changing the pricing for the Kickstarter tables for the dark walnut color stain but you must get your actual table pledge in ASAP if you want to add this option as we may likely limit them for the first production. ****************



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    1. Deathwolf on

      A Viking theme would look pretty cool. In addition to boats I could see some of the woodwork similar to that of Meduseld in Lord of the Rings.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Costinett on

      Can we see pictures of the end grain after staining with the walnut? I want to see the contrast in the board layers; they are clearly visible in the lighter finished wood.

    3. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Tristan that is correct!

    4. Tristan on

      So, just to clarify. The dark stain is currently available to everyone that has pledged for a table (full amount) excluding $1 pledges ?

      In other words, fully commit now and you're guaranteed the dark walnut stain as an option ?

      Thanks !

    5. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Thanks Brett! it! The longboat...nice

    6. Brett W. on

      Absolutely gorgeous fellers. That's the one I want. Another homerun. Maybe around $ 1,000,000 a Viking theme would be cool. A big ol' longship in the middle. Maybe some crossed axes on the corners. Just an idea. My wife loves the skulls so we'll be good either way. Keep up the good work.

    7. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Thanks Justin you will love the table!

    8. Justin Boehm

      Well the looks of that just made me up from $1 to full table!

    9. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Joshua Van Horn - hi not at this time Joshua - if we can get some news on that endeavor we will post but it is not officially part of the campaign.

    10. Joshua Van Horn on

      I really like the looks of the walnut stain. Will definitely be choosing that option. Any headway on getting the rails to match the dark walnut as well.

    11. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Hi Matt and Sam. Sam as of today you are good so got you covered if you have your pledge in for a table level pledge. Thank you for your support!!
      Matt, you make a pledge for one of the tables, any level and you pick this selection in the post campaign survey we send you, along with any other accessory or detail choices that your order entails.

    12. Sam Murdock on

      Well lets just hope you make at least 60 of the 6x4 tables just in case the 59 guys who pledged before me choose them too ;)

    13. Wood Robot 2-time creator on

      Hi Matt, be sure your pledge for a table is in and at this point the brown stain option is open for current pledge order. You will choose it in the post-campaign survey. But we may limit how many can choose it and it will be first in first out for actual table pledges. Not $1 pledges to be clear. But it is open choice as of 9/11/17

    14. Matt

      How do we secure this colour choice?